Huge warehouse project in White township

A large section of farms and wooded areas in Warren County may be developed into warehouses and manufacturing plants. David Jaindl, representing Jaindl Land Co., presented informal plans Tuesday for the 585 acres to the White Township Planning Com...

Waste let’s fill all these empty office parks on bibly and in the trade zone first we don’t need more empty buildings wasting away look at the base building it’s going on 16 years of being empty!

Basf building “””

....more jobs for our Pennsylvania neighbors

I wish they'd stop building new stuff, paving over our green stuff, tearing down trees, until ALL the empty stuff is being used again. I know we need places for people to work, but as Drew pointed out, there are warehouses and office complexes sitting empty all over this area. Doesn't make any sense to me to keep building more places.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
April 13th

bad bad news!

2 cents 2 cents
April 13th

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