Stolen Mail/Package

I was just wondering.. has anybody has or have had any of their packaging or mail stolen in the Woodfield community? I had recently ordered two separate packages and they have seemed to vanish. I had gossiped with some neighbors and they have had the same thing happened to them too! Many of us have came to the conclusion that someone is stealing our packages/mail on purpose. I want to install security cameras but I'm sure the thief will take that as well.

Susan Susan
Oct '18

Wheres the woodfield comm?

Youfriend Youfriend
Oct '18

These security camera options today are amazing. Almost undetectable.Look on Amazon I’m sure u can find something they would not be able to steal. Also reach out to the property management and express to them your concerns..

Me. Tone Me. Tone
Oct '18

It's in Hackettstown but it's more known in the Mount Olive side.

Susan Susan
Oct '18

Can you set up a camera inside a window in such a way they won’t notice it?

Htownresident Htownresident
Oct '18

Woodfield is Mt. Olive, not Hackettstown.

Did you call the police?

Weedwacker Weedwacker
Oct '18

Have you contacted the Postmaster?

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Oct '18

did not receive a book I ordered from Barnes & Nobles, so finally I called to find out what happened...They told me it had been delivered, I told them not to me...They have sent another copy I have not gotten it as of yet, I live in Hackettstown...

citychick citychick
Oct '18

@Me. Tone how would buying security cameras on Amazon help if the package containing the cameras is stolen before they can be installed to catch the thief?

Personally, I'd set up a day/night trail cam with motion detect capabilities. Clandestinely tie it to a tree or lawn fixture pointing at your typical delivery area, then wait. Shouldn't be more that $100 at Walmart or a sporting goods store. Plus it's hunting season now so they should be plentiful.

Common Sense Common Sense
Oct '18

You can get wireless security cameras at Staples,Target,Walmart... and install the same day. Arlo cameras even have covers that you can buy to make them blend in to what they're near.

Oct '18

The Ring doorbell works very well for security of your front door.

Personally, I think the mail carriers are contributing to this nonsense. They refuse to leave packages at the front door where it is somewhat safer, instead leave it in plain sight in the driveway or even on the ground by the mailboxes (if they can't cram it in the mailbox itself). They also don't ring the bell if they are making a delivery. Yesterday we were home and an Amazon box was delivered to our driveway (and left in the rain) instead of being brought to the door. The UPS man always rings the bell.

Tracy Tracy
Oct '18

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