Early Morning Uber/Lyft Rides

Hi All -
My company requires me to take either a uber or lyft to the airport. Has anyone had any experience getting either a Uber or Lyft early in the morning (5am)

Need A Ride
Dec '18

It is very difficult in our area to find an Uber or Lyft at that time. My company requires the same and unfortunately I've had to find other means because the availability just isn't there.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
Dec '18

I drive for Lyft on the weekends sometimes in the Morristown area but live in Hackettstown. I do commute to Short Hills on my regular job during the week so I can probably help you both. email me the particulars and maybe I can help some of you here

Chuck Chuck
Dec '18

In my experience it is really hard, better off going to a town like Morristown and grabbing one from there, or getting an actual driver. I would suggest one morning, just turning on the app, kind of like a test. See how many drivers are available at that time, then make the call.

Dec '18

Aren't some of the taxi companies cheaper than Uber with their fixed rates to and from the airport? Why would the company require you to use the more expensive service?

Dec '18

An Uber or Lyft would be more expensive and more annoying than just driving yourself and parking in long term... with no one on the roads at that time you’ll get to EWR in <1hr and save a lot of aggravation over trying to find a ride...

Dec '18

We tried once and when the Uber driver pulled up she quickly stated she couldn’t take us to the the NY airport we had booked but could take us to Newark as if our tickets could just be changed for her convenience!! When we said no, she jumped in that car so fast and took off, we didn’t know what to do.... so I wanted to make a complaint to Uber and little did I know that the driver can quickly erase their info from your phone so we had no idea who the hell she was and we were left in a big lurch!! I don’t know why the hell she accepted the ride when it clearly stated where we needed to go! So we just arrange car service any more.

My company encourages us to use Lyft or Uber instead of parking at the airport. It's ultimately cheaper for me to drive and park at the airport (or off-site) for the short trips I take.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
Dec '18

Need a lift to any tri state airport contact me and get a very fair rate.

I can help with early Uber/Lyft trips and live local to Hackettstown

Uber/Lyft For You Uber/Lyft For You
Dec '18

Nj, NJ Uber drivers can't pickup in NY so they would have to drive back to NJ before picking anyone up. Based upon this issue for NJ drivers in NY, do not expect any NJ Uber or Lyft driver to take you to NY.

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