Fresh corn masa - where to get it?

So I've been on a homemade corn tortilla kick. Started making my own about a year or two ago and cannot eat store bough anymore.

I went from using standard masa harina (Maseca) to now using a combination of canned hominy (pureed in food processor) and masa harina. I want to try making it with fresh masa now (but don't want to make and ground my own nixtamal.)

Fruitimex doesn't have it. The cashier suggested a store in Dover might have it. So, rather than just walking up and down the street looking for a store, anyone know of a place that sells it?

emaxxman emaxxman
December 8th

Give the Latino American Grocery store a call on Essex Street (973)537-7211 or Bravo Supermarket on Blackwell Street (973) 607-1980

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
December 8th

Thank you. Will give them a try.

emaxxman emaxxman
December 8th

There is a new Spanish store in Washington Boro- try them. If coming from Hackettstown it is on the right side before Washington Kid Care.

That's on the way home from work. I'll check them out. Thank you.

emaxxman emaxxman
December 9th

emaxxman so agree that homemade are much better! And they don't stick to the roof of your mouth. I've been making flour tortillas at home, haven't tried corn yet.

Would love your (current) recipe if you're willing to share.

I would love the recipe too ---- and also yours, hktownie, for the flour tortillas.

happiest girl
December 10th

Just add the water in slowly until you get a wet mix that's not sticky. If it sticks, just add more masa harina a tablespoon at a time.

I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe for flour tortillas- they are so good!
I started out using a rolling pin but eventually got a tortilla press since my family kept asking for them.

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Re: Fresh corn masa - where to get it?
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