Auto Repair across from QC on Mountain Ave

This may be a repeat, if so I apologize in advance.
My wife keeps hearing commercials on WRNJ about the place on Mountain Ave across from the QC. The commercial says they work on all makes.
Does anyone have any experience with them? Do they do a good job? Are they timely or take forever?
We currently use a shop around the corner from our house, but he has been getting slower in repairing as he is by himself. He says he can't find help.

Thanks in advance.

Irishresq Irishresq
Jan '19

That was formally Interstate. They are now called Route 46 Hyundai Car Care Express. I'm not sure of their work. It's the same phone number from the past, perhaps it is still the same people just now affiliated with Hyundai. Interstate had a hit or miss reputation. I have only ever had alignments completed there after I installed any component that required a realignment. I was always satisfied with the result.

I would consider Valley Auto on Main street for all of your repair needs. They are tops in the area. Of course if you ask 10 people you will get 10 other responses! LOL.

And- here come the suggestions.

On The Move Auto- right behind the old Leo's Lunch on Main Street- there is a reason he has been there for years- quality work.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Jan '19

Go to Dimension Auto Repair shop 108 East Ave.

i'd love to use valley auto, but its so hard to get seen quickly.

i liked interstate. the current car care is an extension of the dealership on 46. you can get seen quickly and get out quickly. so far, no issues.

ken e
Jan '19

Try Tynans Service Center. I highly recommend them

Kozimor's in Vienna always does quality work, and for really good prices. They have really good mechanics on staff.

GreyHawk GreyHawk
Jan '19

New owners and new management. I have taken my car there to be worked on under both old and new management. Haven’t had any issues either time. I make my appointment, park my car in the lot, leave the keys in the drop box and pick up after work unless extensive work needs to be done.

RoadKingRider RoadKingRider
Jan '19

I was pleasantly surprised with the work and customer service at Route 46 Hyundai Car Care Express. I have a Chevy and their work was outstanding. They were the only place available to do the work and have my vehicle ready at the end of the day.

I think I spoke with Chris. Would use again!

d's 4
Jan '19

Valley has been good to me. They are very busy, but work hard to get the job done. Good to know there are other great places to choose from in the area as well.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jan '19

I have had a terrible experience with interstate auto repair. I wouldn't take a kiddie car to them. I used them a few times and was ALWAYS stung. First time . I had no heat coming home from Dorney Park. Made appointment took my car in. They installed thermostat. Didn't need heat in the car for 4-5 days. On our way to Washington DC I turned on the heat and got nothing. When I returned I again stopped in and let them know I still had no heat. They asked me to leave it and I could picked it up later. When I picked it up later they told me there was a valve that had to be replaced so the heater core could work. Said it was fine. Tried car before leaving the lot. Guess what. STILL NO HEAT. Now it is the heater core. Gonna cost 800 dollars to fix. Went to a friends to see if he could help. HE hooked a garden hose to the valve going to the heater core and guess what I HAVE HEAT. Turns out the valve was never replaced. Cost me 250.00 for a thermostat and valve and a garden hose of warter. I was a single mother working fo 6:00 per hour. After that I learned a lot about auto repairs. If I can't fix I go to Kozmores in great meadows.

Jan '19

As a percentage of your income that is a lot of money to lose on an improper repair with no positive outcome.
Sorry to hear this happened to you. Glad to hear you learned about auto repair.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Jan '19

Yup, as the Rhyme Animal said here are the suggestion's :)

Roy at Dimension, Ray at HMI, Mike at On the Move are all fantastic, as is Ted and his brother at Valley. I know them all personally and if you want your car diagnosed by a pro, take your car to any one of them, they will give you a quote up front, and repair the car right the first time. I do not know much about Kozimor, but I have not heard negative feedback about him.
Do yourself a favor and stay away from the chain repair franchises, all of the above mechanics will take a lot of stress away from the process of getting your vehicle repaired.

We are pretty lucky in this town. There are at least three very highly reputable shops to choose from. Where I grew up, we had to drive two towns over for a mechanic that wouldn’t blatantly rip you off.

Jan '19

We love this place and the guys there. Chris at the counter and Carlos in the shop. They have become our go to repair center. They do work on all makes and models. They just did a bunch of work on our Elantra and our Durango and everything is great. Fast service and good prices. I hate to let the cat out of the bag on this place, now I'll never get in

Geeey Geeey
Jan '19

Not sure about Ray from HMI. I think he'd rather rent a car then fix a car. Brought a VW to him a few years back because of a check engine light. Had the car for over 24 hours. Billed me $450 to look at it. I was told it could be anything and would need to leave it longer so he could spend more time. When asked why I was being billed $450 for nothing, he said isn't my time worth something? Needless to say I didn't pay him and never went back. He's a crook and probably a terrible mechanic.

Go see Alex at DTA in budd lake he's honest and great if you have a german car, although he'll work on anything.

I have taken my car & my wife's to Hackettstown Motor Imports For a number of years. I have found them to do excellent work & and repairs were fairly priced.
If you get 5 oil changes the next one is free, I only paid $10 to replace 2 bulbs.

Hughc Hughc
Jan '19

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