Berk's Furniture

Has anyone done business with Berk's? Comments? Critiques? I'm looking for sofas. I looked through threads and didn't find anything. Thanks for the assist!

subsailorjoe subsailorjoe
Oct '18

Made 2 purchases from them.. Will not be going back, terrible quality.

Funcats Funcats
Oct '18

Most furniture in these stores (Ashley, etc.) is cheaply made. If you want good stuff you will have to pay up.
Just my opinion of course.

kb2755 kb2755
Oct '18

kb2755 is absolutely right. In the furniture business as with most others you do get what you pay for.

When they were still The Trading Post on Main Street, I purchased a sofa there. I was less than pleased with the quality. It was only $700 though.

Go to Harry Loory in Dover. Great store.

happiest girl
Oct '18

Bought 3 lamps from Berk's. Delivery people put them together. The floor lamp is lopsided , and keeps needing bulb replacements. The end table is always shorting out bulbs. The other lamp I am afraid to use. Will be having it checked out first. Very disappointed!

Oct '18

I buy all my furniture on Wayfair now. They have great customer service and prices

Nosila Nosila
Oct '18

Macy's is the best. I paid $4000 for a beautiful couch with down-filled back cushions and pillows 20 years ago.
It has survived all of this time, even with my 400 lb. Relatives sitting on it at least 2x per year!
It is Still the MOST comfortable couch I have EVER bought!
You get what you pay for at Macys.

Berk- we bought their hi end recliner, and it broke within 3 months.The side collapsed due to Cheap bolts shearing.
So Berks is a NO for us.

Older Mom Older Mom
Oct '18

"kb2755 is absolutely right. In the furniture business as with most others you do get what you pay for."

Technically, you dont ever get what you pay for in the furniture racket... but the degree to which you get ripped off seems to decrease the higher end you go.

ianimal ianimal
Oct '18

Wayfair is cheap Chinese is berks. They sucked when they were the trading Post and they suck now as berks.

LJRubi LJRubi
Oct '18

My sofas came from Berks. Ashely brand. They're 2 1/2 years old and fine. No issue. They were very reasonably priced. In a few years or longer, my tastes will change, and I'll re-decorate without having spent a mint on Thomasville, which I've also done. Depends on what you want - furniture that "lasts" will cost - but then you might not want to replace it if your tastes change.

Oct '18

Have purchased there but cannot recommend...poor quality and poorer service.

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
Oct '18

They are a rip off. Too highly priced for poor quality. Will never go there. And they charge for delivery without a discount even if you live less than a mile away. Never will I do business again with them

Hackettstown Hackettstown
Oct '18

For inexpensive what I call disposable furniture, Bobs is adequate. I would like to suggest a local place like Berks but as I previously stated as well as others- don't bother. I also had a terrible time waiting weeks and weeks for a sofa I was told was in the warehouse. It wasn't until I went in to cancel the order after 6 weeks, mysteriously the sofa was ready for pick up. Obviously they were waiting to have enough orders to have a full truck come from the southern manufacturers.

I must state however I had purchased several appliances from the old location. Good value and hassle free. That was a long time ago and clearly a different business philosophy was in place.

Do yourself a favor and just stay away... never before had I dealt with the experience I had there. Came down to threatening to sue them

Jac’s mom Jac’s mom
Oct '18

I bought my entire living room set and bedroom set with Berk's. They were very easy to work with and our furniture is holding up great.

Oct '18

Oh great I purchased 4 weeks ago and still waiting for mine to be delivered....
After reading this wondering if I should cancel...

Candace joseph Candace joseph
Oct '18

Bought an ottoman there, not impressed. If you want a real good one go to Constantinople

Longliverubytuesdays Longliverubytuesdays
Oct '18

You can't go back to Constantinople.

ianimal ianimal
Oct '18

Ianimal, that is nobody's business but the Turks.

Oct '18

Pretty much all the furniture in my house was purchased at Berks. No complaints whatsoever. Everything was received and set-up (free delivery - 3 separate purchases) within 2 weeks of ordering. Not sure what is everyone's beef here?!

HLamusesme HLamusesme
Oct '18

"Not sure what is everyone's beef here?!"

Wouldn't reading the comments in the thread answer that question?

Calico696 Calico696
Oct '18

I've purchased several pieces over the past few yrs and never had any issues with delivery, customer service or quality

MiriamS MiriamS
Oct '18

My husband and I purchased a custom Amish dining set and it's amazing. We've had it for a year now and it still looks like new. The service and delivery men were awesome. I have no idea what others are talking about

Danielle R Danielle R
Oct '18

I'm not sure at the moment which of the several furniture stores my ex and I went to on Rt. 46W in Fairfield. It could have been Huffman Koos, Ashley , The Furniture Galleria or another place. If I find the receipt, I'll let you know. We selected a two piece off-white sofa set for our living room when we had moved to Hopatcong back in 2000. We opted for the Scotchguarding and were given a time when it should be able to be delivered. I believe it was manufactured in the "furniture area" of North Carolina.

It was delivered and has survived being moved out to PA in 2008 and its subsequent moves back to NJ to 3 different places and when I visited her house I noticed that it looks (and feels to sit on) almost as pristine as when it was bought.

I see a few people have had good luck with Berks, etc. but many have not, so I'd recommend taking a Saturday and visiting what I call "Furniture Row" on Rt. 46W in Fairfield and checking out their offerings and whether they deliver to Hackettstown for a reasonable fee.

Another place I'd recommend is Boscov's in the Palmer Park Mall in Nazareth, PA. They have a decent selection with a number of colors and fabrics available. I found the perfect non-reclining easy chairs for me and when they were on sale, ordered two of them and an ottoman, all in a certain pattern of cloth and in a wine/maroon color. While they do offer delivery within 20? miles, I had it shipped directly to the store and a friend and I picked it up in his pickup and brought it to my house. Nice construction and fabric, it was made by "Best Home Furnishings" and was made in the USA.

Even closer in, there are a number of people who carry the "BestHF" lines if you use their search "where to buy" function. Suburban Furniture is listed as a "Custom Concepts Platinum Dealer":

Phil D. Phil D.
Oct '18

I love my living room table set I got from Berk's. Sales people were great, and I own a SUV so I picked it up.

Outdoor Woman Outdoor Woman
Oct '18

I love the 3 posts back to back dismissing anyone's claims of having bad service ha.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
Oct '18

Bought an Ashley sofa for 279 two years ago. I lived in Kenwood and they were charging 75$ for delivery, my neighbor was kind enough to pick it up. We screwed on the plastic legs, and are still very happy with our purchase. No free delivery anymore to Hack..

Acl76 Acl76
Oct '18

Calico - why do you have to be so nasty on here ALL THE TIME?

HLamusesme HLamusesme
Oct '18

The real problem is that most furniture that was made in North Carolina is now made in China

Oct '18

more expensive but well made- Crate and Barrel and West elm....

4catmom 4catmom
Oct '18

Many many years ago when Berk's was the Trading Post we bought a TV from them, (I think it was a Motorola) Took it back when it stopped working they said they never sold it to us and they never carried that brand. If you don't want to get ripped off, stay away from Berk's!!!

Cliff R Cliff R
Oct '18

We only buy furniture at Macy’s. It costs more but look for a sale. Everything we buy there is comfortable and looks good for many many years.

We stopped into Berks. We didn’t like what we saw. Wish it were different.

Friendly McFriend Friendly McFriend
Oct '18

Many years ago, we went to Trading Post to buy a refrigerator. The guy said to me, "if you buy this today, I will back date the sales receipt in order to get you a rebate that expired a few days ago". I told him that i don't conduct business that way and would never deal with someone that does, and we walked out. Never to go to TP or Berk's again.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
Oct '18

We purchased a solid wood bedroom set made in Virgina from Berks! They told us 3 weeks and it actually came in 2 weeks. Delivery guys were amazing and accommodating. They called the night before and gave us a 2 hour time window and actually showed up in the time frame! We would up buying a whole house full of furniture from them and had it delivered to our shore house. That went great too! We'll definitely go back when we need more furniture! If you look on Google reviews, they also get great ratings with a lot of customer reviews, which I find amazing because people are 2-3 times more likely to write a bad review than a good one.

PatMang PatMang
Oct '18

We've bought furniture from them when they were Trading Post and then as Berks. We've gotten an entertainment stand, a curio cabinet, a large bookshelf, kitchen table & chairs & a cute accent piece. Plus a recliner. We have no complaints - they were no more expensive than any other place; all our pieces are very well-made, all delivered and assembled with no problems. We found the sales people friendly and helpful. I would recommend them.

Jones54 Jones54
Oct '18

I have purchased from Berk’s, so have many of my relatives and friends and had nothing but the best service from beginning to end. Their prices beat anyone on line, their service is awesome, they are friendly, no pressure and everything came in and was delivered by the friendliest delivery men that have ever had in our home. You should check out their reviews. They are awesome. Good people to do business with.

Localmom Localmom
Oct '18

Berks offers furniture at different price points if you only want to spend X, you get what X quality is. Like you can’t expext to pay $299 for a sofa and expect it to last for 10 years
We bought a sofa there 3 years ago and last year a nice all wood bedroom set and a mattress. Every was delivered in the time they said it would take and the delivery guys were great. We like all the furlture we bought.
I would recommend them. There prices for what we wanted was better then the other stores we went to.

Janice Meyers Janice Meyers
Oct '18

I found older pieces to be of much better quality and character. Most of my furniture is used, from Craigslist, Habitat and the Treasure Hunt. Not because I'm's just my taste in furniture.

positive positive
Oct '18

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