Pallets: Where to find for free?

Hi, can someone advise where they know you can find some free pallets for your home...Just need one or two in the local area, thanks :)

Craigslist very often has them posted.

Also, you can go to 101 Stanhope Sparta road. The warehouse there has dozens for the taking. Various sizes as well. It is located just beyond Lenape Valley High school on the right.

Go anytime they are right in the parking lot.

Try shoprite

Oct '18

Did you see this:

I always see them on Valentine St and on 206 in front of the warehouse by the market place

Oct '18

Route 57 west across from the NJ State Police Barracks, that warehouse always has pallets and other wood on the front lawn for free.

Oct '18

Mango on stiger st always has them outside to take..I got some myself from there

Booster90 Booster90
Oct '18

Try Blue Ridge Lumber . They have free pallets just ask in yard.

Frank 1945 Frank 1945
Oct '18

We have a handful, up behind the old Bar46 building (currently Maria Bonita). They are free for the taking, they have been outside for a while. Maybe good fire wood?

There are still a couple in front of Aquatech on Stiger St, across from Shoprite Liquors

Trekster3~ Trekster3~
Oct '18

Tickners by Quik Check on Main has some stacked outside today, can always ask

A lot of glue and exotic insects too. I would try to stay away from them.

Just a heads up while Shoprite might seem like a good idea those pallets are property of Wakefern. They won't be able to give any of them out for free.

Oct '18

thank you everyone, I called Blue Ridge and they put aside 2 for me for this weekend
thanks so much for all your suggestions. they are all terrific :)

I have 2 free pallets out front at 52 Hillcrest dr. Great Meadows. Help yourself.

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