Vintage Turn Table Repair

My Grandson loves vinyl records. He has an older Turntable. The sound is beginning to fluctuate. Maybe a belt, don't know.

Does anyone know anyone, somewhat locally, who does these kind of repairs?

Thank you.

Mom with kids Mom with kids
Dec '18

Probably an easy DIY fix- but we would need more info on the exact model, etc..

I agree with Josh on this.

While it is possible that the platter or platter covering may have become warped from heat, humidity, etc. over time, it's usually more likely that the belt has become stretched, warped or misaligned. It's also possible that the drive wheel has become warped, cracked or had some other malady occur.

If you G. search the make, model and symptom(s), quite often you'll come upon a web forum or two (or 20, lol) that gives the most likely culprits for that particular model, as many don't have exactly the same idiosyncrasies of wear and tear. Some people have the old repair booklets and others may be available online.

New belts are sometimes available through places like MCM (now a part of Newark Electronics) and replacement may be fairly easy. Of course it is possible that the motor control circuit may be having issues too, but often the drive belt will be a problem first. Depending on when it was made, there may be a circuit diagram and or parts list on the bottom of the turntable or inside the body of it, but that depends once again on the type of player it is.

If you list more info and maybe a picture, maybe someone here can be of more help. I have a few turntables of various ages, but would most likely have to repair them myself should they have an issue with use.

Phil D. Phil D.
Dec '18

The post is old, but previously on HL:

Sound Effects in Hackettstown may be able to help

I gave my brother in law a very high end vintage Sony turn table. It needed a tune up as certain better quality turn tables are sensitive and require a thorough cleaning due to age. The lubricants dry out and get sticky wreaking havoc at times.

He used a place in Maplewood as recommended by several others that enjoy the same hobby of vinyl records. Below is a link to the shop. You could also search for DJ equipment repair. Lots of places come up.

Mom with kids.....I sent you an email.

Quiet one Quiet one
Dec '18

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