Tribute to Sears

As it looks like they are going bye bye, a tribute to a vanguard in the past; they created mail order! Heck, you could order the materials for a small home back in the day! Today, sadly they have lost their way and will not survive for long.

When I was shopping for a new 3D tv I. 2012 (yeah, I know...) every store in the area and online had it for $1800-$2300. Sears had one on display for $3200. I asked if the price was a mistake. It wasn’t. Haven’t been back in 6 years.

Oct '18

"Haven’t been back in 6 years."

and neither has the thought about 3-D TV. POW!

It was a great retailer for many years.

I went to a Sears a few months back to replace a microwave. It was a pitiful sight in the appliance department. Not what it once was for sure.

As an aside, Montgomery Ward was the first catalog sales company. Began in 1872. Sears came along 1893. It sure was a staple in most American homes for many decades!

Lmao whip. Ouch!

Oct '18

"Lmao whip. Ouch!"

lol. wasn't directed at you. just wacky 3-D TV. :)

Who cares, hope JC Penney is next. Maybe they'll get a government bail out.

They thought they could be a clothes store. I worked there in the 90’s while in highschool. Every year they took out more hardlines and added more softline products. They were never gonna compete there. They forgot that the person that bought softline products were only in the store to begin with because they had hardline purchases to make .

Killed by pensions. Let that be a lesson to voters and taxpayers.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Oct '18

How great a retailer is in how long it's taken for them to go under. Sears has been in a steady declining state for over 30 years. They never adapted and worse clung to outdated IBM advice and technology for decades. Like a profit vacuum in the direction of Armonk.

Top brass with golden parachutes may not have helped. But pensions didn't kill them, a bad brand name and bad leadership did.

got source JerseyWolf?

Friday night at Uncle Bob's, his 6 kids and us would pile into the station wagon and head off to another Sears adventure. fun times

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Oct '18

From CNN & the CEO of Sears:

I'm sure it wasn't the only problem with Sears--but it certainly makes it difficult for a store to compete and stay afloat, when they keep paying more and more for people who don't even work there any more. It's the same problem facing many big corporations, in addition to governments.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Oct '18

That would be ex CEO lampert who was removed on the eve of the c11 filing.

He failed is what happened.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Oct '18

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