Powerhouse Gym

Any updates as to when this Gym that’s supposed to be replacing Flex Fitness in the Panther Valley Mall will be opening? Who will be the owners? I can’t seem to find a FB page or any info.

Tiger mommy
January 11th

I just got an email from them which I read quickly -- but I believe it said they are almost finished with the floors. Then the equipment can come in. God knows when -- the whole thing is taking forever.

happiest girl
January 11th

happiest girl-do you know if the owners will be the same as Flex? Hoping that the name change means new owners...

Tiger mommy
January 11th

They are the same owners

Stopped in again and saw the owners...its gonna be awesome!

Oh its the same owners i wouldnt go if it wasnt! Tried all the other gyms and they are the best and most helpful. My whole family trains with them.

Seems to be taking an extremely long time to renovate .

They had a problem with the contractor, took their money to finish another job!

Any news pn reopening?

Must be a special gym...

I could hear Owners gossip loudly about other members pretty much every time I went, and the place was fairly empty. Wasn’t welcoming. Glad my membership ended.

Tiger mommy
January 22nd

Momof6 - the next time you are in touch with the owners you may want to let them know about this thread so they possibly could come on here and post information about their gym.

The longer this project takes and the less information is out there for the pubilic, the more potential customers will choose other options.

They are waiting till they have a hard date from the contractor. As far as hearing them gossip not sure what your talking about they are the most family friendly gym ive ever gone to and are over the top helpful.

They posted today that they are shooting for an early Feb opening. I would say they should post pictures of progress or something. If they are really two weeks away then I would think it would look almost done at this point.

Stopped in today and there were people assembling all the new equipment and bringing cardio equipment in. Looks beautiful! They said as soon as everything is in an assembled they will be opening, looking like the middle of next week.

glad to hear Momof6 - I drive by regularly and very rarely have I seen contractor vans or trucks - so I've wondered............need my "old lady" classes

Will the same owners be running Powerhouse? I was a member there for over 10 years and left about 3 years ago, convenience was great, but wasn’t a fan of the facility, dirty and everything was falling apart, really a shame. I was paying 62 per month, I joined crunch and I pay $10, total difference! If it’s different ownership, who know how to manage a gym, I may return.

As far as the comments, I heard stuff at times, but paid no mind.

Don't know why you were charged $62, my husband went there until they closed for renovations and he paid $42.

happiest girl
3 weeks ago

Same ownership. Obviously they didn't manage the renovation too well - who closes a business down for 6 months?

I used to be a member but left due to it being dirty & having old & broken machines that were never fixed. I joined Gold's & pay less.

I heard the renovations are fantastic so hopefully they keep up the cleanliness & maintenance. Wonder how much more they will charge for a membership.

Well most of their former customers have been going elsewhere for months. If their price is not competitive they won't get them back. And forget about new customers if they are priced above other places in town.

happiest girl
3 weeks ago

According to fb, $40 a month and no membership fee-

I don’t think the prices were consistent in the past. Liz owned it when I joined and it was pricey. Then the guy bought it, can’t remember his name,and it went down hill. The manager running that place needs an overhaul on how to manage a gym properly. Sad because they don’t have much competition. I have to say, Crunch is a gem, been there a few years and classes are awesome and for the price and gym, you can’t beat it.

Flex was OK for what it was, IMO. They were quite senior-friendly also, which was of some benefit to my mother who is in her late 80's.

I never found the place to be dirty, though a machine or two had some issues from time to time.

Since they closed, I joined-up with Fitness Empire in Blairstown and have no plans to quit. Their prices are competitive, and I love the windows ....because TV hurts my brain, though they have them also.

Just hope they won't start auto ACH'ing my bank account again when they re-open.

It's been fun and I wish them well, though!

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
3 weeks ago

Yes gladly it is the same owners. When the previous owner Elizabeth owned it it was insanely expensive ($62+). The new owners brought in all the new equipment downstairs when they changed the name to Flex. As far as dirty thats ridiculous they are one of the cleanest gyms around Golds is DIRTY!!! If your a current member and dont want to be charged you should email them. They are actually cheaper than the other local gyms $40 a month no enrollment fee and no contracts (unlike Golds) anyway i stop in all the time to see them and its 100% not their fault what happened with the renovations. Do you think they wanted to be closed this long??? Their money was given to the contractor and he disappered and it turned into a legal battle but the place looks amazing and definetly destroys the competition. Wait tiill you see the equipment! The owner let my son try the stuff that was assembled and its amazing.

Any idea of an opening date? It has been a very long time to be closed down. Hopefully they keep up with the maintenance.

Hi everyone I am in current contact with the owners. The gym has no set date to open however today should be the last day for renovations then all that is left is the signs. It should be open next week. However I am told every Monday that it will be opening by the owner himself and it never does and there is always something going wrong.

What the owner(s) should have done was order the sign a while back so that people know that a new gym is opening soon & encourage new members to sign up. He should put a line in the sand & pick a date in early March & then stick to it.

Doesn't sound like it's managed too well.

Luca, how could it be?

First off its not their fault, do you seriously think they want to be closed??? They cant pick a date they cant hold a gun to the contractors head and force them to work faster. I was in there again today and the owner was there from 6:00am and is still there. I love how its always "what they should have done is" do you own a business? If so it must be untouchable! They have zero control of this. But feel free to stop in and bestow your business knowledge upon them!!!

It doesn’t really take a lot of business knowledge to know you should not pay a contractor in full up front before the work is done. And ordering a sign before a project is complete, so it is on hand and ready when needed isn’t particularly difficult either. They’ve been closed nearly six months. It may not all their fault, but they do have a little control over this.

Momof6 are you an owner of the gym? You seem very worked up over others opinions on this place if it isn't positive. As for me I went when it was flex and did not enjoy it at all, maybe I'll give it a chance again at some point in the future if I'm back in the area and hear management improved.

Chris B
3 weeks ago

No im not an owner just a friend. They went through hell with these renovations. I can safely say it is now by far the nicest gym in the area.

Chris B.. I think you are right.

Momof6, you are too transparent! Really? just come on here as the owner and say what you need to say. Don't think people are as dumb as all that. It's insulting.

Again just a good friend of the owner and manager that is just trying to make it clear that they are doing everytyhing they can to open ASAP.

When its a good friend of your you do, they have helped me, my husband an children out very much. My husband owns a small business and its really sad when people make assumptions and try to tell people what they "should have done" when they dont know the circumstances.


They have been doing a good job communicating to their members on Facebook and letting them know the reason for the delay. Seems like the ones playing monday morning QB aren't even members and just complaining about something that doesn't affect them just for the sake of complaining.

Yup - it has taken a very long time - and I'm absolutely beyond ready for it to reopen - love my 11am "mature" women classes....................soon please -- soon

Yes the gym was an absolute mess and the management was the worst in the industry. I have traveled all over the East and West coast going to many different gyms and flex was the worst gym I have ever been to. The management was non existent and the front desk never had employees. I used to see guests walk in and look around for the owners and after 20 minutes they finally left. I hope the new gym will be better managed or else it will just turn into a dump. I have been inside the new gym and it is beautiful but 6 months is ridiculous. The contractor should never have been paid in the first place until the job was done. I have been told that the gym will be open on Sunday but lets be honest they have been saying that for months so who knows. I am informing these uneducated men and women about what truly is going on.

I’ve been attending Flex since i was just starting highschool and Brian and Diane have been nothing but helpful to me everyone there is willing to talk about anything if you’re a beginner or if you need advice about anything.I stopped in today and saw the new equipment and I’m beyond impressed and can’t wait for the renovations to be finished

Chris Bramley
3 weeks ago

They are going to open on Sunday right, so everything is going to be alright man...

I've seen some pictures and drove by a few times, the gym seems AMAZING and well worth the wait

Got this by email today from Powerhouse Gym:
Hey everyone!

So finally, we are within days of opening our doors.

We will be here 11 am to 7 pm every day (probably longer) while the equipment guys finish up and we are putting the finishing touches on things.

We would love it if you came in to say hi! We miss you all and want you to take a look around and check out the new equipment, updates to locker rooms and our new look.

See you soon!

Same bozos running the place. No way would I go back as long as they're running the show.

Aren't they ripping the name off of someone else?


No samim - they are part of the Powerhouse Gym family now..............I'm very happy to be back at my "old lady" classes - and it looks like most of the gang is back as well............
--oops - I mean "mature"

4catmom 4catmom
7 days ago

Sounds like the saga is over and resolved! Are prices posted, contracts, etc. (they don't seem to be on the company site yet)?

See their fb page - $40 a month plus tax...no contract but two month notice if quitting..........

4catmom 4catmom
7 days ago

$42 a month including tax - 2 month notice if quitting - no contract- see their facebook page

4catmom 4catmom
7 days ago

You are NO old lady 4catmom...

I hope I have half the energy and youthful appearance as you when I reach your age.

Positive Positive
7 days ago

I've overheard owner make sexist/rude comments about women in classes while out on machines. Wouldn't give him my $.

Shadows Shadows
1 day ago

+1 Shadows...I've had my own bad experience with the owner.

HLamusesme HLamusesme
1 day ago

Thanks Positive......

4catmom 4catmom
1 day ago

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