Men’s haircut

Anyone have recommendations for a good men’s haircut that’s not necessarily a barber shop? Been to a few different places but no one can seem to really get it right until I found someone but then they broke their arm, so looking for someone to replace them for the time being.

Try Supercuts by Taphouse/Cold Stone/PetValu.

It is a barber shop - but go to the Downtown Barber Shop on Main St. They do a terrific job - just explain exactly what you want. It may take a 2nd cut to make it perfect. They are trained professionals and won't have your hair finished in less than 10 minutes.

fire251 fire251
Oct '18

+1 on Downtown Barber Shop. They really take their time with each person and do a great job.

Best hair cut for a man is at mand's barber shop next to philly pretzel. And if you want a shave or your head shave she is great with the hot towels so relaxing. Go there tell her chicken sent you. You will not be disappointed.

The chicken The chicken
Oct '18

Go To Michelle at The Barber across from Shop Rite.She does a great job.I have been going there for 20 years.

Boomer 50 Boomer 50
Oct '18

Downtown barber shop. We travel 30 mins to get a haircut. It is worth it. My sons love the place.

Boys3 Boys3
Oct '18

A bit of a drive, but shear reflection in phillipsburg. I had an old boyfriend who was super picky about his hair and beard and she did an awesome job. She isn't a barber but she specializes in guys hair

Melissa Melissa
Oct '18

I'll be the old grump!!

Maybe because I grew up in jeans and a T shirt, often with oil or dirt on my hands from working on stuff, worked numerous labor jobs from several factories, to UPS, to Army, - but times sure have changed.

Men never used to care so much about what they looked like or others thought of them. It's not healthy, or normal. Oh wait- I have to take a selfie and post to people online that will never actually know me.

And I'm not saying I won't put on a suit for a special occasion...but if you are doing stuff men *should* be doing- all this primped stylized w/ 'hair product' crap would be impossible to have on a daily basis anyway.

Mike Rowe for president!!!

josh you sure did write a lot for a simple question.

Booster90 Booster90
Oct '18

Josh =

Disheveled yard=Sinful person
Disheveled looks=working man.

Kinda funny what we like and don’t. I’m with josh though. Hate a dirty yard, farm, whatever. Paint is cheap, clean it up. Unkept look —- hey, as long as you’re clean, I don’t judge by the cover. Kina funny.

That said, I am Of an age to be in the vanguard of men invading the women’s beauty parlor to get expertise in the cut of long hair. That gives us over 50 years of caring Josh....And I was very blue collar at the time.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Oct '18

go to … Olde Tyme Barber Shop … 2 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 - (908) 441-2289

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Oct '18

Josh - what's not healthy or normal is your post. Who cares if another guy takes pride in his appearance? Does it really affect you?

A well dressed man who carries himself with confidence is different than someone who is trying waay to hard to portray an image.

Pretty easy to see which is which.

Finding a barber who does a good job is trying too hard?

There is nothing unmanly about good grooming.

htownguy htownguy
Nov '18

A good mans haircut?
How about a barber who understands you and your hair, because a barber doesnt get it right the first time they are bad? How about explain your hair and the desired style instead of saying a good barber.
oh ya i forget this is Hackettstownlife!!!
WE BASH lives and Careers on this site

Bob's Barber - Washington NJ

Look up Steven Fernandez. Hes a private barber by appt only. I've had my haircut from alot of the "best" but none as good as him.

Nov '18

Mand's Barber Parlour & Shave Shop at 150 Mountain Ave #1a, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. Has good following of customers. Provides a good haircut and I went through a few local shops before finding her.

Cezar Cezar
Nov '18

I like Old Tyme, great parking, price and cut.

Dave at Jack's Scissor Whiz........

zentravl zentravl
Dec '18

Joe at Panther Valley Mall barber shop

Old Time is the best ..

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Dec '18

Mands +++

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Dec '18

Old time barbershop is the place we go me and my three boys great cut awesome price.

Dec '18

Donna, at Old Tyme, does a fine job.

Cheryl, at Bob's out on 46 also gives a great cut.

Amanda (used to work at Old Tyme, but recently opened up her own shop at Mand's) also does a fine job.

Toss-up, if you ask me....though right now I'm back to Bob's.

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
Dec '18

No recommendations here . My most excellent hair stylist cuts my hair perfectly the way I like it and exactly the same every time and has a waiting line no matter what time of day I go . Now why would I want to wait longer ? Be sure to tip your barbers/hair stylists generously , they are on their feet all day and pretty much in a standing still position most of the time which is much more stressful on the back than moving around .

Dec '18

Mand's A+++. New place next to Quick Chek on Mountain Ave. Super clean and professional, comfortable waiting area, excellent service. Stopped by for a first cut a little before Thanksgiving and plan on making that my regular place.

Jerry Jerry
Dec '18

Anyone locally that cuts fussy children's hair? Tired of trekking to Snip Its at the mall and they just raised their prices.

Tracy Tracy
Dec '18

Jacks. I like that old school barber shop feel. Super friendly and reasonably priced.

Dec '18

Been going to Jack's Scissors Wiz for over 20 years.

thecoach thecoach
Dec '18

Melissa at Jack's Scissor Wiz is really good with fidgety kids.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
Dec '18

My 16 month old just (a couple of hours ago!) got his hair cut at Mand’s. She was awesome! This was his second haircut. His first was at SnipIts a few months back and it was a total disaster. I recommend Mand’s hands down! She also did a great job on my husband’s hair as well.

Rmmjs Rmmjs
Dec '18

Jerry at Creative Twist (was Michael’s Salon) on Main Street Hackettstown is one of the best I’ve known. He cuts all types of hair for men and women. Price is a bit steep, but well worth his excellent eye and seasoned expertise.
My daughters, son and I recommend him highly.

Robin Robin
Dec '18

Jack's Scissor Wiz is great.

Andy at SuperCuts

Texaskeystone Texaskeystone
Dec '18

Based on a cut for ~$15, whats everyone tipping?

Roywhite Roywhite
Dec '18

$3 that's 20%

My daughter is starting on Sunday, 1/13/19, at Kristina Michelle on East Plane Street from 10 -2. Currently, she is doing haircuts and blowouts. Call for appointment and ask for Lunden Thanks..

This weekend I went to Jack's for my first, and looooonnnng overdue, haircut since moving to town. Got a great cut at a good price. Just because I'm new in town, I'll probably try some other places before I zero in on a go-to spot, but Jack's will definitely be on the short list.

Monty Monty
Jan '19

Does anybody know what happened to Larissa from Jack’s scissor Wiz? She cut a great head of hair and i’ve been calling for about a month but she is never there anymore. wondering if anybody knew where she went or what was up because I went back recently but it’s just not the same.

Chris S Chris S
Jun '19

Ask Dave at Jack's. I'm sure he knows.

Mands right nest to Philly Pretzel

Does Jack's do crew cuts? Always looking for a more friendly and competent place to take the young ones.

Old Time and Mand's are both excellent.
I only wish Old Time was open later during the week as it's hard to get there after work.

friendly mcface friendly mcface
Oct '19

Re: Men’s haircut

Friendly mcface- we are open until 5:30 Monday-Friday . Also there are a lot of times I don't get out until 6 -6:30 pm cause we stay open if you get in before 5:15 pm. And we open early on Saturday 8am-2pm

Donna Hutchinson Donna Hutchinson
Nov '19

Highly recommend Old Tyme! Great service, great prices, and free, easy parking!

Nov '19

Yes, Jack’s does crew cuts. You will not be disappointed.

Real1 Real1
Nov '19

Jacks on Main Street is great with the kids and grownups alike. The kids even get a treat! Been going there for 20+ years.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
Nov '19

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