Water and ice running down Route 46 into town

This has been happening for over a week now, and is especially bad today. Is someone running their laundry machine into the street, or is there a water main break? When it was warmer it mostly stayed along the shoulder . It's starting to ice into the lanes.

Older Mom Older Mom
December 6th

I noticed this last night, and was wondering the same thing. Someone is draining something onto the road.

December 6th

With all the rain we had this is run off coming off Buck Hill. The water is not soaking in since the ground is so wet and just coming down the hill on to the road.

Agree with John C. We have the same issue on Drakestown between Naughright and 46. It's just gravity draining all the runoff.

I don't think it's coming from Buck Hill. We've lived here for many decades, and have never ever seen this water/ice issue occur on 46 for days and days on end.

Older Mom Older Mom
December 6th

You haven't seen as much rain in this area in a long time. I've been on the mountain recently and the water is just pouring down since it can't seem in.. 1 - 2 inches of rain each week adds up.

This area has experienced the 10th wettest year on record. We have had a lot of rain!

This particular source is bubbling up out of the ground, though.

It definitely seems to be groundwater due to a year of above average precipitation. There are areas on my road (have lived here for about 30 years) that I do not remember seeing daily ice accumulation on - consistent with water/mountainside drainage and ground seeping.

Water main leak?

December 6th

I live where it starts. I have called and the state is trying to figure it out. Yes it is run off from the mountain. It is destroying my driveway as well.
I'm going to town council meeting on the 11th to complain.
Their lucky no one has gotten hurt yet.

Wendy cirinelli Wendy cirinelli
December 6th

I live on Drakestowns and it’s been horrible in the past but not bad lately.... a few years back it destroyed out driveway, lawn and walkway. Thousands of dollars we had to spent to fix it!!!

A new storm drain on the corner of Roosevelt and 46 would help the highway.

Wendy, what is your complaint to the town - that the excess ground water is causing damage to your driveway, or that the water/ice on the road is a hazard?

No regrets
December 6th

Complaining to the town that there has been too much rain seems like a futile course of action. But good luck.

Agust, that's exactly what I was getting at. The town is not responsible for naturally occurring drainage conditions on private property, unless the town is diverting water onto someone's property. The town is also not responsible for potentially hazardous conditions on a state highway.

If the road conditions are Wendy's concern, then I would suggest approaching the town and asking for their assistance in reaching out to NJ DOT. But I don't think it appropriate to "complain" to the town for something that is not their fault.

No regrets
December 6th

No I'm not complaining at meeting because of rain. It's to come up with a storm drain on the road between our houses where it is leaking into the road..
The state has been there all day looking at it and walking up the mountain.
Its dangerous for all.
Not just my driveway.
I'm going to complain about town vs.state to plow our 5 houses on old Vienna they dont plow.
Neither says it's there job.
Well that's ridiculous.

Wendy Cirinelli Wendy Cirinelli
December 6th

Wendy that is ridiculous. It is clearly the town's responsibility.

I thought the town line was at Roosevelt. Old Vienna would be in Independence right?

Looking at a town map, it looks like the town line is actually the old canal bed which would mean Roosevelt is outside of the town limits.

But I’m not sure, the folks living there would know...


justintime justintime
December 6th

I believe Wendy has been talking about Independence as the town meeting she spoke of attending on the 11th is the Independence Township committee meeting date.

Believe it or not Old Vienna is a County Road not town nor state. My son lives on Old Vienna so I know it's a county road.

Just an input to the thread......have seen quite a few households running pvc drainage pipes towards street/woods along 46 and where I reside......not entirely aware of the legalities with this or what's being discharged but think it should looked into further for obvious reasons.

I've noticed there is a similar situation on Russling Road as well. Just saying, so it probably is runoff due to the heavy rains we had recently. The areas have been salted.

I dont think she's talking about them not plowing Old Vienna. The last five houses fronting on OV look like they have access via a common drive/alley that runs behind the homes. It's probably that road that everyone is denying jurisdiction for. My guess is that it's not the State or County. If it's not the Township's responsibility, it's because its designated as a private road... although the tax maps don't identify it as such.

Bottle it and sell it.
Buck Hill Spring Water.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
December 7th

So I I am on a private road then I can put up a toll booth for all that drive on the wrong side of the road and make it a danger. Lol
I can't believe people come down Rosevelt and drive on the wrong side.
I'm waiting for a bad accident .
By the way,
The drain pipe in neibors yard isn't hooked up . Landlord got reprimanded years ago
Happy holidays everyone, be safe on 46 and the ice mess...

Wendy Cirinelli Wendy Cirinelli
December 7th

And the road they deny is the remaining homes after the stop sign. 5 houses going to rosevelt.
We are old vienna.
This is a joke when it snows

Wendy Cirinelli Wendy Cirinelli
December 7th

Regarding washing machine runoff, top loaders can use 26 to 37 gallons of water per load. I hope the inspectors who were there checked the houses.
Might want to take a look at newer owners/ tenants, who have older washing machines.
Brakes don't work on ice.
It's really bad in front of the apartments.
Somebody is going to slide out of their driveway right into traffic.

Older Mom Older Mom
December 7th

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