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I am moving into town. I am a disabled veteran with some mobility issues. I have school children going to all 3 schools (High, Middle and Elementary).

Sometimes I will not be able to take them to school. I called the school district but they informed me that because the town is a walking district, they do not provide transportation.

Do you know if there is any private buses that offer services?
How far is Willow Grove Elementary School from Ruland Ave? (someone mentioned a "Catwalk" detour to get to school faster.
Do kids walk to school or everyone gets driven?

Also, what is the best company for garbage disposal?
is the water rate affordable?
does the town have a lot of power outages during the winter (I want to know, so that I can plan on getting a power generator)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Seby Martinez Seby Martinez
March 12th

Both the middle school and Willow Grove are fairly close to Ruland Ave. I would say it's about a half to three quarters of a mile to both of those schools from there. The high school would be further. Some kids walk to school, but most are driven. There are crossing guards at certain points in town to help get the kids to school safely. I don't believe there is a crossing guard between Ruland and Willow Grove, if using the catwalk, but the number of streets to cross is minimal. There is a crossing guard on Main Street and Plane Street, which would be easily accessible from Ruland Ave.

As for garbage, the major companies are Sanico, Waste Management, and LNR. We use Sanico and are very happy. It's about $85 per quarter. Water and sewer is through HMUA. We pay about $100 per quarter (usually more in the summer because we have a pool) for a 4 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house.

Power outages do happen, but we've been fortunate to not usually be affected. Other parts of town might be different.

Welcome to town!

Htown Resident Htown Resident
March 12th

Thank you so much for your valuable information

Seby Martinez Seby Martinez
March 12th

I had an issue with transporting a child quite some time ago when my daughter was in kindergarten I spoke directly to her teacher to see if she could recommend a reliable and trustworthy person that might be able to help. She did and it worked out beautifully. This could potentially be an option for your youngest. Good luck!

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