Gift ideas for the foodies in your life

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!

Kitchen Aid stand mixer with all attachments.

Ninja Foodie pressure cooker/crisper.

Food Saver vacuum sealer (to save money spend on gadgets).

DannyC DannyC
Dec '18

Air Fryer or Insta Pot Pressure Cooker

Paula Holmes Paula Holmes
Dec '18

I'm getting my hubby a kitchen torch. We have a sous vide so the torch will be nice for searing the meat afterwards instead of pansearing or broiling.

jrsemom jrsemom
Dec '18

The vacuum sealers don't make much sense to me today. Years back that was a good thing for long term freezing. Ever since zip loc, I don't see the need. I had one of those I bought at a yard sale and then found it wasn't much use.

For me gadgets I like are eTekCity Infrared Thermometer. Braun stick blender for instant mayo or aioli. I haven't seen it yet but I heard on Friday night about a great egg cooker. It uses a water bath like poaching but it makes a hard boiled egg. The key is you crack the egg and cook it in the container so you have something you don't to shell.

Our new and favorite thing is an Instant Pot - 6 can make ANYTHING in it including hard boiled eggs that peel perfectly. It's a combo of slow cooker, pressure cooker and more..............and there are sales all over the place................Lots of recipes on youtube among other places

4catmom 4catmom
Dec '18

If I didn't already have a crock pot, one of the Instant Pots would absolutely be on my list.

It reminds me that one thing I really recommend is the Farberware 3 in 1 crock. Since I make many things for only one or two servings, a crock with three separate small ones instead of one large one comes in very very handy. I can take one piece of meat, split it up, and get a variety of dishes instead of one whole thing. Using it right now with that Shoprite top round special. Polish pot roast, beef burgeon, and Jamaican beef all at once. Second beef slice will be split between BBQ beef, Thai coconut milk beef, and beef mango curry.

My 2 cents....I love the vacuum sealer. Even if you put meat directly into the freezer from the grocery, you still get the ice and some freezer burn. I seal all meats and it's like just purchased when it's thawed. I make a new bag and poke some holes in the package from the grocery, then vacuum seal it and ALL air and moisture is removed. We have frozen fruit and soups, too. Just buy the rolls so you can make your own bags--much cheaper and convenient. It's one of my favorite gadgets.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
Dec '18

A gift certificate for a restaurant!!
What foodie doesn't want to eat out?

happiest girl
Dec '18

One thing I'd reccomend everyone who cooks at home is good knives...I've so many times been horrified by the condition of knives I've seen in people's homes. Expensive, sure(though not outrageous)...worth it, absolutely.I was never one much for immersion blender, food processor, and a blender was about all that's needed for various tasks. Never was crazy about sous vide either, a steak can be done just as well in cast iron, over wood fire, or under a broiler. Liquid nitrogen is neat to work with, but not exactly practical for at home use. A smoker can bring a whole new element to someone's at home repertoire.

Local chef
Dec '18 let's you order "world-famous" foods like Junior's Cheesecakes from Brooklyn, Carnegie Deli Sandwiches, Gus' Pickles (not original--owners stole & patented name), Carlo's Bakery, Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream, Sweet Lady Jane, Laduree (Paris), & lots more. You pay lot in shipping but what do u expect, product perishable, fresh & delicate. Gift Cards & there are frequent specials in products & shipping.

NotForNuttin' NotForNuttin'
Dec '18

Another vote for the air fryer! We use it for everything!

Mel81 Mel81
Dec '18

Can’t do without a garlic crusher. No need to peel the cloves, insert and squeeze. I bought it from Pampered Chef years ago. It’s nothing fancy, but a Godsend for garlic lovers.

Positive Positive
Dec '18

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