Hackettstown Townwide Yard Sale 2019 4/27&28

Checks must be received by Thursday APRIL 18th to get your address on the
Details on calender
Thank you
Bill Conforti

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 4th

I did not get a letter in the mail this year even though I've done the yard sale and contributed before. Are you not sending reminder letters out this year?

can brittany hills residents get on the map or listing?

not this kid not this kid
April 4th

The Townwide yard sale is for residents of the town of Hackettstown. Our map does not cover all of 07840

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 5th

GC.....My apologies. You were removed from our list in error. We appreciate your participation and consistent support. Thank you

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 5th

No problem Bill, I put my check in the mail now that you mentioned it.

When is the yard sale weekend this year?

April 8th

Did you check the calendar??


I saw some free stuff out at the curb already on Franklin Street....

More free stuff I saw on Franklin Street....

Do we put our address in the memo on our check and make it out to DARE?

Address in the memo yes, or write a separate note. But the check should be made out to "Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention" or just "HCCP".

Great thanks!

You're welcome. Good luck with your sale. I've done it for a bunch of years now. If nothing else it helps out those programs while meeting nice people and getting rid of stuff you really didn't need anyway. ;-)

GC-We did it last year and did a wonderful job! Very busy but we enjoy it! :) good luck with yours also lets hope for a beautiful day!

Today is the cutoff for signing up to the Townwide yardsale.
The maps will be available on Wednesday April 24th at the Municipal Bldg,
Police Station, Jack's Scissor Wiz, Rico Pan, Hacketstown BID office, and Harpers
Bagel and Bake Shop.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this event.

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 18th

Is there a place I can drop the check off today?
We were away last week and I forgot to sign up but would like to participate.

Yes...…………..Call HCCP at 908-852-3164 for instructions

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 18th

Can you please email me the map for garage sale

I’m coming from Long Island NY

Also who will have M&M items for sale

What kind of M&M’s things are you interested in?

The Forum lets you click on the envelope to send mail - I'd be very careful of posting real emails publicly when there's no need for that.

The map is usually put up on the town web site, hackettstown.net so there should be no need to email it to anyone.

Saw free stuff on Hurley Dr.

The maps are available for this weekends' yardsale. See the previous post for
websites and the location of maps.
Thank you to all who generously donated to sponsor this traditional event.

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 24th

Re: Hackettstown Townwide Yard Sale 2019 4/27&28

From the Hackettstown Police Facebook page.

Anybody selling VHS tapes?

Anyone selling kids bikes 20” both girls and boys
Thank you

Saw lots of people setting up on Franklin Street....looks like some good deals !


I have entered all the info from the BID map into a Google Map for my own personal use.
If you'd like to use it today it is open to the public to view.

Honestyseasy Honestyseasy
April 27th

Glad to have this weather for our sale. But the wind sure is making keeping up signs interesting!!

6 Beech St.- snowboard, boots, prom dresses, leather vests, jackets, DVDs, CDs, nib 7" tablet

Laurie terrace
Brand new unopened toys, furniture, tools, clothes&
Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!!

H-town Mama H-town Mama
April 27th

I know as a rule, in the years past that Sunday doesnt have as many folks having the sales............how many of you all will set up for tomorrow? Money is burning a whole in my pocket lol

littlelu littlelu
April 27th

The real issue with tomorrow is going to be the weather. Current forecast is for early rain the whole morning and only clearly later when most sales are already done one way or the other.

I can only say that we have to separate items into piles of where to donate so you can always stop in as long as the garage doors are open. ;-)

Went hours in search of a simple small kitchen table with or with out chairs--if you know of anywhere please let me know--thanks.

April 27th

Re: Hackettstown Townwide Yard Sale 2019 4/27&28

I am a Literacy Specialist at Columbus Elementary in Trenton, NJ. The school contains just over 400 students in grades K-5. As someone who was born and raised in Hackettstown, I never had a shortage of reading materials available. From the beautiful library in town to the classrooms stocked with books, I always had access to reading material. After working in Trenton for the past several years, I realized how fortunate I was to have books accessible to borrow and a large collection to call my own. While some of the students in our district have some books at home, many have none at all. I knew something needed to be done. This year we have partnered with Senator Shirley Turner's office and are hosting a large Book Giveaway on May 24th. Our vision is to collect over 4,000 books so that each student in our school can self select 10 books to add to their at-home libraries and hopefully foster a love for reading. If anyone has children's books that they would like to donate towards this initiative, I would be willing to pick them up. Thank you again for your kindness and consideration. (Please see the flyer for more information)

I'm not going to set up for tomorrow. We were not nearly as busy as last year, much fewer visitors. Throw rain into the mix and not worth it. I hope some of you did better.

Today was a bust

Marcella - I'd like to let you know but you didn't put in an email to be able to.

@ Tapes, still interested in VHS? I have about 125. No SiFi

auntiel auntiel
April 28th

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