LOST Tan Chihuahua, Centenary

Posted from Facebook. Lost dog near Centenary. 14 year old light tan chihuahua missing since last Wednesday. Needs to be found quickly! Please check under porches, under bushes, could be hiding anywhere. Please call 973-896-6014. Do not chase. Please help!

Jan '19

What’s his name? I live on Mitchell ave by high school. Will be on look out later when I walk my dog.

His name is Baxter, he was last seen on First Ave. near college. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Jan '19

I live nearby. I will leave food out tonight. Praying you find your Baxter. I know what you are going through for it took us 3 months to find our cat Timmy. Don't give up Molly ❤

Jacqui Jacqui
Jan '19

If you look on newton veterinary hospital Facebook page, it looks like they posted the dog and owner were reunited. Looks like dog fitting description.

Jan '19

That's a different dog. Baxter is male the other is a female.

I plan on looking a bit tomorrow.

Re: LOST Tan Chihuahua, Centenary

Picture from Facebook. Hoping somebody has the dog and it has not been out in the weather for this long.

Worried Worried
Jan '19

I scouted around the area a bit with no luck. He's so tiny he could be anywhere; under a deck, shed etc. I fear for the little guy out in this weather.

Any other news?

Owner here- Unfortunately nothing has come in that would give us any indication on where he's at. I've gotten some really nice phone calls and text messages from people in the community that are wanting to help, and that's awesome, but not a single sighting reported. At this point, I am really just hoping that somebody took him in. The battle then becomes them doing the right thing and returning him but the alternative is that he's been out in this weather for a week and he's just not built for that.

We've had him since he was a puppy, I got him for my wife (then gf) in college 13 years ago. Only a few months after we had started dating. He's been with us through college, marriage, our first home (where we live now), the birth of our two children. He was a part of our family before it was a family. As you can imagine, the whole situation is heart breaking but its very painful to think about him suffering out in the cold like this...
Hopefully, if somebody has him, they'll do the right thing and contact me.

Trevor Trevor
Jan '19

Maybe you've already done this, but I would suggest going to the college and asking them to make an announcement or something. Your pup may have been picked up by a student or someone a student knows. They may not even be aware that you are looking for him.

I hope you find him.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
Jan '19

WRNJ- lost pets announcement- please do this:


hope this helps somehow
I will also post and share
praying she is found xxoo

Jacqui, you found Timmy? wow, how did he show up? could you share? God Bless!

Update from Facebook post: ❌ UPDATE JANUARY 18TH: still no sightings.

‼️⚠️⚠️‼️ According to video surveillance made available to us last night.....We painfully watched Baxter being chased from his front yard by two people....they went around the corner from his home and left him on another street in front of Centenary College where he became disoriented and didnt know where to go. We had confirmation that he was not picked up by a car at this time. It is our best guess that at this point he wandered off aimlessly because he was disoriented. WE NEED HELP!! HE NEEDS HELP!!! This took place 5pm Wednesday night January 9th. DID YOU SEE HIM? WERE YOU IN THE PARKING LOT OF CENTENARY COLLEGE/ REESE AVE. According to the video there were alot of people and cars in the vicinity. Please call if you can offer any information at all!!!!!! ‼️⚠️⚠️‼️


worried worried
Jan '19

This is heartbreaking. I live in the area and can take a walk around the college area tomorrow (Sat.), are there any organized efforts to search for him before the storm?

I hope the video is supplied to the police as so they may be able to identify the two criminals and prosecute them. Or give me their address we'll talk....

I do hope Baxter is safe inside somewhere. Perhaps some of the professional pet locating groups folks have used around here in the past can be of assistance.

Greg, I know that the update above is from a woman who tracks lost dogs. She's excellent but without sightings (which are generated from flyers and spreading info via social media etc) there is not much to do. I am not sure how many flyers have been posted around the area but the more the better.

worried worried
Jan '19


Contact was made. They didn't do it on purpose, they thought he was lost. We're really just interested in getting him home at this point. That's where our efforts are.

Due to a blind spot in the cameras we lose sight of him right at 5pm. We were able to get in touch with a gentleman who happened to have been passing by on a bicycle. He showed us where Baxter was and everything was consistent with every on camera. There is a period between 5:00 and 5:17 that the dog seemingly vanishes. Its possible that somebody could have picked him or let him jump in their car but it was dark at that point and you could barely see him on the camera in the light. To me, its more plausible that he went to somebody than hid from all of us as we searched for him in very close proximity to our house. The immediate area is peppered with flyers in every directions. Hopefully we get some information that can connect the dots.


Trevor Trevor
Jan '19

hi, there are experts from 11th Hour Rescue League that volunteer for nothing to assist someone in finding their dog(s).
I would connect with them asap:


Contact us section is on their site+ FB site as well.

They truly care and actually found Gene's dog (black shep) some months ago- perhaps he can even advise of the person(s) that helped make this happen ;)

Hope this helps- here is the blurb from last year from Gene' s post:

The rescue trappers contacted US from our Facebook posts. They are affiliated with Eleventh Hour Rescue which is located on Route 10 in Randolph, NJ. Their phone is: (973) 664-0865. You can see them on the web at www.ehrdogs.org/ The trappers are strictly volunteers, people like you and me BUT have been trained and are very experienced in trapping lost dogs. They have never missed catching a lost dog. They never asked us for money. Their time spent (I can't even count the hours) was free to us. There were three of them working with us. The one who coordinated the entire effort, lives in Stillwater. You can find her on Facebook -- Jeanette Sinisgalli Campbell. The one who was with us night and day lives in Long Valley but would prefer to remain anonymous. The third is a young man who lives in Mount Olive. Alex has future aspirations to go to school to become a veterinarian. Both of these people trained under Jeanette, their mentor. These people are strictly volunteers. They are paid in the pride of a job well done and the joy of reuniting lost dogs with their owners.


Jeanette's direct link to her FB page for request to help !

Trevor- I do feel better knowing they were actually trying to help.

Hopefully the folks AJMS referenced can be of help. Anything I or others can do please let us know. I drove around the area a bit the other day looking with binoculars but thought that may raise some eyebrows near the college.

We have a Chi as well and I can't imagine what you and your family are going though.

Jeanette has been a trusted guide through the process. We were out last night running around hackettstown together. There are some truly remarkable people out there. Her and Alex at 11th hour have been amazing

Trevor Trevor
Jan '19

This absolutely breaks my heart :( I am praying Trevor that you find your Baxter. ❤ I know personally what you are going through and how much it hurts :(

Jacqui Jacqui
Jan '19

+1Jacqui. My heart is broken having a chihuahua myself i can’t even think about it. Unfortunately I have to work today but my husband heading down shortly. Keep the faith hopefully he is found today before the storm. I will be praying for Baxter to be found today!

Wiggles Wiggles
Jan '19

I saw an update on FB that there was a sighting near Brazilian BBQ a few days ago, but I don't know where that is. Praying for you to find him today.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Jan '19

I don't usually drive thru that neighborhood but rerouted that way just to look for Baxter yesterday. I drove past the western side of the neighborhood (saw a poster so I guess it was the right area) and past the west side of the college. I really hoped I would get lucky. I will keep my eyes peeled for Baxter.
A missing pet is heartbreaking.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jan '19

OMG that's where the old Pump House was......Lonesome Dove was it a credible ID? That seems so far for a little pup like Baxter.

littlelu littlelu
Jan '19

Littlelu, the FB post I saw was an Update to original post by Jeanette Sinisgalli Campbell. It seemed credible. But, of course, that widens the search area considerably. If we keep posting wherever we can, get the news out about Baxter, maybe someone who has seen him will respond.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Jan '19

To the owners- are there any nicknames you called Baxter or any special sounds he might run to? Like shaking dog food bag?

JuicyB JuicyB
Jan '19

Def. Lonesome Dove....

littlelu littlelu
Jan '19

terrific that I was somewhat able to help...Jeanette is incredible!
Is there some way we can pinpoint where he was sighted exactly? and maybe you can call the owner of the old Pump House location and leave some of your clothes (for scent) out somewhere? Maybe scent ID will bring him home!
Maybe we can all take turns, etc. with looking for him :) at least leaving some food out may help- I have some Cans of wet dog food if you need some donated let me know :)

It was actually Churascaria (rodizio & Brazilian BBQ)

We had multiple reports come in and I was down there earlier today. One of the residents in the blue bungalows near the river has a small chihuahua. The color does not match. The one I saw was black with a white chest but the size was right. Evidently that dog has a tendency to go up towards the road where the sightings occurred.

Both sightings said the chihuahua they saw was tan/white but nobody on site said they’d seen a dog in the area.

The search(saga) continues on....

Trevor Trevor
Jan '19


I'm praying for you that you find Baxter. So the 11th Hour Rescue who located/found/trapped the black Sheppard last year were contacted and they are helping you?

Keep putting out those flyers w/ Baxter's picture on it all over town, by the College and by that restaurant. People need to see there is a lost dog and what he looks like, and your phone number.

Best of luck: Saying many prayers for you.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jan '19

Baxter is not my dog, I just saw the post on Facebook and wanted to share as quickly as possible. My heart breaks for his family, I pray daily for his safe return home. I believe Trevor on this post is Baxter’s family.

Jan '19

Hi, Trevor,
I actually just got home from the Churascaria restaurant you had mentioned he was sighted at. I walked around and saw that there was indeed some amount of small dog footprints located behind a large yellow steel storage unit located at the far end of the parking lot furthest from the rest.'s main front entrance (if you are facing the front entrance to this yellow steel unit the prints were found and located on the left -side of that unit towards the woods that are locatedon that same side- The prints were actually visible on a old -wooden board, located about halfway down on that side- I left a few cheese Milk -Bone treats, just in case he was there and was hungry. I hope I did the right thing- I just didn't want to sit there and do nothing towards it. Did he have a collar on? I wondered if so.

I hope the tracks are his, and they were definitely small dog footprints the size a chih might have made. Hopefully they are his.
Please keep us updated- again, leave some of your clothes there and perhaps a bed in the woods and his food, bowl, etc. Perhaps he will remain there until you can sight him.
Your scent will keep him there, if so.

Also, has anyone reported this to WRNJ?

Can't stop thinking about this poor baby out there in this brutal weather. Praying daily for him. Any recent news.

marjon marjon
Jan '19

There was a Facebook post offering a reward.

Jeanne D.
Jan '19

I've been following this, as I do all lost dog posts and after work have driven in the area slowly trying to spot him. This is brutally cold weather and with very little surface area he'd likely be holed up and not out on the street right now unless he's enticed with a flavorful smell of food, especially a smelly snack like Pupparoni, etc. or scents his owners' smell.

Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the cold doesn't allow scenting as much or as easily as warmer air. While that will dampen surrounding smells, bringing a new pungent smell into the area may help, like opening a fresh box or pack of smelly treats in the area. It may pull Baxter out from wherever he may be "hunkered down", that is, unless a kindly person has picked him up and given him shelter, but not looked towards here to see who he could belong to.

Did you contact the University to see if they could post to students about him? Lots of eyes and ears right in the neighborhood! Best of luck and I hope it turns out great for Baxter and his family!

Phil D. Phil D.
Jan '19

Any updates? Sure hope Pup was found and in their excitement, they forgot to inform everyone.

Indy Neighbor
January 23rd

Unfortunately there is nothing new to report.

We thought maybe the $500 reward would help but it’s been radio silence.

I would keep an eye out for college students with a pup in the purse or bag, they might not think twice.

hktownie hktownie
January 24th

I’m not sure if this helps but I saw a tan small dog running the steeet near the grass by the movies near Allen Road. I turned my car around and looked , but no luck.

Hackettstonlifer Hackettstonlifer
January 24th

When was that? How small are you talking? He’s a tiny little guy.

Really tiny and really fast. it was about 6:30pm. I went looking and no luck... I’m not sure if this is your dog because it was at night and it ran across the street but I wanted to try to help! Best of luck and I’ll look more, I can’t imagine how devastating...

January 25th

God bless, good luck, Trevor xxoo
Praying for his return for you.

Any news about Baxter?

Any news about Baxter? -

His family has requested - on Nextdoor I believe - that we no longer post about this pup. They have sadly accepted that he is gone.

Tell the family NOT TO GIVE UP!!! We are Ashley's owners (the tortie cat who knocked out the screen in the window and got out). If anyone recalls, it took us over 9 months to get her back and we never gave up. I searched the area non-stop everyday and finally received a phone call they have Ashley. It took over 9 months but we got her back. So don't give up!!!

Bucky Huts Bucky Huts
February 18th

I agree with the not giving up. We have had several instances where animals were reunited months and months later.

Calico696 Calico696
February 18th

I don't know who the people are - they had the thread taken down on nextdoor. They are doing what they feel is right for their family I assume. Sad

There is nothing to report. No sightings, or additional information.

We didn’t post the thread on nextdoor, and we didn’t ask to have it removed. We certainly haven’t given up, there’s just nothing to say.

Strange - sorry on all counts, Trevor

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