Song cover worth sharing

I thought this was very well done.

Great production, from the singing to the facial expressions-

This is great too -

I like this one.
Nina Gordon covering NWA
Straight Outta Compton --

Well, as long as she's not singing Baby It's Cold Outside :)

maja2 maja2
Dec '18

So I played telephone line for my wife- and apparently she has never heard that song, nor of ELO.

Given the lack of response I suppose nobody here has either.

How about Space Oddity live?

I'm having soo much fun with this guy.

Under Pressure-

i knew of the members of ELO before they were ELO, and yeah, youngsters around here may not have heard of the song 'telephone line'

anyways, i like this one from the clown guy:

he sings well, quite expressively, and enunciates clearly and i felt the lyric as he sang, so that makes him a good vocalist, anyone who can evoke an emotional reaction like that is doing it right. and that's what good singing is, communicating emotion

nice find josh, i just may have to reevaluate the creepy clown thing i got fixated in my head

GreyHawk GreyHawk
Dec '18

Red Hot Chili Peppers do cover songs so well. Not just a copy of the original. They make the covers their own. I will post two of my favorites with their version and then the original. and of course I will start with a Ramones cover since they are the greatest rock band ever.
Havana Affair - RHCP
THE Ramones -

a Hank Williams cover RHCP -
Hank -

Best cover of Simon/Garfunkel - Disturbed - Sound of Silence and its not even close.
Can 466 million people be wrong - nope.

and Weezer covering Africa from Toto is spot on.

my personal favorite - Bobby McGee written by Chris Kristofferson made famous by Janice Joplin but Pink nailed it to the wall.

Some of my favorite covers by Leo Moracchioli

Dec '18


How about Toto covering Weezer.

Fun stuff.

Dec '18

I'm not familiar with the aptly named band Disturbed. A good angry version of Sounds Of Silence. I will assume anger is their MO. ( could be wrong though)

A latino/reggae version of THE Ramones song I Wanna Be Sedated

I'll stick to the Puddles version - no autotune, no BS, just pure talent and voice.

sweetass chill strip down version of the JJ Cale/Lynyrd Skynyrd song They Call Me the Breeze
Brent Cobb --

***bonus cover track***

“War Pigs” covered by Faith No More:

YeahRight YeahRight
Dec '18

“Cinnamon Girl” covered by Type-O Negative:

YeahRight YeahRight
Dec '18

I like this one by Maxi Priest, other faves are I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff and, of course, UB40 is the King of Covers ...

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Dec '18

Back in 1972, this one by Blue Haze was my favorite cover, and I'm old enough to remember the original by The Platters …

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Dec '18

Not Fade Away --by-- Rush

real early in their HOF career
Tom Waits

Indie Indie
Dec '18

I like Fountains of Wayne's cover of Better Things more than the Kinks' original version. Which is saying something, because I think the original is pretty darned good.

Monty Monty
Dec '18

So many of the popular Christmas tunes are covers … surprised this one hasn't been banned (I know, that's another thread) … this one is scandalous, the FBI and MSNBC (don't mess with Rachel Madow) are all over it … they have corroborating evidence :-D

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Dec '18

I've always though Cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane is wayyyy better than the original from Velvet underground.

eperot eperot
Dec '18

My vote goes to Elvis Presley as the King Of Covers.

1987 Buster Poindexter is Hot Hot Hot

but it's a cover song
1982 Arrow - - - Hot Hot Hot

I love ELO! Spent the entire summer when I was 12 listening to ELO and Meatloaf :-D

Young people not only won't know the song, some won't know what a telephone line is.. or what that sound is in the song.

hktownie hktownie
Dec '18

A decade ago this spring, an unemployed, dowdy 47-year-old woman walked on to a stage and proclaimed she wished to be a famous singer in front of a live audience of thousands, with millions more watching from their homes.

There are so many lessons which can be derived from what she did. Had she given up on her childhood dream at any moment before she got to this day in mid-life, she would not have accomplished her dream. She sang before an audience of people who sat in harsh judgement of her... until the moment she belted out the first line of her song. A fine symbolism to remind us that when we are sitting on our hands in life and focusing all our attentions on judging others, we aren't fulfilling any of our own dreams, or expressing the talents we are meant to share with the world.

It's a joke of cosmic levels, I feel, that she sings a song about life crushing childhood dreams, and in singing this very song, her own most cherished lifelong dream then came true.

Is there anyone on Earth who can't find some measure of inspiration from Susan Boyle?

Rebecka Rebecka
Feb '19

cool reggae version of Metallica Unforgiven
Alborosie ft. Raging Fyah

Speaking of reggae covers of rock songs... Check out Dub Side of the Moon. It’s an oldie but goodie take on Dark Side of the Moon and other Pink Floyd songs.

YeahRight YeahRight
April 19th

also Dubber Side Of the Moon
remixes of Dub

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