Dr. Lappin

Just read that Dr. Lappin is closing his practice. Does anyone know what happened? Have been a patient for about 30 years. As a matter of fact, I was due for an annual eye exam this month. Is there a chance of getting our exam files?
I dread looking for a replacement doctor.

USAfirst USAfirst
December 1st

I saw a statement some time ago that said he just retired. I believe he had been in practice almost 50 years. If you call Retina Associates they should be able to get you your records with an issue.

I guess we're supposed to just sign up with RA, strange that there wasn't a notice, a "thanks for the memories...." Mary retired last year, Maryellen has retired with the merger, just strange that there's no communication.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 2nd

Here is the practice that now occupies Dr. Lappin's former office. They are an incredibly nice and skilled group of doctors. I credit Dr. Lalin for saving my wife's vision and have been a patient for 10 years.


I saw Dr. Lappin about 2 weeks ago for an eye exam. He merged his practice with Retina and Eye Specialists previously know as Retina Specialists of NJ (Dr. Sean Lalin's practice).
So unless something changed since I saw him, he is still practicing. Appointments are made through the Morristown office. I have to make a f/u appointment so I will let you all know!

BG -- they may be the best DRs but communication is not their forte. Why didn't Lappin reach out and ease our way into the future.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 2nd

Rudy, my husband was there on November 15th and he could hear the staff rescheduling his appointments as he was no longer there.

Facts are: From the mouth of the good Dr. Lappin who took care of my eyes for about 30 years, "his practice was sold with all equipment to Dr. Lalin, and Dr. Lappin became an employee. He went into his office on a Monday morning about 2 weeks ago, and his employment was terminated." He was in practice for 52 years. He did not retire of his own accord. Last week I received a message from Retina Eye Specialists telling me that my next appointment was rescheduled with someone else because Dr. Lappin is no longer with the practice. By the way, I had Cataract Surgery performed by Dr. Lalin in his Morristown facility, and it turned out well. I like Dr. Lalin, and he is excellent in his discipline, but I don't like the way I understand this was handled.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
December 2nd

Let's face it, Lappin is an "interesting' fellow and any marriage like this merger could have pitfalls stemming from one side, the other, or both. Of course, I side with Lappin.

I would just love to have his referral as to sticking or moving on to another Lappin recommendation.

Based on the communications from RA, I am prone to investigate further before blindly singing up to someone who fired my guy and then went into blackout.

I just hope Lappin got all his "antique" lenses and the cases, they are so cool.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 2nd

So strange.... I was there November 12 after 5 PM. I even asked him if he was thinking of retiring and he said he had no plans of it.

According to one of the posts along with another the timeline of him being terminated would have been that morning. He spoke to me about coming back to him shortly to check on the new contacts he was ordering for me.

I will have to call tomorrow to schedule and see what they tell me.

If his position was terminated........not a nice thing to do. Would be really sorry to hear that all this is true. :-(

On Hackettstown Patch under Hackettstown Neighbor posts there is a message from Beth Lappin explaining what happened. Sorry I can’t post a link to it

Quiet one Quiet one
December 2nd

here's the patch posting:

To My Patients And Friends In THE HACKETTSTOWN AREA
By Beth Lappin, Patch Poster - November 16, 2018 7:45 pm ET
This post was contributed by a community member.

My service with Dr. Sean Lalin and Retina Specialists has been unexpectedly terminated.

I'm sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to you all in person.

It's been 46 wonderful years of caring for my patients and our community. My health remains good and I look forward to seeing you all around town.

With my thanks,

Dr. Harold Lappin


GreyHawk GreyHawk
December 2nd

Here is the link Quiet one.


Calico696 Calico696
December 2nd

I would definitely never recommend Dr. Lalin. He performed surgery on my retina and permanently ruined my eyesight. I had several surgeries after I saw him with a doctor in NYC who thankfully stabilized my eye. But my clear eyesight will never be restored.

Dr. Lalin never gave straight answers when I asked him many questions about the procedure that he was performing on me or the aftercare post surgery. I also got a terrible case of pinkeye from the office (and I only know that it was from the office because of several people in the waiting room with pinkeye). I do not believe that they are extremely sanitary in their practice and this is just in my opinion since I saw how clean and careful my retinal specialist is now.

The experience with Dr. Lalin’s office overall did not seem right in my gut. And now hearing of the way he handled the merge with Dr. Lappin makes me dislike him even more.

@Mrs. Pipes: You are absolutely correct. Dr. Lappin has announced his retirement but it was not of his choice to do that right now and especially under those circumstances as per his Patch Announcement after the fact..

And your current retinal specialist is now???

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 2nd

OK so now the question is, who do I trust with my eye exam? Any recommendations?

USAfirst USAfirst
December 2nd

I think this the way Atlantic Healthcare (and that would be morristown.) takes care of its facilities and employees. They just don't care. All of the services at the former HCH are not what they were. Cut costs, who cares, it's Hackettstown. The ER is awful, radiology the same. The president is in Newton...If it's bad fly them to momma Morristown.. The Corp takes over a practice and put theur new cheaper people in charge. Sounds kind of like teaching....

I went in for an emergency appointment and saw one of the other doctors, since Dr. Lappin wasn't in. They didn't give any impression that he wasn't going to be with the practice. In fact, I assumed he still owned the practice and just got an additional group to use his office. Then, when I went back for my followup, all his plaques and stuff were off the walls. The doctor I saw, Dr. Kanengiser, is very nice, but it was a bad decision to end their relationship with Dr. Lappin like this.

If Dr. Lappin or his family read this, I just want to say thank you for all the years. I've gone to him since I was a kid and hope to see him and his family around town.

Nikki Silverstein in Chester has an extraordinary reputation. However I overheard 2 people saying she will be retiring soon. Anyone know if this is true or not? I was thinking of going to her but not if she is retiring.

happiest girl
December 2nd

RE Nikki Silverstein - my friend tried her and she was test happy and wanted him to come back far too often.
Though someone else did my cataracts, I now recommend Dr. Jeffrey Liegner in Sparta and Dr. Lee - optometrist in his office. Dr. Liegner recently did a friend's cataracts - with lenses that fix near, far, and astigmatism - yes pricy for them but worth it....Dr. Lee did a thorough exam on me and immediately found the cause of a problem I've been having. Dr. Liegner will correct it next week.

I switched to Dr. Chase several years ago. He performed both of my cataract surgeries. I have no complaints, and find him much more pleasant than Dr. Lappin was.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
December 2nd

I had appointment w/ Dr. Lappin in early July - everything had been switched to Retina specialists at that point. Marybeth had retired by then...only Cheryl was still there - only face I recognized after 18 years going there. The day I was there 2 secretaries from Morristown had shown up and were having issues with who was going to sit at the front desk - what?
Lappin gave me a trial pair of contacts and when I called to order had to "deal" with Jim (optometrist - sp?) who was not very through with ordering or securing the contacts "process". So....not sure if I stick w/ Retina specialists or ?

Both of us deal with Dr Pinke from Succasunna Optical.

He did our cataract operations and is wonderful.

I have heard that Dr Silverstein is test happy and does a lot of unnecessary procedures.

My wife and I will be looking for a new eye Doctor as we will not go to Retina Associates. The way they treated Dr Lappin speaks volumes about how they treat people and we want nothing to do with them.

Any suggestions on where else to go for eye care in Hackettstown?

He's really old. So appears he is now retiring. God bless.

Older Mom Older Mom
December 2nd

Now he gets to collect unemployment?

Dr. Chase has been very punctual and professional.

David A White David A White
December 3rd

I'm a former patient of Dr Lappin, but we switched to Advanced Eye Care in Ledgewood about 12 years ago and really like them. They are not retina specialists, but great for regular exams. Very friendly, very clean and amazing with contact lenses.


For our eyeglasses, we always go to Manhire.. No one can make glasses better then he does!

hktownie hktownie
December 3rd

Manhire also has an eye doctor at their business.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
December 3rd

They squeezed him out just like his wife Beth! Gone is the family atmosphere that existed there!

December 3rd

I am very happy with Dr. Chase.

I highly recommend Dr. Julia Berry in Byram, right in the Byram plaza.

colleen26 colleen26
December 3rd

Wow, I didn't know that he was still practicing. He was my eye doctor when I was a kid, and even at that age liked going him. I'm glad that he had a nice long practice, but sorry to hear that he was pushed out like that.

Where is Dr. Chase and is he an ophthalmologist?

USAfirst USAfirst
December 5th

Dr. Chase is Hastings square.

David A White David A White
December 5th

Vision Associates of Hackettstown.
Right next to Sonnys pizza on 517
Nothing but Amazing I won't go any where else.
Even helped me get my rebates.

Wishing Dr. Lappin a good retirement.He was always good to my family as patients during his practice. Dr. Lappin was always nice to see around town.Happy Retirement!

I was a patient of Dr. Lappin also, Have switched to Vision Associates and am very very happy with the care. I went to see Dr. Lalin a couple of times and although he seems efficient I was not happy with the feeling I was being warehoused ...I always felt with Dr. Lappin that he cared about the people he was seeing. Dr. Lalin made me feel like I was on line, and on to the next customer...I too wish Dr. Lappin the best...

citychick citychick
December 10th

Just called the office and heard that Dr Lappin is no longer there. I was one of his very first patients back in 1973. He has always been very kind, gentle, and compassionate to me. He would always stay later for emergencies for those who scratched there eyes and needed to get the eye checked, stayed after hours and was late for supper or going on vacation. True some people said he was rough around the edges, but he really knows his eyes. He has been so kind to my family since day one. Was extremely gentle to my frail Mom. Took my son in when he needed an eye check up and relaxed him for his first eye appointment. I felt the stress and tension with this new group came in. Dr. Lappin loved his patients and career. The new staff is not friendly at all, not personable, abrupt when talked to - want appointment or not attitude. Who to go to now- Trust is very important. I'll miss you Dr. and Mrs. Lappin

a doc's dghtr a doc's dghtr
December 27th

Are there any eye doctors in the area that have done MLB Vision Assessments? Or other sports assessments? My son needs to get one done. Want to make sure he sees a good doctor.

I highly recommend Dr. Liegner in Sparta

I second Dr. Liegner. Not sure if he does baseball exams but he is my flight doctor (FAA medical examiner) as well as eye doctor.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
December 28th

Getting eyecare from Dr. Lappin and his wife Mary Beth was like visiting family. I always felt like more than a patient there. I will miss you both. Take care and bless both of you.

Kenneth F Carson Kenneth F Carson
January 23rd

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