Counterfeit bills circulating?

if there has been an increase in bad bills in town lately? Got a ten dollar bill today, was one of the colored bills, so not too old. But, it turns brown on the pen check so it was bad. Seems to be a trend this week.

I have not heard that but I assume if you cal the Hackettstown police they could inform you of any other incidents of counterfeit currency found recently.

What is the pen check?

hktownie hktownie
December 5th

Yes! I received a counterfeit $10 bill a couple weeks ago. I have no idea where I got it from, however.

lifeistooshort lifeistooshort
December 5th

The pen check uses a special pen, when you color on the bill it will turn brown if it is fake.

Jesse132 Jesse132
December 5th

Thanks for the heads up. So weird. You never expect to have to worry about that.

"What is the pen check?"

what you would use to pay for the pen in the old days.

Fake $20s going thru local stores too.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
December 5th

Apparently brown is the color of the solution, but even in those cases the strip wasn't visible in the bills. It's a Counterfeit dectecting pen. fakes turn blue or black.

I've gotten $10s, $20s, and $100s that won't go through the system. In most cases the vertical strip was missing.

Where I work the bank told us that brown is due to the mixture of the yellow ink pen and the ink on the bill. If it's black is when you need to worry.

We're not allowed to use the pen. They say its not effective. They have the criminals on camera, but I doubt very much they will return. Cant be that stupid, can they??

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
December 7th

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