Physical Paper Phone book? Mythical or Real?

Frustrated senior citizen in search of a REAL paper phone book for the Hackettstown area. Where for the love of Mike does one get one?

I carry one from the sidewalk at the bottom of my driveway to the garbage can at the top of my driveway once a year. I think Sprint/Embarq/CenturyLink was the company publishing the recent ones I've gotten. Don't recall what time of year they come, but I would think it would be early in the calendar year. I'll keep an eye out.

You also might contact the post office and see if they have extra copies.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '19

Bet the library has one

Skippy Skippy
Jan '19


"Verizon and CenturyLink are required to tell customers of the changes in bill inserts, including how to request printed copies or thumb drives. The phone companies also have to inform the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Small Business Advocate on the transition.

Consumers can request printed directories or computer thumb drives with directories for free from 800-888-8448. The directories will also be available at\"

ianimal ianimal
Jan '19

I think you can still call your phone company and request one.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jan '19

Try this link:

They provide a number to call to order physical directories:
877-2-GET-DEX or 877-243-8339

Theolgamer Theolgamer
Jan '19

What’s a phone book?

not sack
Jan '19

We usually get one on our front walk each February. I miss the really old ones though that had street maps for all the nearby towns in the front. I like to be able to check a map and not blindly rely on gps.

hktownie hktownie
Jan '19

I get that you’re a senior but apparently you’re computer savvy enough to post on an online forum. Looking up a number online surely o has to be easier than that.

Jan '19

hi, Dex is the company, that is correct.
Probably would be happy to send out one to you.

Hope this helps :)
Figures, just tossed mine last weekend.
Would have been happy to give it to you.

Dear Consigliere,
No, I'm not a senior. I'm posting for one who can't use a computer.

I am that dark figure standing on a dim lit street corner wear a long black trench coat , a perfect stranger walks close to me I open my coat and there hanging on the inside are books the women looks at them she screams as she runs off yelling that man back there as she meets a cop he he eeee has them she crys the officers says what PHONE BOOKS IN HIS COAT

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jan '19

Thanks everyone, A paper phone book has been ordered. It only takes 3 weeks to get! They must have to cut down a tree to make it. I appreciate your helpful advise.

I miss the really thick old ones-like 3 or 4 inches thick- that my mother had me sit on at the dinner table so I was high enough to eat my meal! I'm dating myself ;-)

Tango Tango
Jan '19

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