Churrascaria Paladar Restaurant (issue reaching them)

Does anybody know if there is an issue a CHURRASCARIA PALADAR. They are not answering the phone.

Palkahn Palkahn
Nov '18

Temporarily closed due to a water pipe that burst and caused damage to their interior

Jim L Jim L
Nov '18

they may be closed for the holidays.extensive water damage done to the floors and basement.

Noticed a huge dumpster behind the building... I guess for the water damaged items. Hope they are able to repair and recover the business.

SS2cats SS2cats
Nov '18

All the best and good luck to them recovering! They're a great restaurant and addition to the town.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
Nov '18

What a shame. Hope they are able to repair and re-open soon.

Tracy Tracy
Nov '18

That's a shame! One of our favorite spots. Glad we just ate there recently.

somechik somechik
Nov '18

Shame, will be there when they reopen.

anything new on the restaurant? Didn't know anything happened and went for my birthday 2 weeks ago. Nothing on line. Still showing them open if you look them up.

Carol Carol
Dec '18

The damage was EXTENSIVE, and they are not expected to reopen for at least another month.

sorry sorry
Jan '19

Wow what a shame - especially the fact that they were closed during the busy holiday time.

Didn't realize a burst pipe could do so much damage.

Jan '19

Pipe was actually in the attic area. When it burst, it came down through the ceilings of the restaurant and bar area.

sorry sorry
Jan '19

Re: Churrascaria Paladar Restaurant (issue reaching them)

Just saw in FB they'll be open tomorrow Feb 5.

jrsemom jrsemom
Feb '19

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