Did Rita’s Close?

Is Rita’s of Hackettstown closed permanently ?

seaaaaasiiiiii seaaaaasiiiiii
March 10th


The Rita's on Rt.31 North Washington is also gone, their old building has been for rent for a few months now. The Rita's on Rt.31 South past Glen Gardner is still there, as is the one in Flemington. Hard business to make a living in without other food offerings in the winter beyond cold dessert based items. (trying to carry a rent cost while closed for the winter is hard on most business owners)

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
March 10th

Stewartsville Rita's is opened as well.

They should never moved out of that small building on mt ave

The Rita's in Washington is not closed for good, they are just relocating on 31 across from Suburban Propane.

Calico696 Calico696
March 10th

I agree.
Keeping overhead low is key. It is going to become much harder for retail to continue with the increasing cost of local property taxes.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
March 10th

On March 1st, there was a post on the Hackettstown Rita’s FB page that said they were done hibernating and open again. It seems strange that they would open and then close permanently. Wouldn’t they have made the decision to close before they went through all the trouble of opening ?

Mariann Mariann
March 10th

They’re still open.

That's good. Very odd, when I called the number this morning (twice) at 11:07AM, (908) 674-4694 the recording stated it was disconnected. I called now and it has a voice recording stating they are open from Labor day until early October. I think he meant Memorial Day however.

When I Googled Rita's Hackettstown this morning the info posted showed the Permanently Closed red banner over the contact info on the page. Now when I use the same search term, the Flanders location is what pops up. Who knows.

In any event It's good to know they are or will be open again possibly.

Re: Did Rita’s Close?

Here is the screen shot stating they are closed.

It's official the Rita's in Hackettstown on Stiger street is permanently closed.

The owner of the Flanders store purchased all of the remaining paper goods from Mark the now former owner of Rita's Hackettstown.

The rent is very expensive there

Look at Rita’s FB page (Hackettstown location) ! There is a post on there for free Italian Ice on the first day of Spring ! Doesn’t make sense if it’s permanently closed !!

Mariann Mariann
March 10th

I agree. The voice message does not make any sense either. Nor do the hours of operation listed as well as the free Ice on the first day of spring post.

I spoke with the owner of the Flanders Rita's today and he confirmed that without a doubt the Hackettstown location is closed for good. He purchased all of the remaining stock as I mentioned.

Empty store fronts in Hackettstown are becoming a common sight. Does wonders for the look of the town. All those empty business campuses don't help either. Kind of looks like someone's failed idea, followed by another's failed idea.

Wow, Rita's being closed kinda sucks

I always thought it odd that building owners would prefer empty stores as opposed to lowering rents to keep existing tenants. Is there a tax advantage somehow?

I like Rita’s though as stated earlier more of a warm-weather treat.

March 11th

My kids are going to be disappointed!!

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
March 11th

The guy who owns those complex owns all the shoprite around us he is loaded

It’s really too bad Rita’s closed. But how many food, dessert and ice cream places can we visit. I really wish there would be a great fitness center with a jacuzzi and swimming pool. Unfortunately doesn’t seem that’s ever going to happen in this area.

sunflower01 sunflower01
March 11th

So disappointed - were on 31 is Rita’s going to be?

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
March 11th

Hackettstown Ritas smelled so strongly of (Pinesol?) Cleanser . Could not enjoy eating ANYTHING while smelling that.
If they come back, maybe outside seating with big umbrellas could add appeal.
(I liked their custard and black cherry, but got it to go.)

@sunflower1: don't give up hope: in the early 90s there was a fitness center with a large jacuzzi in Hastings Square.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
March 11th


I ate there many times and have a pretty sensitive nose, yet I never smelled anything such as you mention. There was the smell of refrigeration and the bit of ozone from motors running almost continuously, but no strong odor of cleanser or Pine-sol. Believe me, "I know from Pine-sol" with how I grew up. That, Spic & Span, Comet and other cleaners were a part of life all the time and I never got used to the smell. I was often there several times a week and stayed, since at times I'd consme several servings of various items, one after another and no smells intruded on my enjoyment of them. I could always smell and taste the flavors quite well!

The several things I liked about the place was that Mark was quite a personable guy, but unfortunately had to deal with the high rent from Shop Rite, who owned that plaza, as well as the issues with the electrical system going out during one of his busiest times (4th of July). Of course the weather at the beginning and towards the end of the season really sucked.

He always employed nice local college and High School kids and I'm bummed for them that they won't have jobs. It was always great to eat in there when the weather outside was too hot and or humid/wet. The Flanders location has a couple of benches outside, but all there is there are two service windows, just like Cliff's or the old style Dairy Queens. You don't get to see the actual ice in the containers, as you did at the Hackettstown location. I'm bummed to see it go:-(

Phil D. Phil D.
March 12th

Sad to read. We enjoyed that place although I always wondered about the location being sub optimal.

Friendly mcface Friendly mcface
March 12th

If they are permanently closed why does their Facebook page state that they are opening for the season on March 20th with free small ice for all? It was posted just on March 1st

That is a generic post seen on many of the Rita's Facebook pages.

Yes Ritas is closed, I was there last week and all the ice cream equipment table and chairs have been removed, also all the phones. It is said! Also the small ice cream shop behind ruby Tuesdays and next to Starbucks also has closed their doors!

big sports fan big sports fan
March 13th

Can someone confirm Rita's in Hackettstown is really closed?

Yes without question that location is closed.

Rita's near Clinton on Rt 31 was packed at 5:30.


Isn't the first day of Spring "Free ice day" just like it's "Free cone day" at the DQ on 57 today, as per the sign out front and the jam of people I saw about 1 1/2 hours ago trying to get in there with their vehicles.

Phil D. Phil D.
March 20th

Yes Phil, I know. Too crazy to stop!

It’s not closed in Hackettstown. Opening in a few days

Big Bobby Big Bobby
March 20th

Everything was moved out of the ritas on stiger st . It’s closed

Michael Michael
March 20th

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