Healthiest counties ranked

No surprise where Warren and Morris fall. As much as these studies are open for scrutiny based on how they're calculated, you can pretty much see the difference plain as day once you leave Warren county.

Warren noted for it's child poverty and sexually transmitted diseases. Great!

lower income = poverty and other things. well, at least Hackettstown is close to Morris County!

Hackresident Hackresident
Mar '19

What's the meter? Longevity? Number of hospital visits per year? Number of rX drugs you're taking? BMI?

"Rankings" like this hold very little weight, as first you have to determine what "healthy" means (for example, in my mind, "healthy" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with access to better hospitals... as worse hospitals may kill more people, therefore lowering the county's ranking, but that has nothing to do with the "health" of a people, but the care/skill of the hospital.)

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Mar '19

No doubt. Morris is where I play and spend money.

I’ve spent time in many counties in NJ, but I love living in Warren County.

I will always consider Warren County to be my home.

Concerning poverty, well it would be very hard for people on low incomes to afford health ins., vitamins, fresh produce, healthier breads, almond milk and so much more. It’s expensive to eat healthy, but excercise is free. No excuse for that one.

Positive Positive
Mar '19

I too have spent time in just about every county. Was born and raised in Morris. Bought a home in Hackettstown because it was cheaper. Time has taught me that might have been a mistake. I pay more in property tax for what a similar home might be in Morris, mostly due to the lack of retables' in this town. A town that also looks like it can't hold businesses. Also when looking to sell I'm not sure I'd be able to unload my house as quickly and probably for a lot less. This is becoming a tough state to leave and depending on where you decided to call home may make all the difference. Again for what we pay to be on the lower side of schools as well is disappointing.

If you leave the state, what kind of tax do you have to pay to leave NJ?! like how much $$ for those who escape?

Hackresident Hackresident
Mar '19

Whatever is your percentage of the 100 BILLION dollars owed to the retirees of NJ. I'm sure the tax man will help you figure it out.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Mar '19

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