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Hello All,

I am really thinking of going to Hulu live TV, really getting tired of Comcast TV, especially paying for it....

Just wanted some feedback from any of you that have Hulu, pros- cons etc..

I think the only channel I would really miss is New 12, mostly because they have a great weather report (in my opinion).

Can I ask your feedback ?

Thank you

If you're talking about the New Jersey channel , I believe it is on the free www. website . I have it and all it's 18 free channels on my Roku Express and they work fine as live channels with no recording or rewind features . I'm leaning towards youtube tv myself . If only they would add NFL Network and the Redzone channel as pay extra channels .

News 12 has an app . I use fire sticks and the app is available. Not sure on other platforms. I went with directv now rather the. Hulu or other options due to local sports options. I pay 50 a month with Hbo. The same options with regulart directv was costing me 120 and now I can stream on any device and anywhere I want.

Hulu was terrible. We use Play Station Vue using either Firestick or Roku.

Same as PS. Playstation Vue and Firestick.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

Is it not included in the locals for your zip? I get all the local and State channels on Hulu - I’m surprised

what is the differene between fire stick vs. roku ?

As far as I know youtube tv is not available on firestick , due to a conflict between amazon and google .There is some kind of work around using firefox , but most want to buy what they want and not have to be some kind of amatuer hacker to make an app work .

Youtube is not a hack on firstick it still comes up looking like an app but behind the scenes it launches it using a browser. My 5 year old can access it with ease so any adult should be just fine.
Playstation vue dis not have MSG that is why i went with Directv now.

Youtube TV the pay streaming service or just plain youtube ? I'm sorry not sure which one you mean . I only consider Youtube TV as a viable streaming service because as a Mets fan it is the only one that has SNY . Doesn't look like Youtube TV has MSG either . So convenient how they split these sport packages up isn't it ? Collusion at it's streaming best . The next step is offering the app you want with an additional monthly charge and a more costly fees for cable internet . I've noticed how these streaming sites change their offerings . It's gonna cost one way or the other .

Directv now has all the locals for sport, msg, sny, yes.

We're using Sling TV right now and it's okay, but I'm probably getting rid of it after football season is over. They don't have CBS and you have to pay extra for ABC. You can't pause or rewind live TV either. Lots of weird rules when it comes to the DVR. I like that they offer red zone though.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
1 week ago

Another +1 for Playstation Vue

Parent of 2 Parent of 2
1 week ago

Hulu has packages you can add (including local and regional news and sports) for a few extra $ a month. Some more information at

My Hulu subscription has grown on me, they have a lot of the premium cable shows and even classic favorites like Seinfeld and Cheers.

The trouble is that you still need WiFi which Comcast charge between $85-$100
We are pricing WiFi also.

Bluebird Bluebird
1 week ago

Bluebird, I'm curious to know what Comcast quoted you for internet only. Our current internet would cost $120 then plus $40 for DirectNow and then we're not saving too much. It's so frustrating the monolpoly Comcast has over these services.

Communist cast is charging 120 a month now for just internet !!!! Is that with or without phone service ? With or without their internet modem or with one that you bought ? Five and a half years ago I had high speed internet and full HD TV service (with all pay tv channels) with two DVRs for $140 per month - no phone service . Now they charge 120 a month for just internet ? Even now triple play(cable/phone/internet) is $220 with one HD DVR and all premium channels except Epix . I long for the days of the early 90s when I paid Storer Cable 36 bucks a month for cable with HBO , another 10 bucks for phone service , and the internet was something Al Gore hadn't invented yet !

And 3 times(the last 3 times ) watching shows on Amazon Prime I've had to switch to standard def resolution when the info box appeared when the streaming stopped . So how fast can Communistcast internet be ? Why would anyone upgrade to a 4K set if the streaming speed can't keep up to 720/1080p ? I suppose they will charge even more for THAT !

My Comcast Internet (no other services) is $93 a month for 200 speed and often stream 3 devices at the same time with no lag, all HD. Never an issue with my connection.

1 week ago

Playstation Vue with Roku on one TV and Chromecast on the other.

FireTV and Firestick using SlingTV. While SlingTV isn't perfect, my wife and I have no complaints. We have added on a few different packages so we get more "channels" to watch. We do pay separately for CBS Access because it is not included in Sling packages unfortunately. There are also more unconventional, not-entirely-legal ways of watching TV through streaming but that can be quite involved so as to protect yourself.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
1 week ago

I moved to town in October and set up with Comcast/Xfinity. I'm a cordcutter and only need internet access, but I was able to get it MUCH cheaper by adding their lowest tier of cable. As soon as the installer left, I disconnected the set top box and put it in our storage closet.

Of course I'm a new customer (left my beloved FiOS behind in Maplewood), and I'm sure my price will increase when it comes time for me to re-up, but I'm also sure I'll still get the best deal by keeping the live TV even though I don't use it.

As far as Hulu is concerned, I don't have Hulu Live, but I do have Hulu streaming (non-commercial tier), and I get HBO and discounted Showtime thru Hulu. During hockey season I add Fubo for the MSG channels. Devils hockey is the only live TV we ever watch. (And so far this season the Devils are making me regret it.) Along with Netflix and Amazon Prime --both of which I was already paying for before we cut the cord-- we never miss anything we want to see, and we save about $100/month ($60/mo during hockey season) off of what we were paying for FiOS.

I cut mine down to only Wyfi and plugged in a Roku.
Best price Roku is in CVS. Only $29.99
Plenty of free movies (I have Amazon Prime too), TV, News and Sports.
I cut my bill by over $100. per month.

FrugelMomma FrugelMomma
1 week ago

Cmon guys, OTA channels are free. Connect your coaxial cable directly to your tv, go to settings and scan for channels. Yes you will get News12 for free as well. This should be common knowledge

"Cmon guys, OTA channels are free. Connect your coaxial cable directly to your tv, go to settings and scan for channels. Yes you will get News12 for free as well. This should be common knowledge."

This is straying further and further from the original topic, but I personally have no interest at all in OTA channels. With the exception of NHL hockey and a handful of extremely important news events (9-11, hurricane Sandy, etc.), I haven't watched a live TV show since I bought my first TiVo in September of '99. One of the great things about cutting the cord is that my AppleTV effectively turns the whole internet into a TiVo for me.

Siap unless that cable is connected to an antenna it will not do anything

For Directv Now what package do you need to get SNY and MSG?

To get MSG on DirecTV Now, you have to buy at least their second tier, which they call the "Just RIght" package. When I was looking into it in October, it was $55/month.

“ unless that cable is connected to an antenna it will not do anything”

That’s not true. Try it. I get ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, etc etc etc just by scanning

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