HPD @ Rt. 57 Shell on Thursday

Did anyone hear why the HPD were at the Shell gas station on Thursday? Looked like a significant police presence, but never read or heard anything. They were open the next day.

Curious George
Mar '19

I am looking for info also. Word from our old neighbors is that the person we sold our house to, robbed the gas station !!

Mariann Mariann
Mar '19

sounds nice/ wow

We were at the Dairy Queen Thursday night and I watched someone walk over from the Shell station(It appeared they were an employee there) and they talked with the people at the counter. I wasn't listening too closely, but did pick up on him saying something about "he just broke the door right in". Not any more detail than that, but it may give additional credence to a potential robbery occurring there.

It's hard to believe that they had much cash on hand at $2.75/gallon.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Mar '19

Mind your own business everyone. If you needed to know you would have been informed.

CommonSenseForOnce CommonSenseForOnce
Mar '19

My neighborhood Is very much my business .

Bumpy Bumpy
Mar '19

Trying to shield someone, CommonSense??

happiest girl
Mar '19

Yes I can def confirm that it was the young kid. Who broke in at about 130am and stole about $1500 He lives on my block
Parents bought him that house to live in as it was cheaper than other options for him
They found the money minus the $3 he spent from it

H-town Mama H-town Mama
Mar '19

That station will not be shell for long. They are deliberately charging higher prices to lose business and justify closing it.


That Shell has been charging higher prices than everyone else in the area for quite a few years. It's like they feel they're selling liquid gold. Maybe it's that Nitrogen they tout ... people may be thinking it equates to NOx! The only reason I stopped there years ago is that they sold home heating oil at one of the side pumps and it was a bit cheaper than getting diesel from anywhere else. They haven't lost the right to sell Shell yet... . I guess people that are brand conscious and/or have a Shell card must have been keeping it afloat all these years.

Until the one across from Tony's became a BP, it was also charging more than the average, perhaps because it was the first gas for miles between Washington and Hackettstown on Rt. 57. That BP's still slightly higher than the norm, but not that much.

Phil D. Phil D.
Mar '19


You are right. The distributor and Shell need to have several years of data to justify closing it so they can get out of leases. Another no name gas station will replace it eventually. I am surprised it has lasted this long.

Jono Why do you have to justify closing a business by charging higher prices ? Can’t you just close it? Please explain.

Friendly mcface Friendly mcface
Mar '19

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