Hello all. Wanted to share my experience with my 2yo gas range from Samsung especially if you live in the area. Samsung does an awesome job of finding ANY reason to decline the warranty. 'Not their fault - must be (mice, bugs, etc.)'
If anyone decides to purchase any of these appliances made from Samsung, PLEASE take the warranty from the store where you purchased it. They at least will honor it and make the necessary repairs. (and not insult you in the process)
I do not want anyone to have the same horrible experience that I went through.

cthy1213 cthy1213
Mar '19

Or just don't buy Samsung!!

Look in Consumer Reports to see w hat's rating the best for the lower price-range.

Hackresident Hackresident
Mar '19

The store warranty can sometimes be by some national company without any local representation. Look at the story from last year about that. Sometimes the local store is as bad or worse than a national warranty. You never know so I wouldn't always go with blanket advice. Consumer Reports discusses the pitfalls of many of the aspects of large purchases.

Unfortunately, we had to replace everything in the house under short timelines. We did research the range - but not deep enough unfortunately. Never had an issue with an oven prior. Saturday we replaced the range(not Samsung) AND took the warranty with Best Buy. Best Buy has always been very good to us. If anyone wants my non working range, you are welcome to it. (just PM me prior to Saturday)

cthy1213 cthy1213
Mar '19

I had a store warranty for a camera once. When there was an issue, the store said they would only help AFTER the manufacturers warranty expired. Not in place of.
Since then I just don't pay extra for extended warranty.

I hope it works out for you!

hktownie hktownie
Mar '19

I too have had an issue with a Samsung appliance. My son bought me a microwave for Christmas a couple years ago. It worked for 2 years, then it just stopped. I called and they told me it's out of warranty and I would have to pay to have it fixed.
Needless to say, it was an expensive microwave and an even costlier fix.

Avoid Samsung, LG, Electrolux, GE, Frigidaire, Bosch, Miele...

Also be aware that there is no such thing as a Kenmore-

All Sears does is private label other companies product- so while you might get a decent Whirlpool for example- you could end up with any of the above junk and not know it.

So Josh, do tell, what brands are left? Lol

Whirlpool - is what the Samsung repair guy suggested to us when our Samsung washing died after 3 years

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Mar '19

We have also had issues with a Samsung refrigerator since we purchased it. Ice maker won’t work about once a month freeze’s up & have to defrost it each time with a blow dryer . What a piece of junk! No warranty on it. Will never buy This brand again.

Sandy Sandy
Mar '19

I worked at Samsung many years ago in Mt Arlington. I remember them having a recall on their over the range microwaves. They would turn on by themselves and stay on until bursting into flames. Many people lost homes and RVs as a result.

Samsung S8 phones- I called to get a replacement SIM pin push for my phone- they said just use a paperclip they would not even ship another one out! I have only had the phone for 4 months and I also have a current warranty coverage for damage or theft. I cannot believe the attitude they gave me on the phone- "laissez-faire" + more than that!

No problems with our samsung appliances

A friend had the fridge freezing issue, he purchased his from a big box store.

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
Mar '19

Yep - our Samsung fridge has the ice maker issue which has been fixed many times. I now have the ice maker turned off. Our washer & dryer are Samsung & work great.

For now.

Let me know when the dryer starts squeaking.

is Amana still around ?

steven steven
Mar '19

We have had our samsung washer and dryer for about ten years front load washer I do all maintenance and repairs thanks to you tube. The washer and dryer run every day my wife does 1 or two loads very pleased. Now our frigidaire refrigerator lasted only about eight years repair man said their throw a ways get a better one we got what we can afford do now we buy used.

Scooby Scooby
Mar '19

Have a 10 year old Samsung 55 inch flat screen tv no problems. Have a 5 years old Samsung French Door refridge. No issues with the ice maker but water pools up at the bottom of the refridge under the pull out deli drawer. Sometimes it freezes and we have to go in, pull out the deli drawer and chip out the ice every couple weeks.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Mar '19

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