Turkey hatchery?

Turkey hatchery?

This pass Tuesday at Hackettstown auction I got a female turkey, she may be 8 months and my chickens are picking on her. So I want to buy a male companion for her.
Anybody know where can I buy one?
And do you know what type of turkey is this girl?
Thank you

pretty mottley one................

4catmom 4catmom
Oct '18

Try Craigslist, I see turkeys for sale on there from time to time.

Weedwacker Weedwacker
Oct '18

Thank you!

Blackwell heritage farm in clinton might have some. They have a Facebook page.

Englishe30 Englishe30
Oct '18

Southtown Farms in Blairstown 201-304-3712
they have a website

My best success with turkey purchases has been online. Amazon has second day delivery if you are a prime member. You may want to wait until cyber Monday, Turkeys almost always get marked down. Kohl’s has some, but unfortunately Kohl’s cash has restrictions against poultry purchases. I would stay away from using wish. Wish shipping time can be 4-6 weeks. Most Turkeys “expire in shipping” is the number 1 complaint on there site.

To answer your turkey question, it is:
A jive turkey

Longliverubytuesdays Longliverubytuesdays
Oct '18

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