Huge warehouse project in White township

A large section of farms and wooded areas in Warren County may be developed into warehouses and manufacturing plants. David Jaindl, representing Jaindl Land Co., presented informal plans Tuesday for the 585 acres to the White Township Planning Com...

Apr '19

Waste let’s fill all these empty office parks on bibly and in the trade zone first we don’t need more empty buildings wasting away look at the base building it’s going on 16 years of being empty!

Basf building “””

....more jobs for our Pennsylvania neighbors

I wish they'd stop building new stuff, paving over our green stuff, tearing down trees, until ALL the empty stuff is being used again. I know we need places for people to work, but as Drew pointed out, there are warehouses and office complexes sitting empty all over this area. Doesn't make any sense to me to keep building more places.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Apr '19

bad bad news!

2 cents 2 cents
Apr '19

Just saw a sign for this on a backroad in independence. It was on someone’s front lawn and simply read “NO WAREHOUSES.” I was intrigued so I googled it and found this thread. I, for one, am against this with so many empty commercial properties around and the fact that when they DO build, they leave acres of dirt and unfinished landscape. Bilby road in from of Hackettstown Medical Arts is a good example as well as behind CVS. Are the planning boards so impotent that they can’t force site clean-up after a project?

1 week ago

If anyone is interested in following along, there is a very active Facebook group dedicated to this particular issue. It's called Citizens for Sustainable Development.

Planning Board met last night. They are revisiting the Master plan for the entire township. One of the proposals is to rezone the area where the warehouses are proposed from Industrial to Residential. The applicants lawyer was there and was as expected adversarial, hanging on the ability to OPRA draft documents (not actually legal) and averring that the public should not be allowed to comment unless the documents were public., But the board listened to the public and in general the comments were in favor of the rezone. No vote was taken, as this was just a preliminary discussion, but looks like there is pretty solid grass roots support to stop the 6-8 Million square foot warehouse construction. (The possible 15-20,000 trucks a day on 512 and 517 was a pretty big factor, with busy hour traffic of between 48-149 trucks a minute on the little one lane road making folks actually gasp in the audience.)

48-149 trucks a minute , I am not sure you can unload trucks that fast but it would sure employ a lot of people to pull off such a monumental task good for the local economy ?

stephen stephen
1 week ago

"One of the proposals is to rezone the area where the warehouses are proposed from Industrial to Residential. "

Probably the whole idea after all. Scare the residents with the "149 trucks a minute," then turn it residential which was the whole plan from the beginning.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
1 week ago

"149 trucks a minute"

Let’s do some math…

Average 18-wheeler length is ~75 feet.

At 35MPH, trucks move 3,080 feet/minute or 51 feet/second.
It takes a 75-foot-long truck 1.5 seconds to pass any fixed point.

Even if trucks were literally hitched *nose to tail*, the theoretical max amount that could be driving down a single road is 40 trucks per minute (in each direction). If we assume both directions are packed solid, that’s 80 trucks per minute as an absolute physical max.

If the road is 45 MPH the max change to 53 trucks per minute in each direction (106 trucks total in both directions).

On the flip side, as trucks slow down to pull into a lot and park (or the speed limit is lower) there is likely no reasonable way to handle that volume of traffic.

Maybe they meant 149 trucks per hour?

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
1 week ago

It's kind of silly to say use the empty office buildings before building new buildings. I mean in theory, it's nice pie in the sky dreaming but in practicality you can't force people or companies to use existing buildings because it's the green thing to do or you want them to. Maybe those buildings would charge too much rent or aren't in good shape any more. Maybe they want something modern in look or utility. So many possibilities and if that group wants something new, I would expect that their solution would be to find somewhere else to build rather than rent in buildings that they don't want. More builders and afterwards more employees working would add to property tax and purchases from local stores and restaurants.

I have no horse in this race, this is the first I have seen of this, something to think about


Troublemaker Troublemaker
1 week ago

In response to Mark, the traffic study had peak hour traffic up to 9000 per hour range. (Don't have my notes but did the math at the meeting.) For one of the specific uses (Cross warehousing maybe) the other uses had lower ranges but they all were in excess of 3000 per hour (Peak traffic). Keep in mind that using a daily number benefits the applicant, but truck traffic is not laminar, peak hour is where the proverbial rubber hits the road.

That being said they also said that 512 and 519 would need to be made into a 4 lane road to handle the traffic, and traffic lights would be needed at all the intersections. Which means they would provide more capacity than either route 46 or 57 or 78. In other words the size of the development is way larger than the existing infrastructure, which makes the proposal even more inappropriate.

Actually..they could build a bridge across the river and link up with 33

Also I'm sure those against this development(including myself) have thought about any endangered species that may potentially nest on the proposed land or any potential unrecognized wetland areas on the property? It is close to the Delaware River after all. This will usually stop a proposed development in it's tracks.

Up in Sussex County a new Wawa was slated to go in on the site of the old Chatterbox drive in restaurant. Apparently some wetlands issue was discovered and now the new Wawa is a no go at that location.

And I love this talk about NEW jobs for the local White Twp economy if the new warehouses go in. BULL!
Automation is taking over (Right Amazon?). Within 10 years from now humans won't be needed, a machine will do it just fine for practically free in this sector.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
1 week ago

Humans still are needed to purchase products....

There is a Norfolk Southern railroad line near Belvidere NJ that will see some use to handle freight from this new development.

Buffet recently purchased Norfolk Southern ..

Given the distance and the highway infrastructure, or lack thereof, this seems to be a foolhardy business development.

Given it's the second largest building in the entire Lehigh Valley, the largest houses QVC and HSN, what's to attract companies like that to come to White? Seems foolhardy unless you have Amazon in the bag.....

There is little infrastructure to support the project: roads, restaurants, housing accommodations, there's very little there to support the comings and goings of a development of that size and scope. But they will follow.

Given the business plan, and the opportunity, it seems IMO that Jaindl is bargaining for something less so that White will feel victory if this behemoth of a warehouse distribution center is smaller. Just my guess that he will magically come up with a smaller plan to assuage the emotions stirring now. His is a family business, he can afford to plan decades out in the future given that Sonny Joe or Cousin It will be there to see the dream come true.

Unfortunately, Jaindl has zoning in his favor yet White has a Master Plan review in process and timewise, needed. Should be a fun time. Hopefully the State can support a reasonable outcome given their Master Plan. For citizens desiring to participate in the Master Plan revisions, the State Planners can be found here:

Jaindl seems like the real deal in a weird way. He develops all sorts of stuff from turkey farms to spas to residential to..... warehouses. He just bought Nazareth Speedway. I smell lawyers, guns, and money. He seems to develop many different things in many different places. He also seems to care. Much of his stuff seems good. Here's his stuff: and

Not that he is without conflict, but even that seems to be about "the good fight." Most of his battles seem to be about access --- storm water runoff, highway infrastructure improvement avoidance, and the like. In other words, he has a crack team with much experience at overcoming infrastructure improvements like roads, water, and the like. Not necessarily that he is in the wrong on this, but it's the major foul rift (sorry for the bad pun) in a number of his developments including this one --- big time. Sure seems better than many a developer that H-town and surrounds garner. At least he's a real person with a fixed address :>( Here's a few developments and conflicts (there was much more but HL URL constraints):

Good luck on this one folks. Beyond the law being the law, this guy certainly knows what he is doing, has done a lot, and if he lowers his ambition here, bear in mind that was the plan, IMO. And then the larger plan will come to fruition in the future. If you get the camel's head into the tent, the body will follow.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

What railroad did Warren Buffett buy?
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe for $26.5 billion back in 2010. It was his biggest acquisition ever. Since then, Buffett's railroad stock investment is paying off nicely.

Buffett does not own NS.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
1 week ago

Re: Huge warehouse project in White township

If this warehouse is part of Murphy's big Medical Dispensary plan, who's really complaining?...after a couple of tokes? (lol...but possible)

@Lonesome Dove re: "I wish they'd stop building new stuff, paving over our green stuff" --- Don't worry, the Cannabis is 'good green' being paved over the 'bad green'

Let's Give It a Chance -- Peace & Out ;>}
1 week ago

hmmm, he is a farmer.....

the property is protected on one side by the river.....

there's a lot of indoor agro out there.....

the Mackey's are a little spacey already.... (just kidding)

it's as remote as you get in NJ....

I think you may be onto something.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

pops in hello meeting the public now I just bought a very large track of land 1800 acers some nice farm land going to raise chickens lots of them pigs beef cows milk cows corn so I can feed them hay some horses for fun going to have to build storage buildings lots of traffic for the out going meat products wow egg layers where can I dig some big pits to put all the dung these two fields will be great for solar electric checks the weather and wind pattern for area going to stink up the area down wind

whats this signs no mega farms action group but it
s my land I bought it u don't care thanks

my question is no matter what the land is used for there will be a bunch of people up in arms over it
may be people should look at it that it is done right and not half ass and that in ten years they do not become empty wear housing

the land was owned by the power compay may be some more white towers would go good just see that it is done right

have fun fight nicely

Caged Animal Caged Animal
7 days ago

The new Wawa at the Chatterbox is being held up by NJ DOT review. Has nothing to do with wetlands. Just typical NJ bureaucracy.

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