*MISSING 15 yr old* - FOUND/safe

HACKETTSTOWNPD: Missing Person: Mylene Clark,15,H/F,4'08,115LBS,BK Hair, BR Eyes & Nike Sneakers.


Cherry367 Cherry367
December 6th

Hoping that she is found safe soon.

Calico696 Calico696
December 6th

Re: *MISSING 15 yr old* - FOUND/safe

Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Katherine Ramirez Katherine Ramirez
December 6th

"Last seen at 4:30 AM". It does not say where. What was she doing up at 4:30 AM? Was she out? Did her parents check on her in bed? Not much info to go on here. Wishing her a safe return hoping she just ran away for a little while and nothing worse.

JB400. It says last seen at her residence in fifth st.

It says she was last seen IN HER RESIDENCE............at 430am..........she is an amazing girl from a wonderful home........praying for her safe return......

How do you find out if they are having a volunteer search? I hate to call her mom with everything she must be going through........perhaps the police???

littlelu littlelu
December 6th

Dear Saint Anthony please come around Marlene is lost and cannot be found. Thank you for all who are praying

December 6th

Praying for the Clark family. Hoping Mylene is found soon.

Well said littlelu. If you find out anything let me know.


All the action is down here at the end of Grand.

Should be down by High Street thats where 5th street is. 5th Ave is off of Grand Ave.

Number Aves are off grand AVE
Number Steets are off High STREET.
I leave for work around 4:45am. I didnt see anyone walking during my travels to 80 on High St this monring

littlelu, my apologies. I was certainly not insinuating anything here with asking where she was seen. The first pice of info I read just said she was seen at 4:30 AM. My point was simply that where she was seen changes the whole story and what the community should be on the lookout for. The last missing person it was made pretty clear that he most likely ran away and we should all look in certain locations, etc. I am praying for the safe return here and would also be interested in any community search of any sort that might help.

I have about 15 vehicles and loads of EMS and police in the small parking lot just before the underpass......

Sounds like they are checking the tracks. Holding NJ Transit trains in the area.

yes, police activity has been on Grand by train tracks

JB400 it's ok, I am just a mess.........I'm friends with mom and drove this girl and her sister to school for years.........they're like my own and my gut is aching.

Here is the wrnj update.


littlelu littlelu
December 6th

littlelu I am sorry. I cannot imagine what you are feeling now. Anything we as a community can do please post it here. Paying for her safe return and all that know her

Is it possible she took an earlier train out of Hackettstown? Does she have people she knows in NY or any stops in between? Any friends at school she may have contacted or spoken to?

Hoping she returns home safely soon.

Nellejoy Nellejoy
December 6th

Ok so is this a run away, a person who left with someone the family doesnt agree with and is not in danger or do they think she was kidnapped or forced to leave against her will?
MISSING is a general term.

"Radio reports indicated that there was contact with the missing female via cellphone; however, it was unclear as to where she is located."
"Police are urging residents to check their properties including any outside buildings and sheds."

So this does sounds like a runaway to me. I take this as good news because we can assume she is safe. No judgement here, just get her home to her family safe.

Hey families have arguements the unfortunate thing is people go to drastic measures to get their point across.

Crowd on Grand thinning a bit. Track patrol still on going.

From the scanner sounds like she’s been found.

YeahRight YeahRight
December 6th

Could Jada be useful? I'm sure everything is being done that can be. Hope she is home safe soon.

Paula Holmes Paula Holmes
December 6th

If this is a runaway - This is the 2nd time in 3-4 months this has happened. I'm thinking we need to have more interactions with kids to let them know there is a safe-haven for them, when they feel scared, hurt, or whatever feeling they may have.

Kids don't always want to go to someone in their immediate household when something is wrong..

December 6th

Yep just heard,located

Good news

PHEW..........glad it was ONLY a runaway maybe. We may never know the whole story. But safe is good by me. I can rest well tonight in the knowledge that the town I live in is still small and safe for my family.

God bless us everyone!

Thank god! Bottom line is she's safe!!!!

littlelu littlelu
December 6th

Glad to hear she was found.

Calico696 Calico696
December 6th

So glad they found her

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
December 6th

Our church prayer chain had Mylene on it this morning and we have all been praying so hard. God is Good. Mylene is found!!! That is all we need to know....

This is the second runaway in months for hackettstown. Where are the guidance counselors in our schools? We need to support our kids more. Yes it the parents job but the schools should provide support as well esp after two runaways. Its a cry for help. They need to know who they can talk to for support.

Youfriend Youfriend
December 6th

Yourfriend, it is mainly the parents responsibility, not the schools! The schools do have well certified guidance counselors and avenues for assistance do exist, but, raising the "child" is really a parental responsibility! The schools are to educate primarily. These last 2 "runaways" are quite different in age, so I dont.think there's a parallel or trend setting in.

December 6th

Youfriend, actually, the guidance offices at all of the schools do a great job of making parents aware of situations they otherwise would not know about. They are a valuable resource that I am very thankful for, but ultimately the care and well-being of my offspring is on me. Oh and kids (of all ages) are very good at hiding things from their parents, even if it is nothing you and I would consider a 'biggie', it might be something that weighs heavily on a childs' mind.

And as the saying goes 'it takes a village' and to say Hackettstown and it's denizens really are a great village that comes through each and every time we have a crisis.

Very thankful that everyone pulls together and lends a hand --- it truly is a blessing that you really don't find just anywhere.

Trekster3~ Trekster3~
December 7th

I didn't see where it was reported as a runaway.

Can anyone show me where it said "runaway"????? Please speculation is pointless, except for hurting the family.......please if you have any compasion don't specutlate on what happened and focus on the fact the child is home safe.

littlelu littlelu
December 7th

It never said runway but one can gather that that is what it was. If it were something else i am sure we would have been notified of any danger or if there was a medical reason for the person MISSING. Since you are close to the situation your feeling maybe be heighten more then others. Your not going to stop the curiosity of others ever.

So let's call it what it is instead of pussy footing around. We are worried to much about feelings and the perception of others. If you need help ask for it. Be truthful with yourself. People make more out of what you wear, your car and things like that then an actual problem you may have. There is more acceptance for family issues now more then ever before.

“Your not going to stop the curiosity of others ever.”

Nor the accompanying speculation that is nearly always wrong...

justintime justintime
December 7th

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