Give a compliment

Too many negative issues, so lets do a positive one.

Kudos to Motor Vehicle office in Washington.
Went to renew my registration and was in and out in 5 minutes. There were other people there also. Very nice experience.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
March 29th

Steve's Pit Stop Hackettstown NJ. Steve the owner has always for years repaired our cars. Sometimes minor things at no cost. He is an honest and nice person.

March 29th

Vanilla Market has wonderful sandwiches & the owner & people working there are always welcoming & nice!

Always a welcoming smile, great staff and AMAZING cannolis !! At Mamas

MomoFGirZrule MomoFGirZrule
March 29th

Had reason to visit the Motor Vehicle Office in Newton recently and had a similar experience as Botheredbyuu2...quick, efficient and friendly! Thank you.

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
March 29th

Soups On Main.., friendly and professional. quality product, worth stopping in

Unfortunately have had to visit Hackettstown Hospital for numerous diagnostic tests. Every single experience has been so pleasant from the receptionists, to the techs to the doctors and nurses. Making a very stressful situation much easier.

I miss sub shack lol

Mama's.. I agree MomoFGirZrule, they are fantastic. Great food and great service.

Morristown Memorial labor and delivery team. The women who cared for my wife and son recently were exemplary and professional.

Toby cavanaugh Toby cavanaugh
March 29th

I was a patient at Hackettstown Hospital for several days in December. I was so well cared for. Everyone that took care of me was so nice and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Mindy's Mom Mindy's Mom
March 29th

Toby-I also had my son at Morristown many years ago. Great hospital.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
March 29th

Mark Elbaum and everyone at AAMCO. Professional, courteous, honest, helpful, excellent service.

summerrain1 summerrain1
March 29th

Just want to give a compliment to all the hard working, good intentioned people out there. Kindness is free. And if you haven't stopped to think about it today....think about who last held a door open for you. Small things...big people.

Wow what a neat thread....I have always believed that people are basically good and kind . Kindness is free and so is a smile ...Thank you for this thread....

citychick citychick
March 29th

E-Z Storage on 46.. Couldn’t pay my dotage due to recent lay-off. Very understanding, & GREAT customer service.

Thank you E-Z Storage! Mansfield Shoprite. Those pharmacists and their staff are great! They really go out of their way to help people “navigate” the ever changing rules. They keep a positive attitude and have empathy. 20 years and counting. If they’re affected by the corporate grind, you’d never know it. They’re wonderful.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
March 30th

Folks that have manners...they are FREE and when used, are priceless !

America still exists. 33 round glock magazines are legal in PA and I’m going to go empty a bunch this morning.

Toby cavanaugh Toby cavanaugh
March 30th

Homebrew University, Warren and his wife are really nice local people and its great to have a local homebrew supply.

Billyjoejimbob Billyjoejimbob
March 30th

I have to give a shout out to the Dunkin Donuts on Mountain Ave. From management on down the are courteous and friendly. On the rare occasion when I had issue (mostly app issues that could have been my fault LOL) the manager has taken the time to work it out equitably for all concerned. When I use the on-the-go app and the drive through I am greeted by name before I say anything...….warm fuzzy on that one.

Compliment to Botheredbyuu2, for starting this thread. I like good stories. So many hard working, caring folks out there who go unnoticed. I also want to compliment all the compassionate HLrs. I read so many posts, that indicate the will to help others.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
March 30th

Main Street is happening this year. And the doors and windows of Czig haven’t even opened at night yet!

I’m a big fan of water man; the guy keeping those hanging baskets a-bloomin all Summer long. You’re my hero, man.

Tracey n company classic candies. A 2000 twist on my favorite store from the 60’s. Always a nice chat, some salt water taffy with snazzy new flavors, new friends, old memories, and a bit of a sugar rush pending!

Another year with Charles T. Like daffodils, it’s always great to see him popping up in the Spring! The mulch man cometh. Mulch giveth, mulch taketh away. If Tickner’s gets any more family, they will have to adopt me.

Bob Best still ambling about too. What stories he can tell. Store is quaint, people so nice and, of course, some of the best, heh, heh, values for home grown. Bob’s juicing carrots are incredible and he is the only one with Sugar Plums, if we are lucky this year. Flats are already out for flowers.

Jay of TOPO and Pandan; always a cheery infectious smile. Not to mention scrumptious delights.

I miss the cranky rabid-right glass man though. Really surprised he didn’t sell the business to a successor. And yes, we were able to converse. Hope his retirement with his horses going well.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
March 30th

JP Auto in Chester on 206. Top notch honest service from great and knowledgeable mechanics. Worth the trip if you’re not near Chester.

CommonSenseForOnce CommonSenseForOnce
March 30th

God gave us a beautiful day today! Good job God and universe!

What a great thread!

Compliments to The Grove for their excellent breakfast and lunch sandwiches...generous portions and delicious! And friendly weekend service (which is when I go)!

Also compliments to the HHS music and theatre departments...Mrs. Pomeroy and Mrs. Higgins are everything performing arts teachers should be...talented, creative, and excellent in bringing out the best in their students!

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
March 30th

Also Toyota World of Clinton for finding me a sweet deal on a new car and for getting me what I wanted (formerly Muller Toyota on Rt. 31). Kudos to Mike Neely, my sales rep and to Vlademere for making $$ rock :)

Great thread. Check out "The Kindness Diaries" on Netflix.

Kudos to Monchy's Colombian Grill. Fast and friendly. Always a great meal (that easily feeds two!)

JennyBean JennyBean
March 31st

Higgins +1

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 31st

The Warren County Health Department is top shelf in my book.

The first encounter recently was when Jerry Lee the "killer" groundhog and I had our moment of mutual acquaintance last October.They helped me through the entire process of trapping, testing and getting the results quickly and efficiently.

The second event was in early February when sadly a neighbor was finally evicted by the sheriff from their foreclosed home. Shortly after when the rat infestation was discovered I called the Warren County Health Department. They came out to the property within three hours to inspect! Working together we got to the responsible party to get an exterminator to the site as well as a crew with a few dumpsters to empty the tons of garbage both in the house as well as all over the yard. They continually kept me in the loop. Once again very prompt, efficient, helpful and pleasant to speak with.

Used to give the best flu shots too.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
March 31st

To all the wonderful people on this forum over the years: thank you. All the questions you answered for me, things you taught me and insights and new perspectives you gave me just by sharing your thoughts on this forum: I am so grateful for these. HL is a gathering space for people of all walks of life and countless mindsets, and that's what makes it so beautiful. You have enriched my life throughout my time of over a decade in this area. Thank you... it sure has been fun!


Rebecka Rebecka
March 31st

I had dinner at Sizzle BBQ with my family on Saturday evening. We had never been before but decided to try it on a whim. Such a cute place inside and our server was really nice. The food was very good and huge portions. Even my picky 3 and 5 year olds enjoyed it.

While waiting for our food, I took my son for a walk down Main Street to enjoy the lovely weather. Toscana was bustling. People were coming and going and waiting outside. It's really nice to see thriving businesses.

Discount Tire - very prompt service and pleasant people. Had the nail out and tire patched in 10 minutes or less for a reasonable price! :-)

Tracey's Candy Shoppe- wonderful hand crafted sea salted caramels, can't wait to go back for Easter basket shopping!

hktownie hktownie
April 1st

I am thankful for all of you Hackettstown Residents. This has been my home for the past 18 years now and I am truly grateful to have become both acquaintances and friends with many of you here in town. I often see warm and friendly faces wherever I go and that is enough to make just about anyones day! Three Cheers for Hackettstown- Yea!

Sunshine Girl Sunshine Girl
April 1st

Re: Give a compliment

Jah Spice in Netcong for a delicious dinner. Jerk Chicken, plantains, rice and peas and a chicken patty.
Great Jamaican food in nearby Netcong. Try it sometime
Beer is Erie Brewing Co. Final Destination IPA

I went to Weis this afternoon for a quick shop, the cashier "Collin" was so nice and made my day by reminding me to think positive thoughts. Thank you Collin!!

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
April 1st

To those customers at Shoprite who gave their carts to others without accepting the 25cents. Pay it forward, you make someones day.

Rosie at Hackettstown hospital. Patience of a saint. Everybody else there too. Thank you.

Toby Cavanaugh Toby Cavanaugh
April 2nd

ccbw...forgot about that one. I’ve done that for people, as well as they have, for me. A very inexpensive way to brighten another persons day.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
April 2nd

I had a woman follow me to my car refusing to take the cart without giving me a quarter. she kept saying something to the effect of I am not going to let you do this, take my quarter. I kept walking and saying no thank you. got in my car and drove away without her quarter.

Yeah...some people are funny, like that. Very proud. For me, it’s not the quarter, it’s the principal and ease of transferring over a cart. I would have tried to give your quarter back, once. After that, I would thank you for being so kind, and be on my way. In reality, I actually do this trick, over 600 times a day. It’s great exercise and I’ve amassed a small fortune....LOL!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
April 3rd

The takeout we ordered from Sizzle BBQ for Mother’s Day was exceptional. Empanadas are my wife’s favorite food. She raved about them!

D’s 4
2 weeks ago

As much as the empanadas are great, try the thin fries. Exceptional.

A great thank you to William, our waiter at Taphouse Grill on Friday night. My wife left her credit card in the folder on Friday night when we left. He came running out, stopped our car and gave her the credit card. We had great food, service and appreciate the extra effort of William at Taphouse Grill.

kudos to bby - a great topic!

I’d like to thank the manager Craig at First Hope Bank (Hope branch) for taking the time to get my money back, which I naively authorized payment to a scam company.

I’ve had my account with this bank for years, Because they always go the extra mile for the little people.

Positive Positive
7 days ago

I went to Tranqulity Farms today, to get my flowers.. I buy a lot of flowers... And there is a man that works there who was so helpful.... Ray is his name ... Had to give him a tip... Thanks again Ray..

Havaclue Havaclue
7 days ago

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