Thanksgiving Dinner

Anyone that ate out last year, can you suggest a nice place to eat for Thanksgiving dinner?

Mattars does a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They also have other options. But good luck ...I wouldn't be surprised if they were already booked up!

htownguy htownguy
November 6th

I personally donate my time and help with Anita's Thanksgiving. But if it weren't for that it would definitely be Black Forest Inn. Mattars can be good, but it would rate just behind BFI.

Larison's Turkey farm and restaurant in Chester. Corner Rt. 206 and 24.
Other than that, other places could never come close to a great turkey dinner!

All in my dreams!

Embryodad Embryodad
November 6th

Our family ate at the Inn at Milrace Pond in Hope last year and it was lovely!

Larisons has been closed for 10 years

Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

This made me chuckle.

Calico696 Calico696
November 7th

I am doing the Take Out Dinner from Perona Farms.
I have 7 coming for dinner and no one wanted to bother with a mess.

If you don't mind driving a bit Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Parsippany has a complete Thanksgiving dinner for around $36 or so. Plus they give you each another complete meal to take home as leftovers. We go every year. Check you their website for details.

Maggianos in Bridgewater does a pretty good style dinner is their main thing

November 8th

My father, my husband, and myself enjoyed going to The Buck Hill Brewery in Blairstown for Thanksgiving last year. Reasonably priced and other options available if you are not into the traditional dinner.

Mindfulness Mindfulness
November 12th

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