XM 1000 Rock Song Countdown

For those of you with XM\Sirius Radios there is a 1000 rock song countdown on channel 30 on XM. I assumed that with most countdowns some factor like popularity, play time on air, or sales might be factors in rating them. I cannot tell why some songs are 900 something and some 400 something. Do you think there are 700 something songs better that Springsteen's "Prove it all Night" or 400 something songs better then the Eagles "Desperado"? I am often surprised by the order of the countdown.

I wish they’d put the Billy Joel channel back on 30. Those top 10/100/1000 countdowns seem like a bunch of random songs to me.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
March 12th

Springsteen sucks.

Calico696 Calico696
March 12th

I love you anyway Calico, even if your taste in music is skewed quite a bit off the NJ norm LOL. But you are allowed your opinions on music as I am with mine. Keep up the good work on Hackettstown Life. You are one of the intelligent and sensible posters with just enough snark to be funny.

a little strong, Calico 696. Most of us like our Bruce Juice in the morning

Wait they're re-playing this? They did this countdown on Ch. 30 last week, to be wrapped up last weekend. At one point I heard song 85-71. I was wondering if Stairway would make the #1 here as it usually does.

Here is the list, if anyone is curious:


This list has 1016 songs, but that is because some songs Sirius/XM listed as one song, but they are actually separate songs. For example, this morning I heard song 182, or thereabouts, and it was Pink Floyd's "Us and Them/Any Colour You Like/Brain Damage/Eclipse". that one is listed as 4 separate songs on the list I linked.

Hate Springsteen...and add Bon Jovi too.

Blackcat Blackcat
March 13th

3wbdwnj, I love the Billy Joel station. I miss it. They did play a lot of the same songs over and over again, but I still enjoyed it. My XM free trial will be over soon anyway.


Just wait for the 6 months for $30 offer usually after the preview expires

Thanks, Bug3. It's not that important to me. I listen to Elvis Duran in the mornings and mostly listen to podcasts on my way home.

where is Def Leppard on this countdown

There are 4 Def Leppard songs on that chart. The link I posted above is not numbered, but they are in order. If you keep scrolling down until you get to the bottom, you can use your browser's search function to see if a song or artist is included.

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