Any Dedicated Store for Fitness Equipment?

I am starting to look for a recumbent Stationary Bike.. Are there any stores around that sell ,deliver and set up? I had a total knee replacement and am still recovering. I have used one at physical therapy and it actually made my knee feel better, without causing back pain. I hate to spend a lot on one, but I want something safe,with programs on a screen.
I need to have my other knee done, and have lost a lot of weight. I don't want to join a gym because most things would be too much on my knees and back.

Needs Advice Needs Advice
Dec '18

Any fitness equipment is going to have a substantial difference in price new vs something like Craig's list- where often items can be found in like new, if dusty, condition for pennies on the dollar.

I would advise a quality rower over a bike- as it is a much better exercise movement.

Personally I like the waterrower over a fan based unit. It is quiet, smooth, looks good, sounds good, works great, and stores upright against the wall easily if desired so takes much less floor space than a clunky bike.

"Any fitness equipment is going to have a substantial difference in price new vs something like Craig's list- where often items can be found in like new, if dusty, condition for pennies on the dollar."

So true. There are three things that you should never buy new. Exercise equipment, pool tables and pianos. I say this all the time. They are things that people buy and seldom use that take up a bunch of space. I bought my current treadmill off Craig's List for $120 five years ago.

Calico696 Calico696
Dec '18

Landice is located in Randolph NJ, they make fantastic equipment. Take a look at their website: They make a great recumbent stationary bike, fully featured with programs. I highly recommend them.

MetsFan MetsFan
Dec '18

Contact a local gym and ask if they are planning on selling any they are replacing

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Dec '18

A rower is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment but for knee issues the bike would be better. Some input:

"Exercise bike or rowing machine when you have knee or back problems?

The stationary bike puts little strain on the back and therefore presents no problems for the back. In addition, the exercise bike makes it possible to work the knees very gently when pedalling with moderate resistance and is thus suitable for both prevention and rehabilitation after knee surgery. It is an ideal fitness machine for rehabilitation because it does not cause any knocks to the joints.

The rowing machine is very demanding for the back. In a sense, it strengthens the back, but on the other hand, for people who already have back pain or not a good posture, the intensive use of the rowing machine may increase the pain. In addition, the rowing machine forces you to bend the knees completely, which is generally contraindicated for people with knee problems.

The exercise bike is therefore more suitable for the elderly and people with back or knee problems than the rowing machine (see our article about the exercise bike against back problems)."

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Dec '18

Why don't you just join a gym. #1 its cheaper, #2 you will meet new people, #3 you can end up having a healthier lifestyle if you keep it up. They say, when you own the equipment, people rarely even use it.

Dec '18

On the edge- wherever you quoted that from someone sounds to have a bias.

You can row as easy you want, bend as far as you want- both for the back and knee. Also- an unexecised back is a weak failure prone back.

Study’s show the rower is MUCH better for fitness as it moves arms, shoulders, back, abs, legs. The force is up to you- but simply moving is better than not moving.

A stationary bike for most people is barely better than lying on the floor and moving your feet in circles. They might as well just walk up and down their stairs repeatedly - it would be free and actually require effort. ;)

Definitely buy a used one.

Really??? Really???
Dec '18

Total gym is the equipment to get.
Have had for 15 + years, bought my 2nd one 2 years ago off of c'list…

steven steven
Dec '18

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