Highly paid Warren County freeholders


8th highest in the state..more than morris,sussex and hunterdon..with a much smaller county..what a gig

A)-only three positions
Several bds have more than twice that #.
B)-comes out to roughly a buck ($1) a head.
Think I can live with it.

Totally out of line relative to the population of the Warren County. Look at the other counties ranked lower than Warren County and the population. The real game here is to get into the state pension system and end up higher pension at retirement. The higher you salary the more you compensation when you retire. These type of positions and many other examples are why no one can afford to live in New Jersey anymore.

Most of New Jersey is losing population, look at the information, Warren County is one. Freeholder positions in New Jersey should be based on results. Are county is barely able to hang on to the businesses we have let alone attract new businesses. I want to hear the Freeholder that encourages consolidation of towns and school which are redundant all over the state and draining the residents through high housing taxes.

Along time ago a friend referred to Freeholders as Freeloaders and they were right. It's a old boy system that functions to make sure someone ends up with a state pension.

towniejim towniejim
4 weeks ago

towniejim nailed it big time.. Freeloading pension pocket stuffers

4 weeks ago

Near 30,000.00 a year? For what? Do they get other perks as well? Health care, dental? They meet twice a month maybe a day or two more a month if they have to. That comes to 1000.00 a meeting. Nice gig with their everyday job.
Even without that, it would be too high at half that much. The most crooked state ever. All the way down to Trenton.

Boobalaa Boobalaa
4 weeks ago

Who votes them in ??

Why not question what it is they do ?

I’m sure most don’t realize the hours put in on a weekly basis- reading contracts, replying to emails, communicating amongst themselves. Replying to inquiries from their constituents.
I’d wager that accounts for at least 30-35 hours a week.

The Freeholders do a lot more work than most would think. The link below lists the names of Warren County's three Freeholders along with their contact information, information their departmental assignments and municipal assignments.

Feel free to contact them. I've found them always happy to assist their constituents in any way they can.


Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

I just wonder why bigger counties pay less

Bug3 - As stated in the link, bigger counties pay less but to more people.


Warren County has three Freeholders, the Freeholder Director gets $30,098 and the other two Freeholders get $29.098. This is a total of $88,294.

Morris County has seven Freeholders, the Freeholder Director gets $25,350 and the other six Freeholders get $24,375. This is a total of $171,600.

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

Pensions should not be accumulated! The whole pension system is ripe for corruption. Needs to be deprecated immediately out of respect for the taxpayers.

Morris County has a population of 499,000; Warren 107,000.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
4 weeks ago

All government employees, at all levels, should be paid an hourly wage and get paid only for the hours they work as government employees, (I'm sure they have other sources of income) Pensions should be no more than half their regular salary. And they should not be able to give themselves raises.It's absolutely absurd for an employee to give themselves a raise whenever they want to.

This is old so salaries must be higher than this indicates.

Looks like a good job, next opening will be in January. I'm gonna apply. If you can't beat them, join them.
Then I can afford to go to James on Main every week.
Cha Ching

dodgebaal dodgebaal
4 weeks ago

Most Warren County workers get 120% of their last years salary for annual pension. It may be only the elite that get this, but I KNOW Warren Dept of Health gives this benefit.

Nice if you can get it, terrible to have to pay it, and depressing compared to most pensions.

One-eyed Poacher One-eyed Poacher
4 weeks ago

Not true... Warren County workers are in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) just like most of all of the other public employees in the state.

The annual pension benefit is calculated by dividing your total years of service by 55 and multiplying it by the average salary of your last three years of service, not including overtime or bonuses.

So, if you put in 33 years, you would be eligible to collect 60% of your salary upon reaching your 60th birthday. There are some minor differences between different "tiers" that are based upon year of hire, but that's it in a nutshell..


Calico your comparison is apple to oranges regarding Morris and Warren. Yes there are more Freeholders but they have almost 5X the population of Warren County. Also you reinforce my point they are paid less than the Freeholders in Warren. There is no justification in any county in NJ for Freeholders it drains the residents and ultimately just puts more individual into a State Pension system already to sink.

If you have to have Freeholders there should be no pension/medical benefits period. From the link you sent it appears all the current Freeholders have full-time occupations so why the need for a pension?

towniejim towniejim
4 weeks ago

Who said they (Freeholders) have pensions and medical benefits? Not me. I don't believe they do.

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

ianimal you are so wrong, a relative retired from Warren Cty and is receiving free insurance(20%) and 120% of her final pay. We're all proud of her pension but we all hate paying it. Oh and she retired 5- 15 years ago. Maybe that's the management package.

Nothing will change unless there is a truly adversarial contract negotiations where politicians guard our tax money instead of giving it away so the union can donate to them. But we haven't had true negotiations for any contracts since 83-84 NJEA give-away where salaries tripled(have 3 teachers in family too).

One-eyed Poacher One-eyed Poacher
4 weeks ago

In Hunterdon County they do.


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