Ocean CIty Maryland hotel recommendation

Looking for feedback (positive or negative) about ocean front hotels in Ocean City.
Thanks in advance.

happiest girl
Feb '19

There are many great hotels. I would recommend going to the OC site where they list hotels in all price ranges.

BeachLover BeachLover
Feb '19

For the money, you are better off driving further to Virginia Beach.

BeachLover --- (me too!) I already did that, thanks. I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation of a place they stayed at.

happiest girl
Feb '19

Not a hotel but Castaways Campground is beautiful and on the water about 5 minutes from OC. But of course you need to like camping and to own a camper (they may have rentals..not sure).

happycamper happycamper
Feb '19

We went to OC, years ago. Loved it! We went during the off season. A lot of rooms are empty but still open. We stayed in an ocean front hotel with a balcony overlooking the beach and boardwalk, for three nights. Because we were a “walk in”, the price was $60 per night....a great price. So....if you’re willing to fly by the seat of your pants, it can be fun and adventuresome. Every walk in we did, after that, was still less expensive than prebooking via the hotel apps. Tipping $20 bucks, at check in, usually gets you the most expensive room available, for the least amount of money. Just hold the money on the counter. When inquiring about a better room, push the $20 towards them. Works EVERY TIME.
We got stuck, overnight in NJ, because we missed the ferry. Had no place to sleep. We slept in the ferry parking lot. The cop who found us told us about another parking lot, nearby. Just couldn’t stay overnight, in the ferry lot. We felt like teenagers, again! Sorry...I don’t remember the hotel name. Was about 15 years ago. If your health is ok, take a chance! We had fun...sleeping on the run from the cops! LOL...like college days. Either way...have fun and be safe!

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Feb '19

Condo row. About 99th street and north. Beautiful ocean front and ocean view condos.

The Century, English Towers, The Carasoul, etc...

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Feb '19

The fountain head! the condo's are nice and fair priced! http://www.fountainheadoceancityrentals.com/

lavender lavender
Feb '19

I stayed at the Hilton for a few months (during the off season) for work and loved it! All the rooms are ocean front and have kitchens.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
Feb '19

Castle in the Sand Hotel they have many different room options, huge pool with semi high dive, children's activity's daily, indoor restaurant outdoor restaurant with great beach bar and live music along with waitress service on the beach or at the pool!
Been staying there for over 10 years would not stay anyplace else 2 weeks every year!

meee4 meee4
Feb '19

Dunes Manor Hotel. All rooms have balconies and over look the ocean. Do not know how good the Court or Suites are but I'm sure they are great. After 1 stay you get discounts every time you stay and the more nights the discount is more. It's inexpensive off season. Not sure about the summer.

Happy girl Happy girl
Feb '19

We have been going for the last 10 years. We stay at the Holiday Inn Express on 126th St. It is across the street from the beach but the walk is short. It is clean and you get breakfast and reasonably priced. It is walking distance to the Crab Factory and Crab Bag and the Northside Park is directly behind it. It's on the far north end away from all the craziness, but not sure what you are looking for. The past few years we have gotten condos in the same area because there are more of us There is no ocean view but get the park side/bay view, its beautiful

hkts456 hkts456
Feb '19

OMGoodness how time flies, been a few decades since I prowled the OC boardwalk. For camping, Assateague is like 15 minutes away; probably has hot showers by now. Wake up with the horses. Just need a breeze to keep the flies at bay... If you sleep on the boardwalk, the cops will move you along at 3 am or so (heh, heh).

In my day, the best spots for accommodation at OC were houses from Bethany to Rehoboth.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Feb '19

We have stayed at the Golden Sands and the Pyramid on ' condo row". They both have 1,2 and 3 bedroom units. Balconies are all ocean front. We liked the Pyramid a little bit better, nicer balconies and units are better kept. However,the Golden Sands has a better outdoor area. They have a bar and grill,nice pool and sitting area. We stayed there a few times, nice units the first two times. The third time we had a different unit ( the other was booked)and while it was comfortable, the living room couch was worn and the place was, in general, in need of sprucing up. Rates are similar in both places. We usually go labor day week so rates drop a bit. We book through Coldwell banker, cbcvacations.com.
Enjoy your vacation, OC has good restaurants and lots to do.

Helen Helen
Feb '19

Isn't it great to be talking about oceanfront hotels! C'mon summer! To the original poster, try the Boardwalk Plaza hotel on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, DE. It's a beautiful old Victorian place, just stunning. Closer than OC, MD and VA Beach and such a wonderful place. Not to mention the massive outlets and no sales tax for those rainy days.

It is going to take a while for the sea water temperature to rise though :(

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