Aetna - Proof of 2018 Insurance for taxes

Does anybody know how to print out a Proof of Insurance coverage for 2018 from Aetna? I am having my taxes prepared tonight and I think they're going to ask for it.

Call Aetna and have them email your declaration page.

You should be getting a 1098c from them in the mail and it’s in the portal

Skippy Skippy
Feb '19

Just got my 1098c today (Mon). Called my accountant and they said they don't need it for taxes, but should be kept with important papers in case anyone should question your health ins. claims.

USAfirst USAfirst
Feb '19

I would imagine a copy of your insurancd card ( the one the doctors all copy for billing ) would initially suffice.

steven steven
Feb '19

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Re: Aetna - Proof of 2018 Insurance for taxes
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