Does anyone know where I can fill my co2 tank for my kegerator?

Joe man Joe man
Dec '18

I exchange mine at Praxair in Dover, cheapest I found around and you get a certified tank, so no worries about having to pay for re-certification or your tank.

Darrin Darrin
Dec '18

GTS-Welco in Dover

(973) 366-5501

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Dec '18

Lodi Welding in town will swap out empty tanks for full ones

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Dec '18

Paintball Depot in Newton. Cheapest fill I have come across. Also the tackle shop on 31 in Washington, across from the bowling alley.

Englishe30 Englishe30
Dec '18

I think my husband went to that Praxair place the last time for his beer thing too. No complaints.

Tracy Tracy
Dec '18

Lodi Welding refills my 5 pound beer co2 tank. On Monday’s it’s $20!

Jimmy25 Jimmy25
Mar '19

More importantly, whatcha tapping?

Mar '19

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