Doctor without insurance

At the moment I do not have health insurance. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where i can go for an appointment where they either have reasonable prices or will do a payment plan. Thanks!

You might want to look into getting a Care Credit card.

Calico696 Calico696
December 31st

Go to Urgent care. They will let you do a payment plan after you get billed.

Can always go to the emergency room if it is bad..... They cannot turn you away.

Hi, Dr, Leslie Feigin in Denville NJ takes customers without insurance.
He charges about only $65-70 for an office visit.

Address: 56 Diamond Spring Rd, Denville, NJ 07834

Phone: (973) 625-1000

Check out his ratings- have been going to him all my life.

Get Charity Care at the Hackettstown Hospital possibly, if you don't make a lot of money or don't work.

Hackresident Hackresident
December 31st

Years ago I went to Dr. Feigin because I lived in the general area. He was a good Dr. and a nice person.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
December 31st

If it's not an urgent issue there is a clinic in Morristown that charges on a sliding scale. I don't have the contact info but will try to find it! Best wishes

Zufall health center operates on a sliding scale depending on income. They offer medical and dental services. There's one in hackettstown in doctor's park, one in morristown and one in Dover.

Thecatsmeow Thecatsmeow
December 31st

Er can't turn you away, but they can also bill you a Lot$$$$!
Better off going to Urgent care. Budd lake one is good.

Older Mom Older Mom
January 1st

Just a reminder that NJ now requires health insurance, or the state imposes a 2.5% or $695 penalty :(

For some people with low incomes, it's cheaper to not have health insurance and be have a penalty of $695.00!

Hackresident Hackresident
January 1st

Call and ask any doctor. They usually discount for self-pay patients. They actually make more money on that than what insurance pays them.

Yes I'm aware maja. I don't work fulltime at the moment and can't afford the Obamacare. The prices for that started at about 300 per month.

Working 3 part time jobs here. No health insurance since I was a child. I occasionally go to the Urgent Care and they have decent prices. I have a Prescription Savings Plan. It helps. Trump got rid of the Individual Mandate, but Murphy brought it back to NJ. So the rest of the US pays no penalty for not having insurance, but now I do again. Thanks Murphy. Not. Employer offers insurance but it is WAY too expensive

Melissa was the $300 quote after any subsidy???
Our insurance is less than $75/month thru the exchanges,
If you are low income you also might qualify for free or low cost insurance thru NJFAMILYCARE

link for income qualifications

January 1st

if the cost of insurance (either from an employer or the market) is higher than a certain percentage of your income then it is considered unaffordable and you are exempt from the penalty. I'm not sure what the percentage is now. I didn't have insurance a couple years ago and never got a penalty because the market fell into the unaffordable category and my employer didn't offer any.

Thecatsmeow Thecatsmeow
January 2nd

And should any of you without insurance require emergency hospital care, it will be paid for how? thank you tax payers.

All of you suggesting that people go to the hospital -it's free - no, it is not you will pay for them.

Only if they do not have the ability to pay at all. And you are right, it is only about stabilizing emergency care. After that, you are on your own.
It's not a good choice as long term it can get very expensive to use an ER when an office or urgent care would work just fine.
It's sad how many don't have access or the ability to have basic healthcare in the USA.

dodgeball dodgeball
January 2nd

That statement that Affordable Health Care Act coverages begin at $300 is absolutely incorrect.
Either you have not checked the options or you have some other motive.

It's so sad that Obamacare is no longer in place. Was it perfect? No but allowed people who needed Medical Care to get the care that they need. It allowed people with cancer to have treatment without losing their home because they could not afford other bills because they had to pay for healthcare. I wish Trump would have kept it until something else better came into place but he did not. Obamacare was not perfect and had to have some things worked out but it was better to be put in place then not to have it anymore and people cannot afford Healthcare. It is very sad that one of the greatest countries in the world has a horrible Healthcare System compared to other countries. No one should go without Healthcare. Obama Care needs to be in place or something to that equivalent

“It's so sad that Obamacare is no longer in place.”

Not sure what you mean here. AFAIK its still available. The mandate requirement is in flux, but the system remains.

justintime justintime
January 2nd

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is still in place.

Calico696 Calico696
January 2nd

The federal mandate is gone...but our beloved governor screwed..err fixed the issue with a separate nj mandate

I would say call doctors office and ask how much would they charge you if you are paying cash.

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
January 4th

Hackettstown is a Community Hospital like most in the US whether it's in the name or not. They treat on a sliding scale and you can fill in the form with one of the workers at their cubicle. If you have no money or below a certain amount you'll pay nothing. I'd guess that in these cases the hospital has a social worker or someone that signs you up for Medicaid.Then you show card and pay nothing for services and lab etc

"I wish Trump would have kept it until something else better came into place but he did not."

ObamaCare may be in place, but Trump has attacked more than just the individual mandate to the point that one saying ObamaCare is not in place would be also correct.

He has hit it hard enough that insurers and customers both are leaving the system. With less customers and less providers, there is less competition.

Until Trump, ObamaCare had NOT lowered our insurance prices but had lowered the yearly ncrease, sometimes to zero, in a 10% or more inflation rate healthcare world. Now, prices under Trump are rising and rather than try to solve the problem, our petulant President is doing whatever he can to SABOTAGE ObamaCare, why, only a shrink can tell you.

+1 HELP Either fix it or replace it, but don't make it worse, Mr. Trump.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 8th

Nerd - Hackettstown Medical Center is definitely not a community hospital right now, it's a part of Atlantic Health System. It means that ALL service rates, contracts with providers, billing/invoicing is done under Atlantic Health System. The hospital has the same tax ID and all payments go to Atlantic Health System. From my own experience, even before it became a part of Atlantic Health, it was the hospital with most billing issues and it was unwilling to offer payment plans and giving sliding rates to uninsured or under-insured patients. I should admit that we never had issues with medical services and care at Hackettstown hospital, they were always excellent but billing, invoice submission and insurance payments processing was always a headache.

Someone mentioned above that they were unsure, but as of tax time 2017 I was told that if ACA prices were more than 8% of your income you were not penalized. The rate for my son was 13% so I did not have to pay anything, phew!

Lori...Since '73 Lori...Since '73
January 8th

Doctors Park is where the farm workers go and the prices are very good. Plus they give you meds.

One-eyed Poacher One-eyed Poacher
January 9th

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