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Since Hackettstown is part of the MAIN system, can I go to another participating library and check out a book or does it have to go through the request process?

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Nov '18

You do NOT have to go through interlibrary loan for any book at another MAIN library. So all of the libraries in Parsippany, Denville, Mt Olive, Chester, etc. you can just walk in and use your Hackettstown card to take something out.

Check this fact. Call the library you wish to visit and ask. I had an issue.

Geeey Geeey
Nov '18

Geeey, what library gave you a hard time? I’ve used it at several libraries but would like to know who gave you a hard time so I can avoid it. Thanks for the heads up.

Bessie Bessie
Nov '18

I thought I heard that the Chester library doesn’t participate in this.

Blackcat Blackcat
Nov '18

Blackcat, I’ve used the Chester Library several times, never an issue. I’ve even reserved a book through MAIN and picked up there instead of waiting for them to send to the Hackettstown Library.

Bessie Bessie
Nov '18

Good to know:)

Blackcat Blackcat
Nov '18

Does anyone know the county rules as to why if I’m living within Hackettstown yet I’m not entitled to a free Warren county library card. Went to library in Independence and they told me I could only be a member of the library on church st in town. I live in Hackettstown , when I lived in Mansfield 7 years ago I was entitled to a Warren county library card. What’s changed?

What changed Rere is that you moved. Hackettstown has its own library so that is the place you are covered by, not the county library. Neither Independence nor Mansfield have their own library, so if you live in those places you are covered by the Northeast Branch of Warren County Library.

If you live in Hackettstown proper part of your taxes support the town library. If you live in Mansfield or Independence part of your taxes support the county library system.

I work at the Parsippany-Troy Hills Library and live in Hackettstown.The Hackettstown card is good throughout the MAIN network. You can borrow anywhere and also return items anywhere. It you check the catalog and see an item of interest in another library that is at all out of your way, I HIGHLY recommend calling ahead to have them check on it and put it aside for you. Just often enough to be worth calling, someone will beat you to it, or it may be mis-shelved or sent for repairs and not properly noted in the computer. All librarians would much rather take the time to check on something than have you go away disappointed.

rbilly rbilly
Nov '18

I stopped in last week around 3 and there were about 50 kids running around with no parents. So is this free daycare or after care when school lets out?
And how come people aren't enforcing the sit down and be quiet rule in this Library?
It was absolute chaos! WTF?

Older Mom Older Mom
Nov '18

Could you please share the link for the MAIN system? Trying to get better at borrowing books instead of going for the quick option and paying to load books on my kindle. Much better for the budget this way!

hktownie hktownie
Nov '18

Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN)

RE: Older Mom

"I stopped in last week around 3 and there were about 50 kids running around with no parents. So is this free daycare or after care when school lets out?
And how come people aren't enforcing the sit down and be quiet rule in this Library?
It was absolute chaos! WTF?"


I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who has noticed this nonsense! I've experienced the same situation unfold on multiple occasions, as I often frequent the Hackettstown Library for work. It seems that at approximately 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday anywhere from around 25 to 30 kids barge into the library and just completely run amok, screaming and yelling, under no adult supervision. Not a word of discipline is ushered from the librarians either as there appears to be no one in charge of the rowdy children. The situation becomes so chaotic that I often leave and drive over to the Northeast Branch in Independence, NJ. Because of these rude kids, I've sarcastically begun to refer to the Hackettstown Library as the Hackettstown Free Public Day Care and unfortunately the establishment has become my library of last resort despite the building existing as an otherwise quaint and enjoyable space before the 2:30 hour, after which the space turns into an all out lawless daycare.

mouse mouse
Nov '18

25-30 or 50 kids running amok in the library must be quite the sight. There isn’t hardly enough seating for that kind of volume? Hackettstown Library, what the heck?

Bessie Bessie
Nov '18

Since every time I go to that library I am not able to obtain the books that I require. Since I am a taxpayer here in Hackettstown, can I opt out of paying for the library. It doesn’t serve my purposes.

If you do opt out, please let the rest of us know how that works out for you. ;)

What books are you trying to get? Maybe if you paid more in taxes they would have the funds for more books :)
I've never had an issue. I guess my tastes must just be popular items!

I go there weekly to get books to read. Look the names or subject titles up on line and they will order for you.

As far as a Day Care center goes, I agree but this should be addressed by the clerks there and parents should be with the kids.

Where does the responsibility lie?

It’s not thx library job to watch after the kids . It’s not a day care to watch over grown children. Secondly, people do say stuff to the children but they ignore them and continue to do what they want. It’s not the librarians responsibility to watch after them. If you want something done, go to the board or the school.

If librarians are unable to enforce rules at the public library, may be it's time to ask police department to help. Just like public pool does.

Doubtful that any library would have every book that every member requires. They are very helpful getting whatever book you require. They can get it sent to the library or you can pick it up at another library if it’s mire convenient.

Do the kids have library cards? Can you talk to the parents or is that not feasible? I realize you can’t ask them to leave, but there is a code of conduct there.

It is definitely not the Librarians job to babysit these kids. It’s clearly gotten out of hand. There are a couple children in particular who are known to be verbally and physically disruptive and disrespectful and have been instructed to leave the premises on several occasions to only run around out front or on Main Street. The librarians must enforce rules, ban these unruly kids, and contact school officials so parents are made aware and warned. I understand it’s a free public space but this unruly business needs to be stopped.

MomT, I completely agree. If you want to go to the library, you have to behave and follow the rules. Not sure what the school can do since it’s not on school premises. My guess is those sane kids are disruptive and disrespectful in school too!

They said to my husband it would take two weeks to get the book if they have it. Now he told the librarians he could buy it at Amazon and have it delivered by Monday. I don’t like having to pay for a library that doesn’t fillful our needs and it’s a free daycare center for unruly children.

Always good to have the option to buy if a book is needed right away. Glad you were able to get it.

Bessie, my taxes on the library went up this year. I don’t have the option to switch to the Independence Library which I prefer. Since I live in Warren County I should be able to. I know the Hackettstown Library would be forced to close without our tax monies, but to allow it to become a free daycare center with tax payer money is a gross misuse of funds!

My tax dollars go to things I don’t like either, it’s part of life. I thank God everyday that I get to live another day and simply cannot allow such negativity to consume me. Start a movement to close the library if it makes you feel better. Carry on your argument with some one else.

Do you rent?

Pampurr: I am thankful that Hackettstown is not part of the Warren County Library system. With the current system, we have open borrowing with the libraries in Morris County which are convenient and beautiful.!

Something else I found out recently: you can download the rbdigital app and have access to magazines, comics and audio books using your library card#.

That brand new large library on the edge of Hackettstown has way too many books

Pampurr. I wonder if you would feel the same about a 2 week resolution from another tax funded department e.g. trying to get a pothole fixed or a problem with a neighbor’s barking dog? I think 2 weeks would be a miracle turnaround.

However, libraries have finite budgets and space. They can not cater to every single person despite their desire to do so. Collections must be purchased and weeded depending on cost, space and circulation.

You, of course, can get the item from Amazon in days. However, libraries don’t have the same budget as private individuals or commercial enterprise.

As for the rowdy kids, why doesn’t anyone take personal responsibility these days? I guarantee the librarians and Circ staff would love to tell them off, however, in an effort to be seen as modern and customer friendly this is no longer the model of a modern day library. Where are the parents? Why do these kids feel entitled to behave this way?

Indeed, entitlement seems to be the big issue at play here.

Pampurr, the library IS your library and it works for you! But you also have to be open to it working for you. Let the librarians know what books you want that they don't have. There could be many reasons you don't see the book you want. If it's popular and/or new, chances are someone else has borrowed it before you. Ask a librarian if you can put a hold on the book, and they will contact you when it's available. If it's not in Hackettstown's system at all, ask a librarian if you can obtain it from another branch involved in MAIN, or through Interlibrary Loan. Librarians want to help you!

Personally, paying taxes so that THOUSANDS of people can get access to books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and resources and having to wait two weeks to receive a new release book FOR FREE is a way better deal than paying a giant conglomerate for the book by Friday.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
3 weeks ago

Really? Yeah okay..that’s your opinion. When I have gone to the library there is a gaggle of kids running around. Isn’t the library supposed to be quiet so people can read and study? There’s a problem there obviously.

Maybe try contacting the director about the unruly kids if you haven’t done so already.

Director: Rachel Burt

Positive Positive
3 weeks ago

Thank you

We've never had to wait more than one week for an interlibrary book request. And we have requested many books. Also very quiet and peaceful when we go in the morning.

happiest girl
3 weeks ago

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