Route 80 E accident exit 19

Route 80 east bound. What’s probably a major accident based on the amount of police, fire and ambulance response. Just past exit 19. Complete standstill right now. Take alternate route.

Gzellf Gzellf
Jan '19

As of 1:57pm, there's an Accident with Injuries on I-80 eastbound East of Allamuchy Rest Area in Byram Twp. 2 right lanes closed 5 minute delay.

There are now two accidents between 19 and Byram. Traffic backed up for miles

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Jan '19

Two major reasons. A fatal accident at 22 east and a genius in a Camry thought it was a good idea to jump the median for a U-turn and got stuck. Then the tow truck broke down trying to remove it.

1 seriously injured following accident on I-80 in Mt. Olive

On my way home today on 80 West, just before the Rockaway mall exit, there was a single car completely engulfed in flames. Police were just arriving on the scene as we passed.

Not a great day to be on Route 80.

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Jan '19

Where that blue Camry was stuck I watched a guy k turn on 80 go west bound in east bound lane and make a left onto off ramp. Crazy people.

Jan '19

Wow, that's a shame. He was quite a ways from home too because Meadville is from the far Western side of PA. Makes you wonder how that can happen, but then again, people have rear-ended trucks parked on the shoulder on Rt. 80 coming down the hill into Parsippany before. Not only that, but back in October someone in a Jeep rear-ended a tractor-trailer on Rt. 80 in the Mt. Arlington area. The Jeep burst into flames, resulting in his death. People are either driving while distracted or have a lack of spatial awareness - probably distractions and relying on their peripheral vision. The problem is that your peripheral vision is limited in its abilities and may get someone, including yourself killed. Please be aware out there. Driving should be your primary task!

If you check the WRNJ link, it looks as though he may have been trying to help out the Civic. While it was unoccupied, it's facing the wrong way, either because of the accident or he may have been trying to give it a jump (?). Apparently, someone ran off the road into his truck, which then hit him. It's still under investigation, but obviously you have to go to more than one source to find "more correct" details:

The NJ Herald's take on it was this:

It looks as though WRNJ had the most accurate coverage this time.

Rest in Peace Mr. DiRaimo.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jan '19

Eastbound at 28 left and center lanes closed. Someone fled a motor vehicle stop and crashed in the construction zone. According to radio reports they had been traveling in excess of 122MPH.

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