Pearl Harbor Day

Lets not forget the brave men and women that lost their lives on that day!"It is a day that will live in infamy forever"

Dec '18

It has *almost* been relegated to the dustbin of history at this point. I wonder, if you asked today's teenagers, if they would even know what happened on Pearl Harbor Day.

I doubt it.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Dec '18

They should know- everyone should understand what the impact of that day meant for the US and the rest of the world. I fear that horrific day will succumb to revisionist history as well. Nothing and I mean nothing surprises me any longer.

The remembrance ceremony today at Pearl Harbor marks the first time there will not be any survivors from the USS Arizona in attendance. While some are still alive they are well into their 90's and unable to make the long trip to Hawaii. The Greatest Generation is leaving us rapidly.

You have to take 2 years of US History in HS. If kids don't know about it then that is disturbing.

Metsman Metsman
Dec '18

If you don't think what is being taught in schools is changing, both from the classroom and textbooks- regardless of what country you live in- then you need to pay more attention.

Example reference this-

Despite our modern times where we should be more educated from more availability- if anything we are more manipulated.

Followed by the news we are fed-

Worth following up with this- which actually discusses Pearl Harbor specifically.

This guy is great. He is the Alton Brown of- well, everything not food related.

Off topic but here is his awesome vid about 4k TV-

Ohhh- and guns,

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