Hand/Wrist Specialist

I searched The Forum but there is nothing more current than 2014. Having extreme intense pain in my wrist so I want to see a specialist in this Hackettstown area. Any ideas, recommendations, or warnings would be appreciated.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Apr '19

Not specifically Hackettstown but Dr. Mark McBride of Tri-County Orthopedics in Cedar Knolls is reputedly the best in the area. He's helped me on two occasions and wasn't quick to recommend surgery which I considered a definite plus.

Lonesome Dove, I'm no doctor, but from experience with my own case of unrelenting
elbow pain, you might want to consult with a rheumatologist--doctor who specializes
in inflammation and pain. He or she could determine the source of your pain. It might
not be due to any injury or anomaly in your wrist at all, but rather to neuropathy or in-flammation of your sensory spinal nerve that serves your wrist area. Once determined,
the doctor can help you deal with the pain, or refer you to the proper specialist or both.
I went to Dr. Giangrasso in Succasunna years ago who diagnosed me with Lyme Neuro-
pathy. He's now retired but the practice is still there. "Allergy, Asthma, and Arthritis
Associates", (973) 584-1391. Good Luck.

Chris S. Chris S.
Apr '19

i went to michael deehan at advocare skylands orthopaedics. did the trick.

ken e
Apr '19

Jeffrey Miller in Morristown

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Apr '19

I second BG. Dr McBride helped me immensely If it’s hand or wrist issue there’s nobody better around here.

Noel Kahn Noel Kahn
Apr '19

Orthopedic Doctors on BIlby road hackettstown. Right past the hospital. I’ve used them for my thumb, wrist & tennis elbow issues.

Sandy Sandy
Apr '19

If you feel like driving, coordinated health in Phillipsburg has an orthopedic doctor that specializes in hand and wrist. Dr. David Nenna.

Melissa Melissa
Apr '19

Thanks everyone. I was planning on going to Orthopedic Institute on Bilby. There was only one hand/wrist doctor listed for there and I didn't find any glowing reviews, so I figured I'd run it through here to see if anyone had any dire warnings. I don't want to drive any distance.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Apr '19

I went to Dr. Corrigan on Bilby Road. Very professional.

Teddybeargirl Teddybeargirl
Apr '19

I went to Dr. Corrigan on Bilby in Htown. Nice guy.

not sack
Apr '19

Dr Deehan, Skylands Orthro..... highly recommend. Do carpal tunnel on both hands .

Outsider Outsider
Apr '19

I highly recommend orthopedic institute at 108 bilby road, 2nd floor in the Hackettstown medical arts building

kissgirl kissgirl
Apr '19

Dr. Baskie's , Denville, Very talented surgeon.

Boobalaa Boobalaa
Apr '19

+1 for Dr Baskies. However he is out of Morristown now. Has not been in Denville for many years.

Apr '19

Dr. Corrigan on Bilby Rd. I have a tear in a tendon leading to a triangular fiber connection. Painful, but healing. I did get a terrific brace to wear during healing which was a game changer for me. Wrist Widget on Amazon. Expensive but really worth it. Look it up and see if the description fits your needs.

USAfirst USAfirst
Apr '19

Mark McBride, Tri-County Orthopedics in Cedar Knolls. Best in the area. He's fixed both my wrists (deterioration from injury/arthritis) and repaired a torn distal bicep tendon.

walleyed walleyed
Apr '19

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