DEP increasing Pequest River protection

Among other waterbodies in the state, NJDEP is proposing to upgrade the Pequest River to a Category One waterway. While this may reflect the improved trout habitat of the river, it may also create land use limitations on riverfront properties and ponds, lakes and streams that feed the Pequest. The only public hearing is being held on April 8 at 1pm in Hamilton.

Glenn Sullivan
March 10th

Aren’t most Pequest tributaries C1 already? As well as TM or TP? Many of these C1 tributaries show signs of distress after rain storms from run-off so even with the protections, they are by no means pristine.

Portions of the Pequest, particularly around the Hatchery Management Area are C1 already. So, even if you are upstream of them, you must be careful. And rightfully so.

If anyone residing along these rivers didn’t know they are bordering protected waters, they were uniformed or stupid.

I am all for protections, the Pequest is a magical place and a great float.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
March 11th

Outstanding National Resource Waters or Category One Waters

No more artificial fish introduction? State can make more money on fines and regulatory permits than trout stamps.

Does the hatchery go away as a possible contamination source?

Do oils and road salt Storm Water permits go away? Or will the state allow us to pollute as long as the County pays for an exception?

Can you buy/sell a property located on Barkers Mill Road, Water Street, Mountain Lake, or Serepta area as they are Pequest tributaries?

What will the fee be for impervious surfaces, i.e. driveways, patios, etc.

These are just a few, but there must be a hundred more money for the State to make off this classification

The State says it owns all water in NJ, but isn't it funny that we always end up paying for it.

Do we really need to create more problems in this state when they can't even fix the ones they got elected on?

One-eyed Poacher One-eyed Poacher
March 12th

Many of the Pequest Tributaries are C1 rated already. Believe the buffer is 350 ft. Many people see a C1 status as an advantage and selling point.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
March 12th

Tree hundo, not tree fiddy...

ianimal ianimal
March 12th

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