Children’s library

I saw a petition on fb about the children’s library. Was hoping for some more info before signing it. Is it still closed? What remediation is in place? And any other important/relevant info I should know.

FAnne05 FAnne05
Dec '18

I just read the petition

Yes the children room is still closed and as it is getting clean they are not allowed to remove anything from there Including books until it is safe. But all the kids classes and reading time are still happening just in a different section of the library. The older kids have room to go after school.

She wants a temporary entire children’s section to be setup while the downstairs is getting cleaned. But there is no room for that. And the town is not going to spend money buying new books and computers for a temporary inconvenience. The downstairs is being cleaned and will open soon. No need for this petition

Jim L Jim L
Dec '18

Are the books moldy?...might be cheaper to buy new books than to clean them

Dec '18

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