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Since Hackettstown is part of the MAIN system, can I go to another participating library and check out a book or does it have to go through the request process?

Htown Resident Htown Resident
1 week ago

You do NOT have to go through interlibrary loan for any book at another MAIN library. So all of the libraries in Parsippany, Denville, Mt Olive, Chester, etc. you can just walk in and use your Hackettstown card to take something out.

Check this fact. Call the library you wish to visit and ask. I had an issue.

Geeey, what library gave you a hard time? I’ve used it at several libraries but would like to know who gave you a hard time so I can avoid it. Thanks for the heads up.

I thought I heard that the Chester library doesn’t participate in this.

Blackcat Blackcat
1 week ago

Blackcat, I’ve used the Chester Library several times, never an issue. I’ve even reserved a book through MAIN and picked up there instead of waiting for them to send to the Hackettstown Library.

Good to know:)

Blackcat Blackcat
1 week ago

Does anyone know the county rules as to why if I’m living within Hackettstown yet I’m not entitled to a free Warren county library card. Went to library in Independence and they told me I could only be a member of the library on church st in town. I live in Hackettstown , when I lived in Mansfield 7 years ago I was entitled to a Warren county library card. What’s changed?

What changed Rere is that you moved. Hackettstown has its own library so that is the place you are covered by, not the county library. Neither Independence nor Mansfield have their own library, so if you live in those places you are covered by the Northeast Branch of Warren County Library.

If you live in Hackettstown proper part of your taxes support the town library. If you live in Mansfield or Independence part of your taxes support the county library system.

I work at the Parsippany-Troy Hills Library and live in Hackettstown.The Hackettstown card is good throughout the MAIN network. You can borrow anywhere and also return items anywhere. It you check the catalog and see an item of interest in another library that is at all out of your way, I HIGHLY recommend calling ahead to have them check on it and put it aside for you. Just often enough to be worth calling, someone will beat you to it, or it may be mis-shelved or sent for repairs and not properly noted in the computer. All librarians would much rather take the time to check on something than have you go away disappointed.

I stopped in last week around 3 and there were about 50 kids running around with no parents. So is this free daycare or after care when school lets out?
And how come people aren't enforcing the sit down and be quiet rule in this Library?
It was absolute chaos! WTF?

Older Mom Older Mom
3 days ago

Could you please share the link for the MAIN system? Trying to get better at borrowing books instead of going for the quick option and paying to load books on my kindle. Much better for the budget this way!

hktownie hktownie
13 hours ago

Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN)

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