Best store for produce

Where do you shop? I’m fed up with the moldy and rotten produce at SR. Thank you!

Red227 Red227
Nov '18


Freshest, very attractive is at Weis- but also expensive.
I purchase a lot (and all of my berries) at the produce market off of Rte 46 in Budd Lake- strip mall on eastbound side with Edible Arrangements and Dunkin‘ Donuts.
Nice stuff and very well priced

Stymie Stymie
Nov '18

Best primary source is the local farm stands. Best's, Donaldsons's, Godlewsky's, Ort's, etc. "Verdi" is the place Stymie is talking about and gets things from veg markets and can be good although not local.

gee - I don't know - I've never gotten moldy or rotten produce from shop rite - yes all summer we get a share from Donaldson - but no complaints about shop rite

4catmom 4catmom
Nov '18

I find Mansfield SR’s produce to be good. If it doesn’t look good, I don’t buy it. No complaints, other than price sometimes.

Bessie Bessie
Nov '18

Kings $$$$$$$$

Embryodad Embryodad
Nov '18

Shoprite is pretty bad as far as the produce department. So many times I can not buy what I need because of the poor quality and lack of freshness. It's hit or miss depending on what you want and the day you are there. Several times I was just plain shocked at what they were selling ---- I would not eat some of those vegetables if they gave them to me for free.
Weis is much better as to quality and freshness , and even Walmart outshines Shoprite in certain items such as celery and iceburg lettuce.

happiest girl
Nov '18

I agree about shoprite. I get as much as I can at BJ’s or Verdi. Wegmans is awesome but a drive.

Fruitimex on Main Street has some good produce. And some specialty items.

Englishe30 Englishe30
Nov '18

Red227: I have been thinking the same. Recently, I have seen moldy, rotten, mango piled up for over a week at SR.

Nov '18

Best Fruit Farm
There is a fresh Mart on 46 in Budd Lake right before the Budd Lake Rescue Squad Building. Prices are fair

cheryl Bruno cheryl Bruno
Nov '18

They must have had an overstock on mango because they were selling those really cheap on sale over the past couple of weeks.

The other thing the produce people mentioned to me was their shipment of berries had been coming in already in bad shape. They said they only had a limited quantity to put out because a lot had to be thrown away.

Other things seemed OK.

Wish the Shop Rites in the area sold more organic produce - I love Wegmans but don't always feel up for the drive.......

I'm not really interested in driving around and around looking for fresh berries, I guess I just get what I want or need at Shoprite, although the Washington Shoprite seems to have stopped selling Green Leaf Lettuce EXCEPT in the organic section (which is a load of nonsense and makes me click my tongue).

I found the Washington SR produce section to be a weird layout for me with bins that are just too small. Felt like if a bin was half-full, it was just the bad stuff being left behind. Mansfield is OK, but it has been a tough season and I do pass on more than I used to.

Has anyone else tried Stymie's "I purchase a lot (and all of my berries) at the produce market off of Rte 46 in Budd Lake- strip mall on eastbound side with Edible Arrangements and Dunkin‘ Donuts?"

Or isn't there one where the old bowling alley and white castle were on Route 46 just past Ledgewood?

Or is there one on Route 206 South of 80?

In the summer, we used a lot of locals, different ones at different times --- very rarely use Donaldson's anymore due to the prices and just too gentrified for me. Like the $1.99 Cherries out of Newton. Sure, not local, but at that price I bought some local stuff too, and lots of Cherries. Or the orchard mentioned here just South of Newton on 519. Whoever that was, you were right ---- those pies are baked in heaven.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '18

Basil Bandwagon in Clinton NJ has the BEST produce.
Just off Rt 78/31 - It is right across where the old A & P was in Clinton as well :)

It is located in the side/rear building of a bagel shop (sorry I forgot the name).
Plenty of parking in the rear of the building.

Farmers market in Ledgewood, Rt10.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Nov '18

Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions...looks like I have some shopping to do!

Red227 Red227
Nov '18

Thanks BBU: I thought HL reviews on Farmers Market were pretty good. Yes?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '18

where is the farmers market in Ledgewood??? what is it near?

dismom dismom
Nov '18

Dismom - Same strip mall as Circle Lanes (Bowling Alley) it's on 46 not 10..

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Nov '18

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