Crash on 57...

I was driving down 57 this afternoon around 2 something ish and I cam across a car on it's hood and another car with it's front end smashed in does anyone one know what was the cause.?? It was crazy. The really crazy thing was I need to get gas and I was going. To try and make it to Wawa but chose the quick check on 57

Toni Chadwick Toni Chadwick
March 10th

Where on Rt57?

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
March 11th

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
March 11th

Here's the article.

Calico696 Calico696
March 11th

Horrible crash. Drive it everyday and people are always tailgating and speeding. + passing illegally.

Maybe if people would actually drive the speed limit instead of 10 under and braking at every curve there would be fewer folks tailgating or passing illegally...

YeahRight YeahRight
March 11th

I drive the speed limit, actually usually 5 mph over, and still have people tailgating and passing me illegally.

Tailgating does not depend on your speed at all. The driver tailgating is impatient and self involved so his need to pass you is not your fault at all. I have been tailgated going 80 on 78 many times. The worst tailgating is on Schooley's Mountain. Going down into Long Valley the speed was changed to 25 several years ago. I find it too low but they are aggressive with ticketing there so I do no more than 30. I can see someone coming down the mountain doing 45, catching up to me and then tailgating. does he think that I am going to pull over and let him pass on a narrow mountain road? Does he think I am going to go faster than the 30 I am doing? I usually have to ride my brake coming down that mountain, if I had to stop for a deer or some other hazard he would get no warning tailgating me. Good luck explaining that to your insurance company when you slam into my car because you were tailgating in a 25 mph zone.

I too drive at least five miles over the speed limit and have people tailgating me. It’s so annoying! Sometimes I catch myself getting too close and if it keeps happening I slow to a stop to give the person in front of me a head start, lol! Tailgating bad for many reasons.

The best is when you’re doing 80 in a 65 and some idiot tailgates and flashes you. I usually extend a hand gesture out my window in those cases.

Metsman Metsman
March 12th

If you're sitting in the left lane and you're not passing (ie. sitting right next to another car), it doesn't matter what speed you're going. Move over. It's not your job to patrol the speed of other cars.

Good point Tracy.

It's much better to pass than tailgate.

If they can’t pass me, I pull over as soon as safely possible and wave ‘em on. Let THEM hit the deer, first. Poor deer...but it happens.
Let me use THEIR taillights, as a guide, in the dark foggy night.
As far as “hand gestures” are concerned, I just smile and wave at people who exhibit that behavior. It’s outcome is much more satisfying...just try it and see.
Schooley’s Mountain is terrible. A tailgaters fantasy!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
March 14th

A few years ago heading down Schooleys towards Mansfield after sledding, a car was was tailgating us on the curves. Young lady decided to pass us and ended up spinning around and landed right next to a tree near Cataract Park. They were very lucky they were not hurt.

Blackcat Blackcat
March 14th

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