Unemployment question

What ultimately determines how long someone can collect unemployment? I don’t know as I have never had to do so. I meet a lot of people in the construction industry mostly union workers whom seem to be ok collecting unemployment. Seems like a great deal and just curious whom it affects and is it paid for solely by the employer and employee?

Awesome Awesome
March 12th

State of NJ Department of Labor and Workforce website.


Calico696 Calico696
March 12th

Unemployment used to be at least a year. now I think it's for 6 months.

does anyone know for sure these days?

Hackresident Hackresident
March 12th

Its a fund everyone pays into

26 weeks max right now. There is a federal plan that can add 13-20 weeks to unemployment, but the unemployment rate must be above a certain threshold for that to kick in. I believe no state has a rate high enough for that extra coverage.

Seems to be 26 weeks:


26 weeks

In New Jersey, you can receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. In times of high unemployment, the extended benefits program pays for 13 to 20 additional weeks of benefits. However, the unemployment rate is not currently high enough in any state for this program to kick in.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
March 12th

Its not really a deal. Its meant for people who get laid off or involuntarily unemployed. If you quit your job you are not eligible, As an employee you pay unemployment tax every paycheck, So when you need it you paid for it and you get it, Employer pays into the pool to. Hope that helps

BigJoe16 BigJoe16
March 12th

I'm not sure how this is a great deal. Many years ago it kept me afloat for the year I was out of work - but it took 2 1/2 checks to pay the rent - not much left for anything but basic living expenses - It certainly was no fun...............

4catmom 4catmom
March 12th

It's a great deal when you are collecting UI benefits while working side jobs for cash. The OP mentioned a lot of construction workers reaping the benefits. Sounds like people may be double dipping??

I may have not read but why do people get to collect into a fund all pay into if all are not collecting? Otherwise shouldn’t it be based on every individual and what they have paid in?

Awesome Awesome
March 12th

"...shouldn’t it be based on every individual and what they have paid in?"

That would be called a "savings account"; this is an "insurance policy".

Although, I wouldn't personally be opposed to seeing people who have collected unemployment get their "rates raised" similar to those with auto insurance who file an accident claim.

ianimal ianimal
March 12th

So do I get a refund given I paid in for 40 years and NEVER collected $1 since I was not unemployed???

NotIn NJ Anymore NotIn NJ Anymore
March 12th

Looking for auto and homeowners refunds too?

No because it’s “insurance” which means it’s there if you need it and if you don’t then you don’t get your premium payments back. Just like every other type of insurance

Workers in NJ pay into disability insurance. This is separate from workman’s comp. I think it’s a good thing to have. Very few states do this.

Positive Positive
March 12th

Max is 26 weeks today. When the economy really tanked in 2006 you could get an extra 26 weeks. Not today.

It's definitely a great deal to collect and have another job in the mean time. Then go back to work work during the busy season. Take advantage of the system if you can, pay yourself back!

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
March 12th

NJ Unemployment tax (SUI) and Disability tax (SDI) comes out of your paycheck until your years-to-date wages reach $34,400, then the deductions stop until a new calendar year starts. Max SUI withheld is $173.72 and max SDI is $58.48. The percentages are SUI 0.505 and SDI 0.170. Not a lot and enables the funds for employees to collect 26 weeks of benefits if you lose your job. The disability fund can be used for 10 weeks of maternity leave, or assistance if you become temporarily disabled.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
March 12th

I second that I never collected a penny. How about some back pay?

Awesome Awesome
March 13th

I’m still standing; can I have my life insurance back? Didn’t go to the doctors this year, how about a refund?

Actually, I do get a dividend check from my auto/home insurance on good years.....

I think most states have a form of workman’s comp. Can’t think of one that doesn’t.

My Dad turned back his disability after WWII saying the other boys needed it more. The Greatest Generation had a different perspective on community. Course he did take the GI bill college.....

Many silly jobs were created during The New Deal like licking envelopes or five guys, one shovel, because people would rather starve than take a helping hand. Hard for me to imagine that perspective.

If you need it, it’s a help but not that good even if sideworking. If you don’t need it, you are probably much better off.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
March 13th

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