Powerhouse Gym

Any updates as to when this Gym that’s supposed to be replacing Flex Fitness in the Panther Valley Mall will be opening? Who will be the owners? I can’t seem to find a FB page or any info.

Tiger mommy
1 week ago

I just got an email from them which I read quickly -- but I believe it said they are almost finished with the floors. Then the equipment can come in. God knows when -- the whole thing is taking forever.

happiest girl
1 week ago

happiest girl-do you know if the owners will be the same as Flex? Hoping that the name change means new owners...

Tiger mommy
1 week ago

They are the same owners

Stopped in again and saw the owners...its gonna be awesome!

Oh its the same owners i wouldnt go if it wasnt! Tried all the other gyms and they are the best and most helpful. My whole family trains with them.

Seems to be taking an extremely long time to renovate .

They had a problem with the contractor, took their money to finish another job!

Any news pn reopening?

Must be a special gym...

I could hear Owners gossip loudly about other members pretty much every time I went, and the place was fairly empty. Wasn’t welcoming. Glad my membership ended.

Tiger mommy
1 day ago

Momof6 - the next time you are in touch with the owners you may want to let them know about this thread so they possibly could come on here and post information about their gym.

The longer this project takes and the less information is out there for the pubilic, the more potential customers will choose other options.

1 day ago

They are waiting till they have a hard date from the contractor. As far as hearing them gossip not sure what your talking about they are the most family friendly gym ive ever gone to and are over the top helpful.

Momof6 Momof6
1 day ago

They posted today that they are shooting for an early Feb opening. I would say they should post pictures of progress or something. If they are really two weeks away then I would think it would look almost done at this point.

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