I'm thinking of owning a laundromat. Any for sale in Hackettstown? I'd love to talk to an owner and get details on the ownership.

I thank you

James Business Owner James Business Owner
Feb '19

Best if you can do the repairs yourself.

Install several cameras with DVR.

Have signs posted clearly displaying any rules you may want. You would be amazed at the dumb things people will do to a washer & dryer- especially when they don't own the machines.

If the license wasn't soo much in NJ, I would try to do a combo laundromat and bar. Couple TV's- have the games on.

One on Stiger St is always packed. Check it out!

Acl76 Acl76
Feb '19

I have been told the laundrymat in Blairstown is for sale. On Rt 94 in Fountain mall. The place is a dump..water smells horrible, floors and machines filthy... BUT it is the only one around without going into Newton or Pa...that person also owns the one on Rt 519 right outside of Belvidere by Fowl Rift Rd, also a dump, but some new machines.

If these places were cleaned up and money put into them I am sure they would stay busy.

Smile every day Smile every day
Feb '19

Are there any laundromat that pick up and deliver? Laundry is piling up and I’m recovering from surgery and looking for someone to help out while I am unable to do it

Melissa m Melissa m
Mar '19

I use the THE J&D laundromat in Washington

Old Gent Old Gent
Mar '19

Any one know of a place that does BULK laundry?

Bernie Bernie
Mar '19

A neighbor has a van that describes pick up -laundry - will go look at the sign and get back to you

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '19

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