Volunteering This Year 2019

Ok, been thinking about this for a while and some post(s) today made me feel that it is time to start this thread.

Tell us about your volunteering THIS YEAR, how does it help others and yourself.

I will go first:

1) Helping veterans get back to work. Provide counseling, confidence building, listening, caring, resume review, job direction, etc. for veterans struggling with unemployment in the civilian sector due to PTSD, criminal record, age, etc.

2) Helping former teen drug addicts. Much the same work as #1 less the PTSD and age. This

The volunteering helps me as it makes me feel good helping others and makes me grateful for what I have; I always leave sessions humbled.

BTW, I save my judging for this forum. No judging in the above...

Volunteer EMT! I love it!

Jesse132 Jesse132
Mar '19

I grocery shop with coupons for the Lord's Pantry. I usually provide 2 or more shopping bags of groceries and personal items per month. I have just started with a group that makes scrapbook pages for Make a Wish recipients. It's a group out of Philadelphia that organizes scrapbookers to make pages that are needed, they are then put in scrapbooks and presented to the family when they make their trip. While neither are setting the world on fire, I feel good about doing them and hope the people I do them for know their are kind and thoughtful people in the world.

Bessie Bessie
Mar '19

I volunteer for Pet Adoption League..Helping homeless animals makes feel so good seeing then get adopted. :)

Waldo Waldo
Mar '19

I hold a once a year free event for parents and children with Special Needs.

Parents get a free night out, and we all feel good and help children have fun. learn something new. and feel good about themselves as well.

Free entertainment is usually provided.

Joni Sattely Joni Sattely
Mar '19

I work a 4 hour shift every week (started last Monday) feeding, making formula, cleaning at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary...........Already there are baby squirrels and 3 very early newborn raccoons in -I also help with some of the special fundraising events..........

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '19

I am volunteering at the Trinity donation center & have been for close to 5 years as well as volunteering at the Lord's Pantry and previous to that volunteered at a wildlife rehab facility for 9 years 2x a week 4-5 hours shifts.

Volunteered for FURR for over a year, fostered many kittens. Now, well not volunteering, but whenever I come across a person that needs help I lend a helping hand.

Positive Positive
Mar '19

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