Speedway at 5 corners - no gas?

Does anyone know what’s going on with the Soeedway at 5 corners? No regular Gad since Friday and cones up ever since.

It's been driving me crazy also. I had to go to Speedway today. Yuk!

Oops, Raceway not Speedway.

Go to Wawa. Better price. Cash or credit is same price. Raceway is not.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
February 11th

Yo you people are talking "second grade gas". Go to BP your car will be happier and so will you in the long run.

Can't bring myself to go there. The name of it creeps me out. What does Wa Wa stand for anyway? It reminds me of baby crying, wa wa. I know, sounds silly but that's how I roll.

Wawa is the name of a Township in Pennsylvania outside of Philly near the Delaware border... Longwood Gardens is near there. The name is derived from a Native American tribe's (Lenni Lenape?) word for "wild goose", hence, their logo.

I was wondering the same thing myself. I went by there last Wednesday and the cones were up then. I agree though go to Wawa great price.

yes, yes, yes, everyone should go to wawa ...put another longstanding business out !

Think of all the extra crackers you can buy for your soup the pennies saved !!!

steven if I need gas and they don't have any I have to go somewhere else, do not blame me!

Auntiel - we don't judge. Lol!

At Wawa everyone is very nice. Some of the " town" stations are not.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
February 12th

The gas station on Main Street near the railroad tracks has had cones up lately too. Hmmm

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
February 12th

Speedway has only been at that location a few years. They certainly won't go out of business if a few folks go elsewhere. They have almost a billion dollars a year in revenue. While that is just one 10th of Wawa's income annually they are not a mom and pop longstanding station here in town. There are plenty (too many in my opinion) other gas stations to choose from in our area.

Gas is good. Especially for those of us that own bigger vehicles.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
February 12th

Wa Wa is awesome!

Quack, Quack
February 12th

RE: Speedway: Currently they are pumping only Premium and Diesel. There is no shortage or delivery problem with Regular Gas. I spoke to the station person and then to Customer Service at Corporate in Ohio. Corporate checked into the reason Hackettstown Speedway had been closed and into why they are pumping today but only Premium and Diesel. Briefly: There is a problem with the nozzles that pump Regular Gas and maintenance has to be sent out to the location (from where they didn't say.) Also EPA is involved in some capacity which I think may be to approve that the nozzles are okay to use. Corporate was unaware of the situation.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
February 12th

Thanks for getting thread back on track & providing the answer. It is appreciated.

Not sure that I am buying that excuse. It's more likely that they didn't have the funds to purchase more gas.

Plus, why is the US Gas or whatever it is now near the dollar General still not pumping?

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
February 12th

Reggie Voter, I don't go to US Gas. Speedway is on my regular driving route. Perhaps you could check with US Gas for the answer to your question.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
February 12th

Or, maybe not. just hoping that someone here knows the answer and pointing out that two gas stations a mile apart are both in "cone mode".

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
February 12th

could be a "weights and measures " inspection time / issue.

That answers our question! Hopefully they’ll be up and running soon as they are the most convenient on my way to route 80. Glad not everything is thought to be a conspiracy ;)

What does it mean when weights and measures is at a gas station with a couple trooper cars?...I see this once in awhile at the US gas station next to the quikcheck in white township

Steven once Speedway gets this problem fixed I will return! Thanks Mrs Pipes!

You're welcome LDJ and CF.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
February 13th

Bug 3
The mission of the Bureau of Weights and Measures is to promote equity in all commercial ... inspections of gasoline and diesel fuel at distribution terminals and at retail gas stations.

BP is Top Tier Fuel - better for your vehicle, Google it! The BP across from Scrub-A-Dub has great pricing cash or charge, best price anywhere on Top Tier Premium fuel

February 14th

Keri wrote Bug 3
"The mission of the Bureau of Weights and Measures is to promote equity in all commercial ... inspections of gasoline and diesel fuel at distribution terminals and at retail gas stations."

No...the weights & measures checks the pumps for accuracy in dispersing the fuel from pump relative to the price per gallon charged....hence the "sticker " on each individual pump.

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