Did anyone else win a Tesla Model 3 in the mail?

Did anyone else win a Tesla Model 3 in the mail?

Looks legit....lol

The envelope was stamped "final attempt", but I don't recall getting any OTHER attempt, LOL

Part of me wants to call the number, just to see what it's REALLY all about, part of me doesn't want to give away my phone number to phishers...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Mar '19

details on the back:

Odds of winning:

Telsa or $50,000 cash: 1:192,000
$250 outlet mall gift card: 191,997:192,000
Caribbean Cruise: 191,997:192,000 (I am responsible for any activation fees, deposits, port charges, and taxes, lol)
70" TV: 1:192,000
New Apple ipad Air: 1:192,000

sucks... 3 people WON'T win the gift card or the cruise....

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Mar '19

They really need to ban these mailings which are misrepresentations.

Re: Did anyone else win a Tesla Model 3 in the mail?

Hands off my Tesla - I got the same letter

Antimony Antimony
Mar '19

I not only got the same letter, I have the same lucky number JR has. We are either both winners or both losers!

Mar '19


General Manager


Mar '19

Hey, me too. Also same lucky number. What would be interesting is trying to guess who sold the mailing list to them. Mine also said "Final Attempt", so I guess they only try once, lo,.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Mar '19

I didn't win a Tesla, but I did win a cruise to Bermuda ! I just put the card in my shredder.

Bobbob Bobbob
Mar '19

The more interesting point to this (at least to me) is these aren't cheap at an end cost to send to each house where most end up in the trash.

Then factor in the people who actually show up and 'claim' a voucher...

They must end up selling enough of whatever to justify the cost.

I can't see any identifying info to make that call.

If anyone calls them- what are they selling?

"They really need to ban these mailings which are misrepresentations."

ijay- you are joking right?

Have you seen the stupidity of the public?

You don't need to pay your credit card debt- CALL US.

You don't need to pay your mortgage- CALL US

Hell- you don't need to pay for college ~ FREE COLLEGE vote for me....

Final attempt here to. LOL

auntiel auntiel
Mar '19

Final attempt here too....and how did two other people get my EXCLUSIVE winning number? Hmmmmmm? Amazing that people fall for this nonsense.

summerrain1 summerrain1
Mar '19

Mine didn't fit in the mailbox so they did a RTS :-(

Mar '19

Tell WALMART how their brand is being misused, that might shut this down.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Mar '19

We have a fellow at work, wait till I tell him.....he actually purchased one …..and to hear they are giving one away ….I am sure he will be pissed :-)

steven steven
Mar '19

I won too! Same number. Thought there was a free pencil in there at first.

hktownie hktownie
Mar '19

Another winner here. What bothers me is the waste....each envelope has a plastic thing with two coin cell balleries and an LED. 100% of them end up in the garbage, going into the landfill for the rest of time. Because that light up number revealer is really necessary. So stupid.

Eperot Eperot
Mar '19

Got one too and threw it in the garage.

Where else BUT the garage would you keep your newly-won Tesla? (-;

ianimal ianimal
Mar '19

Mine is parked in the garage while I watch my new 70" TV.

I had the same "lucky" (226483) that everyone else had. Guess we are all losers....but winners in life since we didn't fall for this junk.

Nancy Nancy
Mar '19

Everyone be on the lookout for these, and just write return to sender and stick it back in your mailbox.

I totally agree with Eperot. Just more junk in the landfill, although here in Warren County, they will all go up in smoke and we get to breathe them in.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Mar '19

Lonesome Dove - The incinerator is closing on Monday. So they won't be burning them here. LOL

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '19

Got ours

Don't go for it. It is a scam. If you checked the address doesn’t exist and the letter is signed by a General Manager without a name. How possible is that? If it sales to be untruth, it certainly is. Run....

Apr '19

I just became winner // If you have had any kind or fraud done to you in the past they send these things to you so you hopefully fall for it again // it's one of those scams where you have to PAY interest and then you will receive your winnings but you must "Pay" all expenses first.....problem is there is never a prize

May '19

I won a half dozen cars already! lol

it's a scam to get you to come in to look at their cars. maybe 1 falls for it and buys one of their cars.

Hackresident Hackresident
May '19

They have a terrible marketing department. You’d think they’d have the brains to put different numbers on the entries. Double a few numbers or make them longer, if they run out of losing combinations. If we all had different numbers, they would probably see about a %50 increase of folks who actually fall for this crap. Too bad I threw mine out. I should’ve read about all the above winners, first.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
May '19

Did anyone actually show up to see what happens?

Jcorsano Jcorsano
Jun '19

Got mine. Same numbers. With all these giveaways Telsa should hit their sales numbers for the 3 series. Funny if you check the back its sponsored by Split Rock Development. Which is some timeshare company in the Poconos. They have been involved in scams in the past. Call now to miss out on everything but a gift card and then have to sit through a timeshare presentation. I would rather have a root canal.

Chris marra Chris marra
Jun '19

Everyone is a winner, of something. Anyhow, it's for a timeshare. They want you to sit in on their 90min spiel and buy into it. Just for sitting in on it, you win something. My guess, they sell enough to justify the give aways. Think of the amoutn of ppl who actually think they've won and call in and go to this. maybe 1 in 10 buys a timeshare? Who knows. I remember in the past my parents would go to these just for the gifts! lol

Mommap Mommap
Jun '19

I received the same mail, final attempt, same numbers. What really gets me is the led light display probably runs on a battery that should not be thrown in the trash, but taken somewhere that deals with electronic waste.

Jhutch Jhutch
Jul '19

I'm just disappointed my numbers didn't light up : ( When I looked for number on the letter to call I didn't see one or any information about any organization or business to call?!? Who would I complain to if I didn't get my Tesla or one of the other wonderful prizes??

Gordo Gordo
Jul '19

...Oh my mistake! There is a number. Don't call it!

Gordo Gordo
Jul '19

Actually, mine said I won a Tesla Model S, not Model 3. Same thing as for the other recipients: matching numbers, no name of the company or agency sending me this offer, the words Final Attempt in red on the envelope as if they had tried many times to reach me, and the signature of a general manager who has no name.
What a scam!
And they add that they’ll also send me a $100 gift card from Walmart....I bet you Walmart is not aware of it!

Mature Female Mature Female
Jul '19

Yeah I got it too, it’s amazing how people have the rights to do these foolish scams for innocent civilians.

Henry Santos Henry Santos
Jul '19


OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Aug '19

Wow. Just got my final notice official document only the vehicle is a 2019 Ford F-150. The winning numbers are exactly the same as everyone else, 226483. I of course matched so I called the number on the letter. I have to sit through a 90 minute oration about a travel club. No purchase necessary. Hmmm. I am so hopeful that I win the truck. Maybe I will get the 65” HDR TV too. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

I asked what the company sponsoring the giveaway is and I was told “MNE Travel”. I GOOGLED this and found nothing about the company. No MNE website. Bunch of crap.

Bobby T
Aug '19

i got the mail with lucky number 226483 and the mail recommend me to call toll free at 1(877)201 2301 to get one of this prize:
1 2019 Toyota Prius Hybrid or $ 30,000 cash
2 7 day Princess Cruise with Airfare for 2
3 Samsung -70'' led -2160 p -smart -4 K Ultra HDTV
4 New Apple Ipad Air.
I did some research online and realized that a lot of winners ( or looser ?) like me got that mail with same lucky number. That just is a scam. Now i try to find the e waste to dispose the electronic attach device which light up the winning number

I don’t know what you guys are talking about.
I won!!!
Best ever!!!!

Kak-a-Lacky Kak-a-Lacky
Aug '19

Woo hoo!

I won the iPad!

Aug '19

Mine doesn't say where to go to pick up my Tesla.
Anybody know where to go?

I got the winning number on a final notice also.
I thought I would play along with the scam but one question about my age eliminated me from the prizes but I could choose another prize of either a 4 day Bermuda cruise or 4 night hotel vacation to Cancun (airfare not included in either choice)
I have a secondary email for junk and scams which I gave them so they can spread that around. The flip side of my letter said it was MNE travel club and I would be sent details of the 90 minute seminar I needed to attend. Should be fun LOL

David P David P
Oct '19

Same 6-digit number.

Oct '19

Yes I received same letter
"You Are A Finalist in Out 2019 Tesla Model S Giveaway!"

same winning # 226483
Call the gifting dept immediately Toll Free 1-888-690-0747 Offer Code 8136 to see which two of the following gifts you have won!

Also just for being a winner you are also going to receive "up to a $100 Walmart Gift Card

When I asked which 2 I won the rep stated they don't give this info over the phone you have to attend a presentation. but that we will also get up to a $100 Walmart Gift card

did anyone really win a prize for attending?

Mike F Mike F
Oct '19

I just taped a battery pack to the bottom and stole it via remote control.

This is why I'll never go electric, way too easy to steal.

Oct '19

We received the same mailing, and gift list. The wife got excited for about 15 seconds, I have to admit it was 5 seconds longer then ever gave her.

Little Donnie Jr. Little Donnie Jr.
Nov '19

Got this 2019 Tesla offer final notice.
Too good to be true, feel sorry for anyone entertain the phishers.

Tori C
Nov '19

Primo Network Adventures is the scam, they try to sell you a $12k vacation wholesale membership with a yearly fee of $349 on top of it. You get a $5 Walmart gift card and a cruise (you can’t use) and airfare (you can’t use) each of those would cost you a minimum of $98 to (hold) for a year. Awful scam and it’s a shame for whoever they tricked into doing this.

Jodi Grant Jodi Grant
Dec '19

Just got the same offer in the mail today here in Northern California and it's now a 2020 Tesla Model 3!!!

Matching winning number was 226483!

Same winning number as last year!

Tony S Tony S
Jan '20

Re: Did anyone else win a Tesla Model 3 in the mail?

Scam artist delight. Got one in Fayetteville NC.
Last chance
By USA Trip Center.
It's always a different one.
Address does go back to a real store front as I checked that as well.
Husband wants to go for the hell of being bored not to buy anything and if I get dragged there I'm gonna be the person who asks all the questions and iritate them. No one wins the big prizes and everyone has the same numbers to win two prizes which you got to pay loads to get them. I used to work at tesla GigaFactory and last thing I want is a tesla .
Best advice throw it away . Grandparents use to go to these timeshares and get free vacation's as long as they sat through the presentation. Zzzzzzz. So unless you know how to outsmart them say no.

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